Construe How to write or create daily report in PowerPoint 2022

July 31, 2023 3.4K views

There are plenty of options when it comes to reporting; Word, Excel and PDF etc, but one of the most used by students and professionals is Microsoft PowerPoint. You might not think of PowerPoint when it comes to creating corporate reports, but actually it is in lieu of more common applications like Word. From positioning new images to customizing text boxes into a document, it is just easier in PowerPoint. Here in powerpoint, you don’t need to worry about anchoring items or inserting new text that might change the predefined format. It’s a blank canvas to write and present data without many limitations. This article will discuss the easy steps for how to write or create a daily report in powerpoint in 2022.

Steps to Write or Create a Report in Powerpoint


Here are a few steps to follow when using PowerPoint to design the reports;

Use Slide Orientation

Choose a traditional page layout for a report, not the default slide size (16:9 aspect ratio). To change this ratio, go to the Design panel and create a custom slide size and change the settings to 8.5” by 11” (Portrait Orientation).

Set the page ruler and gridlines

From the View panel, select Ruler and Guides (and sometimes Gridlines) to make sure key text and objects are in the same position on each page.

Insert Shapes and Design elements

Using basic shapes and lines in different variations on a page gives the design of a report a sleek and professional feel. It is recommended to avoid predefined slide design templates as they don’t often follow the principles on which your report is based on.

Color and Transparency

Be confident in knowing which colors compliment each other so as to avoid unnecessary colors. Choose those that give some visual variation. Do this to the cover page of the report, especially.

Design Your Report

Most of the time, background design and title text needs to be consistent on each page. Once a page layout is created, simply copy and paste that slide for the rest of the report pages. To save your time from making layout and designs, choose a handy template, by opening new file>templates.

Present Data in Charts

Editing charts directly in Excel, then copy/pasting them into PowerPoint is a hectic task. Many people are still doing this, but surprisingly powerpoint also comes with this feature, chart editing and layout features as Excel does. So create a basic default chart in excel for ease and then edit that chart in the powerpoint, accordingly with your data.

Let the shared editor annotate the report

PowerPoint provides similar review and comment features just like google docs. Under the Review panel you can select text, add comments, and highlight areas that need further attention.

Save The Report

The final step is to save the report as a PDF or XPS document when you’re ready to send it to your readers.

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