Easy Method to Save Excel as PDF

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Excel files are perfect for any data-related processes, from organization to analytics. However, one thing Excel isn’t that great for is sharing. When it comes to sending large datasets to others, these heavy spreadsheet files can end up taking a long time to load. On the other hand, a PDF is the perfect file format to convert your Excel into. Its universal compatibility makes it the best file for sharing. Luckily, turning your Excel files into PDF is a very quick and easy process.

In this article, you’ll learn how to convert Excel to PDF using various methods. Firstly, you’ll learn how to save a copy of your Excel as PDF. You’ll also learn how to change your page setup settings for a PDF version of your Excel that fits on a single page. Finally, you’ll learn how to convert your Excel to PDF using the Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker and using the HOW TO USE Adobe DC add-in in Excel.

How to Save Excel as PDF?

This is possibly the most common way to turn your Excel workbook into a PDF. It may be best to use “Save As” rather than “Save”, so you have your original format as well as the PDF version.

This method is best for those using the Excel desktop app. What’s more, you can easily convert your Excel to PDF without a converter.

Let’s take a look at how to save your Excel as PDF for both Windows and macOS.

Export Excel as PDF for Windows

The following steps are compatible with the following versions: Microsoft 365, Office 2021, Office 2019, and Office 2016:

Step 1. In your workbook, head to File > Save As, or File > Save a copy.

Step 2. Click “Browse”.

Step 3. In the “Save as type” dropdown, select “PDF”.

Step 4 .Press “Options…”. Under “Publish what”, choose to publish using the following options:

  • “Entire workbook”: convert the whole workbook as PDF.

  • “Active sheet(s)”: convert only the sheets with data as PDF.

  • “Selection”: convert a previously highlighted selection as PDF.

Step 5. Click “Ok” to close the “Options…” window.

Step 6. Click “Save” to save the new PDF version.

If you have any older version of Office, such as office 2010, head to the Microsoft Support page for more information.

How to Convert Excel to PDF with Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker?

If you’re working in the online Excel app, you may notice that trying to export your Excel file as a PDF is harder to do. The “Export” feature has been removed in the newer version of the online Excel app.

Now, you either have to download a copy of your Excel file (File > Download a copy) and then convert it to PDF using the steps outlined above, or you have to install a tool to convert directly to a PDF. Luckily, Adobe Acrobat offers the exact tool you need to create a PDF version of your Excel within the online app. This also works within your desktop app too.

In order to use the Acrobat PDF Maker, you must have a subscription to the Adobe Acrobat paid version. If you have this, you’ll have access to Acrobat in your Excel toolbar.

Convert Excel to PDF using Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker

Step 1. In your toolbar, click the ACROBAT tab.

Step 2. Press “Create PDF”.

Step 3. Name your PDF, which sheets to convert, then click “Convert to PDF”.

Step 4. Choose the location to save your PDF, then click “Save”.

You can open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader, where you can use additional features to edit, sign or comment on the PDF.

Convert Excel to PDF using Adobe Cloud Document add-in

Don’t have the paid Adobe Acrobat tool, but have Adobe Creative Cloud? You can use the Adobe DC add-on in Excel to convert your Excel files to PDF.

Step 1. Search for “Adobe” in the search bar, and select, “Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint”. Click “Add”. The tool should now appear on the far right-hand side of your “Home” navigation bar.

How to Convert Excel to PDF (Quick & Easy) - Adobe Acrobat Excel add-in

Step 2. Click on the add-in, and a window will pop up below.

Step 3. Name your PDF file. Click “Convert”.

Step 4.You should now have a PDF of your Excel data.

How to Convert Excel to PDF With WPS

WPS also provides more advanced settings for converting excel to PDF. Click Advanced Settings in the Output as PDF dialog box. In the pop-up dialog box of Advanced Settings, we can set the Content and the Permission Settings of PDF.

At Content, we can choose what to export according to our needs, such as File Information, Comment, and Hyperlink. Here, we check all three options, click the Confirm button, and click Export to PDF. Once you have successfully completed the process, comments and hyperlink information can be found in the converted PDF file.

Besides, we can add a password for the converted PDF. In this case, we can set its specific operation permission, such as  Allow modify, Allow copy, Allow annotate, Unrestricted printing, Low quality printing, Print is forbidden, etc.

For example, suppose you do not want the file information to be copied by others. In that case, you can set a password and deselect Allow copy to limit the operation permission.

In addition, we can add an additional open password for the file. Here, enter the password at Open file password.

At this point, click Export, and when opening the PDF file, we need to enter the correct password to open the file.

A correct password is needed if someone wants to copy the contents.


Q1: How do I save an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF on one page?

Ans: To fit the Excel spreadsheet to one page, click on No Scaling under Settings and choose Fit Sheet on One Page; now hit the Print button. A dialog box will appear, and here you have to enter a name, choose a location where you want to save the file, and hit the Save button to print Excel to PDF in one page.

Q2: How do I convert Excel to PDF with all columns?

Ans: You can convert Excel to PDF with all columns by changing the scaling to fit on one page in the print preview window and then proceed to export it as a PDF.

Why to Use WPS

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Learning how to convert your Excel files into PDF is a common need for the majority of Excel users, especially when it comes to sharing your data with others. Excel makes it easy to save your .xlsx files into a variety of file types, including PDF. However, depending on your version of Excel, you may prefer to use an intelligent tool like Adobe Acrobat that can be used across all Excel types, and offer extra features to customize your PDFs.

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