Free AI Poem Generator - How to Use WPS AI to Write Poem

August 11, 2023 2.3K views

For the past year or so, AI writing has been a hot topic among content creators, writers, and students alike. Especially for people who want to do creative writing, such as poems but are stuck with writer’s block, AI can make their writing more appealing.

In all these scenarios, WPS AI can serve as the best option for poem writing and generating. But the question is, how can users use WPS AI to make their work easier and generate poems with the help of AI writing?

Worry not because we are here to make all this easier for you. Read on as we show you the process and unveil more possibilities for ai writing.

Part1: How to Use WPS AI for Poem Generating


Step 1: In the WPS AI writer, go to the main screen and create a new document.

WPS main office window

Step 2: Activate WPS AI from the main header of the WPS Office. As soon as you activate the WPS AI, you will get a prompt on your screen to write with WPS AI. Type “@AI” on the writer screen to get AI writing options.

WPS Docs writer red marked

Step 3: From the drop-down list, select “Write a poem for me.” After you have selected it, you will have to input the prompt such as “Write the poem about “XX” topic”

WPS AI dropdown

WPS AI command

Step 4: Press enter or click on the send icon in the extreme right of the box to generate the response based on your command.

WPS AI generating popup box

Step 5: If you want to adjust the prompt or edit it to generate a new response, you can click the “Return” button.

WPS poem AI return

Step 6: Input the prompt (According to your requirement to adjust the prompt, for example, you want a poem about summer)

The prompt will look something like this:

“Act as a poet. Write a poem about summer for me.”

Step 7: The poem you requested will be shown on the screen.

Summer Poem by WPS AI

Step 8: After you have got your poem, you can ask AI to continue or improve writing by finding the options mentioned in the drop-down.

Command in WPS AI to improve

Along with this option, you will also get the option to continue writing, and the AI will continue writing about the same topics as you mentioned earlier.

WPS AI continue writing

Poems generated By WPS AI

WPS AI poem generator can create some of the best poems, as written by expert and intellectual poets. All you have to do is give the AI the right and detailed prompt to help it write better and better. You can even go back and command the writer to improve the writing.

Below are some of the examples of poems generated by WPS AI that you can consult to have an idea of the poems and their content.


1. Winter Wonderland

By looking at the poem mentioned below, you can see the quality of the content and how the phrases are rhymed with each other. Each stanza carries its own beauty with a perfect structure that beautifies the poem further.

winter wonder land named poem written by WPS AI poem generator

2. Summer

The poem written below is a perfectly written AI poem with each stanza in the perfect romantic rhythm encompassing nature romance. The rhythms are great with the avid explanation about each nature factor that is involved in the summer season.

Summer poem as an example

Part2: More Writing Abilities of WPS AI

In addition to poetry, WPS AI can also be used to create many other genres. These can include advertising copywriting, content creation, and storytelling. This ultimately makes WPS AI your creative helper.

Below in some paragraphs, we are going to explain how you can use WPS AI to write essays, stories, marketing copy, newsletter, or social media content. All you have to do is have WPS AI by your side and give the right prompts to perform the required option and the WPS AI will do the rest for you.

Use WPS AI for Story Writing

Apart from other types of writing, WPS AI can also be used to write exceptional stories and other copies. Just like we created and tweaked a poem in the above paragraphs, you can do the same with story writing.

You can go back to the command prompt and change it to have a better flow in your story. You can also tweak your prompt to work on the character development within the story. Also, you can specify which genre you want your story to be about, and if it doesn’t follow the command, you can always go back and edit it for better results.


Step 1: Open WPS Office on your PC and create a new document in the Docs format.

WPS templates

Step 2: To use WPS AI for story writing, you will have to first activate the WPS AI from the top menu of the WPS AI. After you have done it, you will see a widget on your screen telling you to get started with the WPS AI.

You can start writing with AI by typing “@AI” on the screen, and you will be prompted to give a command to the WPS AI to start writing.

WPS DOcs document WPS AI

Step 3: In the input prompt box, you can select “Write creative story.” And you will be directed to write your prompt in the input box.

WPS writer for creative stories

Step 4:  In the input tab of the WPS AI, you can give a command to write a story. For example, in this case, we will write a command to write a funny story with an unexpected ending.

WPS AI writer input

Step 5: Press the enter button on the keyboard or click on the icon on the extreme right of the input box, and your story will be generated.

Story written by WPS AI

Use WPS AI for Essay Writing

WPS AI can do more than just poem and story writing. You can use this tool to write both long and short-form essays that can be used in academic papers and professional life. These essays can take several shapes, including for research purposes, for marketing purposes, or for educational purposes.

Below are some of the steps you can follow to use WPS AI to write essays. Follow along to know more.


Step 1: Open WPS Office and create a new document on WPS Docs.

WPS templates

Step 2: Once you are on the WPS Docs main screen, you will see an option on the main top header of the application named “WPS AI”. You can click on this icon to activate WPS AI and write essays and articles as you want.

WPS AI widget on WPS document software main screen

Step 3: Input the prompt or “write the paper or an essay about “XX”

WPS AI writer for essay writing input field

Step 4: After you press the enter button or click on the icon on the extreme right in the input box, your response will be generated in the form of an essay.

Essay written by WPS AI writer

Part 3: Why Choose WPS AI

There are many AI writers out there, but all of them don’t offer the same set of functionalities and ease of use. In this competition, it can be very difficult to find an AI program that can match your needs and provides output based on your exact prompts.

In this context, WPS AI can be the best AI program to use. It offers multiple benefits and features that are not available in other AI writers. Some of the best benefits of WPS AI are:

  1. Easy to use interface of the AI

  2. You can write about any topic and genre

  3. AI-generated rhymes provided in the poems

  4. Use of creative language in stories, poems, and essays

  5. Versatile output based on multiple parameters

  6. Ease of modifying existing text

  7. Improve the quality of written content

Part 4: How to Download WPS AI?

WPS AI is releasing soon, and you can book your spot in advance by joining the waitlist. All you have to do this, is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Login and fill out the form available at the You will have to fill in the information, including your email address, name, and the industry you belong to.

WPS form for WPS AI waitlist booking

Step 2: After you have filled out the form, you will receive an email of confirmation and the below screen for reference that your message has been submitted.

WPS AI writer form message

Step 3: You will have to wait till the WPS AI comes to the market. As soon as the first version gets out in the market, you will receive an email at the email address you have provided in the form.

FAQs about AI Poem Generator

Q.1. Can AI poem generators replace human poets?

No. The AI poem generators won’t be able to replace human poets anytime in the future, but they can purify most writing processes and can help poets manage and jot down their thoughts more efficiently.

Q.2. How do AI poem generators learn to write poetry?

It's important to note that AI poem generators do not have emotions or personal experiences like human poets. They rely solely on the machine learning patterns and structures they have learned from the training data to generate results.


Till now, you have learned about how to download and use the WPS AI poem generator. There are many other AI writing platforms that can be used to generate poems, essays, and stories, but WPS is the best of them all. WPS does not only offer an AI poem generator but is also a complete office suite used to create and edit multiple forms of documents.

You can use WPS Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides to manage and share your documents. The biggest benefit of using WPS Office Suite is the ease of use it provides and the free usage without any subscription or one-time fee.

So, if you are an enthusiastic poet wanting to get help with poem writing, the WPS AI poem generator can be the biggest help you can get.

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