How to Print a Secured PDF Without Password: Tips and Tools

July 31, 2023 3.8K views

If you have forgotten the password for a PDF file, there are several software tools available online that can help you print a secured PDF without a password. You want to print a password-protected PDF document, but you don't know the password. While PDF files are frequently password-protected to prevent unwanted access or manipulation, this scenario is not unusual. Nevertheless, there are a number of ways to get around the security restrictions and print an encrypted PDF without having to enter the password. This post will examine many strategies and resources, both free and paid, to help you print a secured PDF without password. Also, we'll introduce WPS Office, a fantastic PDF application for printing and modifying PDF files.

How to Print a Secured PDF Without Password on Different Devices

It can be difficult to print a password-protected PDF file without the password, especially if you don't have the proper equipment. We will walk you through the steps to print a password-protected PDF document in this article. We'll discuss a variety of topics, including hardware and operating systems, browsers, common PDF utilities, and online and offline approaches.

Any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, can print a password-protected PDF file. For all devices, the procedure is the same, although the tools may be different. Mobile devices can complete the process online, while desktops and laptops can do it offline.

The process can be completed using Microsoft Edge, the built-in PDF viewer on a Windows device. Simply click the print button after opening the PDF file. You can use Preview, the built-in PDF viewer, if you're using a Mac device. Choose the Print option after opening the PDF file. You can download and utilize the WPS Office app for iOS and Android smartphones to print the PDF document without the password.

How to Print a Secured PDF without Password in Different Browsers

The majority of browsers come with built-in PDF viewers that can be used to print password-protected PDF files without a password. Just a few clicks are needed to complete the straightforward process. Open the PDF document in Google Chrome and select the print option. Choose Print by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner of Microsoft Edge. Open the PDF file in Safari, then choose the Print option from the File menu. Users of Firefox can also print the file without a password by using the built-in PDF viewer.

How to Print a Secured PDF without Password with Typical PDF Tools

Several PDF utilities are available, and each has special capabilities of its own. With the WPS PDF to Word Converter, it is possible to print password-protected PDF files without entering the password. The procedure is easy to understand. You must first convert the PDF file to a Word document before printing it with Microsoft Word. You can easily print the converted document without the password because it will retain all of its original formatting.

Using Tips to Print a Secured PDF without Password

  • Make sure WPS Office is installed on your device in the most recent version.

  • Prior to attempting to print an encrypted PDF, make an effort to get in touch with the document's creator and ask for the password or authorization.

  • Try using an alternative PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat, if you have the password but are still unable to print the document.

  • You can attempt to use a PDF unlocking tool or service if you don't know the password and are unable to find it. Be mindful, though, that these services might not always function properly and might even endanger your device or compromise your data.

  • Before using a PDF unlocking tool or service, make sure to investigate the vendor and read customer reviews.

  • When downloading and installing plugins from other parties, use extreme caution because they may be infected with malware or pose security threats.

  • If all else fails, try printing the image file from a snapshot of the Document. Unfortunately, this could lead to output that is less understandable and of lesser quality.

FAQs on How to Print a Secured PDF without Password

Q: Is it possible to print a secured PDF without a third-party programme?

A: Print driver that circumvents security measures or converting a secured PDF to an image format both allow printing.

Q: Can I password-protect my PDF files using WPS Office?

A: You can use WPS Office to password-protect your PDF files. To prevent unwanted access or modification, you can secure your PDF files with a password using the WPS PDF application.

Download WPS Office for Free Trial

In conclusion, printing a password-protected PDF without a password may seem like a difficult process, but it is actually rather simple to accomplish with the correct tools and methods. Several strategies for printing an encrypted PDF have been covered in this article, including using the PDF Unlocker tool included with WPS Office and other third-party applications like Adobe Acrobat. The advantages and disadvantages of each technique have also been covered, along with the distinctions between online and offline approaches.

Overall, WPS Office is the best option for all your PDF needs because it includes a wealth of capabilities, including the PDF Unlocker tool, which makes it simple to erase passwords and print secured PDFs. WPS Office is the ideal option for both people and organizations thanks to its simple design, practical tools, and reasonable price. Why then wait? Now, start maximizing the potential of your PDF files by downloading WPS Office!

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