Easy Ways to Create a Booklet in Word (Step-by-Step)

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Creating a booklet in Word is a valuable skill that caters to students, professionals, and businesses alike. Whether crafting brochures, product catalogs, or travel guides, Microsoft Word empowers you to bring your ideas to life. However, designing from scratch can be challenging for those with no design experience. How can we streamline the process and make booklet creation efficient, beautiful, and adaptable across different Word versions? In this article, we'll demystify the process and offer insights into crafting booklets effortlessly.

1.Download Booklet Templates for Word

Are you ready to embark on your booklet creation journey? To make the process even more streamlined, we've compiled a list of websites where you can find fantastic booklet templates that you can download and use with ease. These templates serve as excellent starting points, allowing you to focus on the content and design that truly matters. Let's explore some templates from WPS template store .

1.Elementary Grade Brochure

Welcome to the "Elementary Grade Brochure" template. Designed for educators, parents, and students, this template is perfect for showcasing school achievements, events, and programs in a colorful and organized layout. It's a great tool to celebrate the journey of young learners.

2.Real Estate Brochure

Introducing the "Real Estate Brochure" template. Ideal for property professionals, this template combines elegance and functionality to present property listings with style. It's the perfect way to make your property offerings stand out.

3.Travel Style Trifold Brochure.

Get ready for adventure with the "Travel Style Trifold Brochure" template. Whether you're a travel enthusiast or a tour operator, this template lets you share your wanderlust. It's all about captivating readers with beautiful imagery and exciting descriptions of destinations.

2. How to Create a Booklet in Word on Windows?

Creating a booklet in Microsoft Word on Windows is a straightforward process that can yield professional results. To guide you through the steps, we've outlined a step-by-step tutorial complete with images to help you visualize each stage. If you prefer video guidance, you can also refer to the resources linked below for a comprehensive understanding of the process.


Step 1:Open Microsoft Word.

Step 2:Click the Layout tab.

Step 3:In the Page Setup group, click the Margins button.

Step 4:In the Margins dialog box, click the Multiple pages tab.

Step 5:Select Book fold from the Multiple pages drop-down list.

Step 6:(Optional) To change the gutter size, enter a value in the Gutter box. The gutter is the space between the pages of the booklet where the binding will be.

Step 7:Click OK to close the Margins dialog box.

Step 8: Add content to your booklet.

Step 9: When you are finished, click File > Save.

click File > Save.

Here are some additional tips for creating a booklet in Word:

  • Use a template. There are many free and paid templates available online that can help you get started.

  • Use a consistent font and font size throughout your booklet.

  • Use images and graphics to break up the text and make your booklet more visually appealing.

  • Use a table of contents to help readers navigate your booklet.

  • Proofread your booklet carefully before printing it.

3. How to Create a Booklet in Word on Mac?

Crafting a booklet in Microsoft Word on a Mac is a breeze. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word: Launch Word and create a new document.

Step 2: Page Layout Settings: Click on the "Layout" tab and choose "Page Setup." Select "Margins" and set them to "Book Fold." Adjust the paper size to match your booklet's dimensions.

Step 3: Divide into Sections: Insert a "Section Break" at the end of each section, dividing your booklet into segments that will be printed on one page.

Step 4: Add Content: Fill your sections with text, images, and any other content you want.

Step 5: Save Your Work: Remember to save your progress as you go along.

Step 6: Print Settings: Go to "File" > "Print" and choose the "Layout" options. Select "Two-Sided" and "Booklet."

Step 7: Print Preview and Print: Check the print preview to ensure your pages are in order. Then hit print to bring your booklet to life.

Creating booklets on a Mac is simple, and Microsoft Word provides the tools you need. Your booklet will be ready to share in no time.

Following these steps will guide you through the process of creating a booklet in Microsoft Word on your Mac. Make sure to tailor your content and design to suit your specific needs, and you'll have a professional-looking booklet ready to share or distribute.



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1. How do I make an a5 booklet?

Creating an A5 booklet in Microsoft Word is simple:

Step 1. Set Page Size: Go to "Page Layout," choose "Size," then "More Paper Sizes." Set width to 5.8 inches and height to 8.3 inches.

Step 2. Add Content: Design your content for each page. Remember, each sheet will have two pages.

Step 3. Print: Print using "Two-Sided" and "Flip on Short Edge" options.

Step 4. Fold: After printing, fold the sheets in half to create your A5 booklet.

That's it! Your A5 booklet is ready.

2. How do I print like a booklet?

To print a booklet:

Step 1: Open your document in Word.

Step 2: Go to "Page Layout" > "Margins" > "Custom Margins."

Step 3: Choose "Book Fold" under "Pages."

Step 4: Preview and click "Print."

Step 5: Select "Print on Both Sides" and "Flip on Short Edge."

Step 6: Click "Print."

Step 7: After printing, fold the pages in half.

Your booklet is ready!


In summary, this article has provided a comprehensive guide on creating booklets using Microsoft Word. It has covered the steps to create booklets on both Windows and Mac platforms, ensuring that readers can follow along easily. Additionally, the article highlighted the benefits of using WPS Office as a viable alternative to Microsoft Word, emphasizing its free version with essential features and full compatibility. With clear instructions and a focus on user-friendly alternatives, this article equips readers with the knowledge and tools to efficiently create booklets for various purposes.

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