How to Add Hyperlinks to a PDF without Acrobat

July 31, 2023 3.4K views

Links are a fantastic way to add interactivity and interest to PDF documents. They enable easy switching between various pages or to other websites. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that pricey software like Adobe Acrobat is necessary in order to add hyperlinks to a PDF. I can provide you with some alternative methods to add hyperlinks to a PDF without using Acrobat. Fortunately, there are a number of free and inexpensive options available, like the well-known WPS Office programme. This article will demonstrate how to add hyperlinks to a PDF without using Acrobat by using WPS Office and other programmes.

Why Add Hyperlinks to a PDF without Acrobat

Information presented in a static manner is frequently presented using PDF documents. But, you may make your paper more interesting and dynamic by including hyperlinks.

How to Add Hyperlinks to a PDF without Acrobat

A PDF document can become more interactive with the addition of hyperlinks, which will engage readers more. Yet, a lot of people mistakenly believe that adding hyperlinks to a PDF necessitates the use of Adobe Acrobat, which is sometimes prohibitively expensive. We'll walk you through the process of creating hyperlinks in a PDF file without using Adobe Acrobat in this post.

Add Hyperlinks to a PDF without Acrobat on Different Devices

Let's start by talking about adding hyperlinks on various platforms and devices. If you're working on a desktop, you can add hyperlinks to your PDF document using online programmes like Smallpdf or WPS PDF. These two tools work with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The WPS PDF app is available for iOS and Android operating systems if you want to utilize a mobile device.

Add Hyperlinks to a PDF without Acrobat in Different Browsers

You can add hyperlinks to a PDF document directly in your browser in addition to using online tools or mobile apps. The general processes vary slightly between browsers, although they are similar overall. For instance, the built-in PDF viewer in Google Chrome can be used to add hyperlinks. Click the "Print" button after opening the PDF file in Chrome. Choose "Save as PDF" as the location, and then click the "Save" button. Click the "Edit" button after opening the saved PDF file in Chrome. Lastly, after choosing the text or image you want to link, click the "Link" option to add the link.

Add Hyperlinks to a PDF without Acrobat Online/Offline

Any PDF document can have hyperlinks added to it, regardless of whether you have a reliable internet connection or not. You need an internet connection to upload and download the PDF file if you're using online tools or mobile apps. You can modify the PDF offline after downloading it to your device, though. On the other hand, you can edit the PDF file offline and without an online connection if you're using a desktop PDF programme like WPS PDF.

Using Tips to Add Hyperlinks to a PDF without Acrobat

  • Make sure the link text appropriately reflects the information on the connected page.

  • Before submitting the PDF, make sure the link is operational.

  • While copying and pasting hyperlinks, be cautious because mistakes can happen.

  • To prevent confounding readers, make your linked wording simple and succinct.

  • For simplicity of usage, group several hyperlinks together in a sensible arrangement.

  • To make hyperlinks stand out, think about employing styles like underlining or coloured text.

FAQs on How to Add Hyperlinks to a PDF without Acrobat

Q: Is it possible to hyperlink a PDF without Adobe Acrobat?

A: You can add hyperlinks to a PDF using a variety of other PDF editing programmes, which is true. One of these choices is WPS Office, which includes a PDF editor with the ability to add hyperlinks.

Q: When adding a hyperlink to a PDF, can I update it?

A: Yes, you can edit hyperlinks after you've added them with the majority of PDF editing tools. Simply click the hyperlink in WPS Office to make any necessary text or URL changes.

Download WPS Office for Free Trial

In conclusion, creating hyperlinks in a PDF document without the use of Acrobat is a simple process that may be accomplished in a number of ways. To complete this activity, you can utilize online resources, PDF editors, or WPS Office. WPS Office, on the other hand, stands out because of its intuitive user interface, cutting-edge functionality, and system and device compatibility. You can try out WPS Office for free and take advantage of all its features, including effective PDF management. WPS Office is a dependable and affordable option for all of your document needs, and we highly suggest it.

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