How to Print Without Margins PDF: Tips and Tricks for WPS Office, Acrobat, and Online Tools

July 31, 2023 2.4K views

We perform the everyday task of printing a PDF file on a regular basis. To suit a particular document size or to have a full-page view, we may need to print a PDF file without any margins. This article will go over many methods, systems, and tools for printing PDF files without margins. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each tool and offer suggestions for improving your printing experience. WPS Office, Acrobat, and online tools that provide free, free-trial, and subscription-based services will be the subject of our particular attention. Let’s have a look at how to print without margins in PDF.

How to Print without Margins in PDF on Different Devices

On desktop PCs, printing PDF files without margins is rather simple, especially if you have access to a specialized PDF application like WPS Office. WPS Office offers a number of options, such as page scaling, custom page size, and poster printing, for printing PDF files without margins. Depending on your version of WPS Office, you can access these choices by heading to the Print dialogue box and choosing the "Page Handling" or "Scaling" options.

The procedure for printing PDF files without margins on mobile devices varies a little. The majority of mobile devices have few options for printing, and some of them do not enable borderless printing. You can still try to change the printer's settings or use a mobile-friendly online tool to print without margins.

Another choice for printing PDF files without margins is to use online tools. There are many online solutions that allow for borderless printing, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word Online, and Adobe Acrobat Online. However, the procedure may change based on the tool and the platform you're using.

How to Print without Margins in PDF with Different Browsers

Moreover, browsers influence how PDF documents print without margins. While certain browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, have built-in borderless printing choices, others could require you to manually change the printer settings.

In Chrome, go to the Print dialogue box, click "More Options," and then select the "Custom" option under Paper Size to print PDF files without margins. The margins and scale can then be changed to your preference.

You may choose "Borderless" under "Paper Size" in the Print dialogue box on Edge by going to "Options" in the Print dialogue box. If necessary, you can also change the page layout and scale.

Borderless printing options are also available in Safari. You can go to the Print dialogue box, choose "Layout," and choose "None" under "Margins."

Using Tips to Print without Margins in PDF

  • Before printing, verify the capabilities of your printer. Certain printers may have restrictions on the minimum margin size, and not all printers can print without margins.

  • Take into account the goal of your document. It might be preferable to print with margins if it contains important information, like a CV or a proposal, to ensure readability and professionalism.

  • Choose the appropriate paper size. To prevent any cropping or scaling issues, make sure the paper size you select corresponds to the document size.

  • Make use of sturdy paper. Choose a paper that can withstand ink bleed and preserve the integrity of the page while printing without margins.

  • Before printing, view the document in advance. When you preview a document, you can see how it will appear when printed without margins and make any necessary adjustments before printing.

  • Make sure to save the PDF file first before printing if you're printing from an online service. The document will be saved in the appropriate size and format for printing without margins as a result.

  • Try out several settings and tools to see which one suits your needs the best. It's worth experimenting with WPS Office, Acrobat, and internet tools to determine which one best suits your needs as they each have unique features and capabilities.

FAQs on How to Print without Margins in PDF

Q: Does any printer support printing without margins?

A: Certain printers will have a minimum margin requirement because not all printers allow borderless printing. To find out if it supports borderless printing, consult your printer's user manual.

Q: Can I use a mobile device to print in WPS Office without margins?

A: Yes, you may print PDF files without margins using the WPS Office software on your smartphone. Set the margins to "0" on each of the four sides by following the identical procedures as in the desktop version.

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The ability to print in PDF without margins is a crucial capability that has many applications. You have a variety of alternatives for completing this work, including desktop, mobile, and internet tools. In this tutorial, we covered using WPS Office, Acrobat, and internet resources to print without margins. Although each application has advantages and disadvantages, we advise using WPS Office because it offers a free trial and a number of sophisticated tools for editing and creating PDF files. You can have a seamless printing experience and get the outcomes you want with WPS Office. Explore WPS Office's potent features by downloading it right away.

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