Best 5 Steps on How to Edit a Scanned PDF Document on Windows

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

PDF documents are commonly used for sharing information, but editing them can be a challenge, especially if they were scanned. A scanned PDF document is essentially an image, which means that you cannot edit the text directly. However, there are tools available that allow you to convert scanned PDFs into editable text, and one of those tools is WPS Office.Free online PDF converters are also available here.

In this blog, we'll guide you through the steps of editing a scanned PDF document on Windows. We'll cover different methods that you can use to convert your scanned PDF document into an editable format, such as Microsoft Word, and make the necessary changes. We'll also show you how to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to recognize the text in your scanned PDF document and convert it into an editable format. By the end of this blog, you'll be able to edit your scanned PDF documents on Windows with ease.

5 Steps on How to Edit a Scanned PDF Document on Windows with WPS Office

WPS Office is a free office suite that includes a PDF editor capable of editing scanned PDF documents. Here's how to edit a scanned PDF document using WPS Office:

  1. Download and install WPS Office on your Windows computer.

  2. Open the scanned PDF document in WPS Writer.

  3. WPS Office will automatically detect that the document is a scanned PDF and prompt you to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert it into editable text.

  4. Click the "OCR" button to start the conversion process.

  5. Once the conversion is complete, you can edit the text as you would any other document.

Using Tips for Edit a Scanned PDF Document on Windows with WPS Office:

One of the main benefits of using WPS Office to edit scanned PDF documents is that it simplifies the process. Rather than having to use multiple tools to convert and edit the document, everything can be done within WPS Office. Additionally, WPS Office is a free tool, which means that you do not need to pay for expensive PDF editing software.WPS Office offers many templates, you must have to visit the template store of WPS Office.

Premium Version of WPS Office:

WPS Office also has a premium version that includes additional features, such as advanced PDF editing tools, document collaboration features, and more. However, for basic editing of scanned PDF documents, the free version should suffice.Here are some of the key features that come with the premium version:

  1. Ad-free experience: The premium version of WPS Office is ad-free, which means you can work without distractions.

  2. Priority customer support: WPS Office Premium users have access to priority customer support to resolve any issues they encounter.

  3. Additional templates: WPS Office Premium offers a wider range of templates for presentations, documents, and spreadsheets.

  4. PDF tools: WPS Office Premium includes advanced PDF tools such as the ability to convert PDF files to editable Word documents, create PDF files from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, and add digital signatures to PDF files.

  5. Cloud storage integration: WPS Office Premium allows you to save your documents to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

  6. Customizable skins: You can customize the appearance of WPS Office Premium with a range of skins.

Overall, WPS Office Premium offers a range of additional features and functionalities that can be useful for users who require advanced office productivity tools.

FAQS about How to Edit a Scanned PDF Document on Windows

Can I use WPS Office to edit scanned PDF documents on a Mac?

Unfortunately, WPS Office is only available for Windows and Android devices. Mac users will need to use a different PDF editor to edit scanned PDF documents.

Is it safe to download and use WPS Office?

Yes, it is safe to download and use WPS Office. It is a reputable tool that has been used by millions of people worldwide. However, as with any software, it is important to download it from a trusted source to avoid malware and other security risks.

Download WPS Office to Learn about How to Edit a Scanned PDF Document on Windows

To download WPS Office for Windows, simply visit the WPS Office website and click on the "Download" button.If you want to edit scanned PDF documents on your Windows computer, we highly recommend downloading WPS Office. It is a powerful tool that simplifies the process and is completely free. Plus, with millions of users worldwide, you can trust that it is a reliable option.

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