Use AI Powerpoint Generator to Create a Winning Presentation

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Are you looking for excellent software to generate professional presentations? Of course, giving an eye-catching and influencing presentation is not easy and takes time also. Therefore, you may be looking for how to use the AI PowerPoint generator to create a winning presentation.

In this article, we will zoom in on all the necessary guidelines on this topic and hot tips to make presentations effectively.

What are PPT AI Generators?

Introduce yourself to PPT AI generators that stand on AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to offer an exciting presentation. This software does the task with the deep analysis of presentation content, exploring trends and patterns, and developing a new slide design with an excellent visual layout.

AI PPT tools have undoubtedly made presentation creation very practical and accessible. Even these generators decide on fonts and images to present you with a beautiful slide. Now the question is, how can an AI presentation tool help you? These generators are ready to help you with various aspects. Some are listed below:

  • You need to add text to the platform, and the software will create the relevant design for you shortly.

  • Add your brand assets to the software, like logos, fonts, colors, and more. The generator will make it consistent for you.

  • Multiple team members can share and edit a single file to make it perfect before the presentation day.

  • These generators never mind integrating with other applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

  • AI is ready to organize all the slides to ensure symmetry for a story.

  • These tools offer an exciting experience with integrated templates, images, and videos.

Use Chat-GPT to Help AI-generated PPT

Chat-GPT is a remarkable invention in the field of Artificial Intelligence. You can get answers to almost all of your questions using Chat-GPT. It is also used to generate ideas, outline and content for your PPT. It can also produce a video related to your presentation and you can easily embed the video in your PPT.

1. Use Chat-GPT to Create the Outline and Content of Your PPT

Generating high-quality content has become super easy with the Chat-GPT AI generator. In addition, this software comes with GPT-3, one of the most advanced algorithms for deep learning. You can generate your desired content using Chat-GPT by following simple steps; e.g. You want to generate your Graduation defense draft using Chat-GPT. You can follow below steps to get your desired results.

  • Open ChatGPT and start a conversation

Open Chat-GPT and start your conversation by giving the requirements for your Graduation defense draft.

  • Ask Chat-GPT to generate the outline of thesis defense content

You can generate an outline for your defense draft according to your academic requirements.

  • Ask Chat-GPT to generate the content of thesis defense script base on your thesis

Remember to check your generated content and make necessary editing as per your requirements.

Chat-GPT offers the following services to the user:

  • It produces a presentation structure using artificial intelligence.

  • Fit an extended paragraph into one slide by simmering it.

  • Produce text for the slides.

  • Produce presentation video

  • Summarize key takeaways

  • Introduce talking points during the presentation.

  • Make headlines and grab titles.


This software is also helpful in condensing comprehensive information into short forms. Therefore, it ensures the focus of the presenter on the main point. Collectively, this generator is too versatile to meet all your presentation requirements.

2. Use AI PPT Generators to Create PPT

  • Let the AI tool know your requirements so it can generate results accordingly. Alternatively, you can leave all the selections to the generator, like, color, style, and layout.

  • Import your thesis defense content, and AI will shift the required data to the slides for presentation.

  • AI adjust your slides further to make additional adjustments in the PPT.

Three PPT AI Generators Worth Trying

1. Microsoft Copilot for PowerPoint

AI PowerPoint generator

Microsoft introduced Copilot Pro on January 15th, enabling individual users to access AI within Microsoft Office. With Copilot's assistance, users can accomplish tasks through simple conversations tailored to their needs. For instance, in PowerPoint, users can outline the presentation's content to Copilot, which then generates a basic presentation automatically.

Functions and Features

Copilot has adored a lot of functions and exciting features to make a fantastic user experience. It offers you design ideas, helps you explore images, introduces talking points, and comes up with customizing Copilot suggestions.


Copilot Pro differs from Copilot in that it entails a $20 monthly subscription fee. It's important to note that to utilize the integrated Copilot in Microsoft Office, users must have both a Microsoft 365 subscription and Copilot Pro.


  • Access Copilot in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote

  • Priority model access(GPT4)

  • The seamless usage process


  • Complete functionality requires subscriptions to relevant Microsoft services concurrently.

  • The price is very expensive.

How to use Copilot Pro in PowerPoint?

With this AI presentation maker, convert natural language instructions into a polished presentation. Yes, you are just one click far from the world of imagination. Use your system's textual information and already-stored images and enjoy a sample presentation.

The developers confirm this AI-powered software introduces introductory presentations with citations and speaker notes. In addition, it is designed to summarize an extensive presentation with a button. Of course, your 12-slider presentation is ready to shrink up to 6 slides. It is also prepared to respond to voice commands to rearrange text, alter layout or change time animations.

2. WPS AI for Presentation


According to Kingsoft Office, "WPS AI" is an AI-Powered Presentation Generator on a large language model like MS Copilot. This technology is introduced to the new types of online content synergetic editing tool "light documents.” Later, it started to embed in the whole line of Kingsoft Office software.

Functions and Features

  • Generate the Script for the Presentation

Do you lack energy or enough time to come up with engaging content? WPS AI is here to do this for you. Simply add a topic and relevant content and receive a file with an excellent script.

  • Convert the text to presentation.

With this feature, you can add a file with an outline of your presentation. It will generate slides for you within a short time. In addition, it can do the same task with the information from the website directly to save you time.

  • Generate Design Ideas

WPS AI is functional to match slide templates to the topic you need for the presentation. Moreover, it suggests images, colors, styles, etc., or auto-generates personalized templates.

  • Graph Generator

This AI-powered presentation generator is ready to capture data and introduce graphs dynamically.

  • Team Features

During the generation of PPT, the team can collaborate.

  • Numerous Templates

This AI PowerPoint generator has multiple pre-loaded presentation types for various selections.

  • Beautiful Layouts

Beautify your presentation with color matching, typesetting, font, etc.


Simply download the latest version of WPS Office at zero cost. “WPS AI” is fully loaded with AI features.


  • High cost-effectiveness

  • Various design tools

  • Online collaboration

  • High-speed generation


  • Limited regional testing.(The AI PPT feature is currently being tested in some countries and has not been globally announced yet.)

WPS Office: Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

3. Designs.AI

Design.AI PPT generator

Designs.AI is another AI-Powered software to create beautiful presentations. It is designed to provide speeches, presentations, and videos. Using its design maker feature, the user can create excellent presentations.

Functions and Features

This AI PowerPoint generator efficiently provides you with an excellent design for your presentation. In addition, you can create videos and speeches. It offers you to resize or have modifications with resize click. Apart from it, you can enjoy access to diverse videos that can be used in the presentation.


Based on the package, Designs.AI has different packages plan like Basic – $29/mo, Pro – $69/mo, and Enterprise – Customized.


  • Design faster and smarter

  • Work in collaboration

  • Web-based

  • No external installation is needed


  • 30 days trial only

  • No free plan

The Benefits of PPT AI Generators

AI PowerPoint generator has multiple benefits to ensure an excellent user experience. But we will introduce the most prominent points in this article.

  • Consistency

AI generator tool comes up with a consistent look at your presentation. Its pre-loaded formats and templates ensure a professional, polished, uniform look.

  • Efficiency

Using an AI tool is efficient as it does multiple tasks on your behalf, like choosing templates, selecting images, and formatting text. All these integrated functions work collectively to save time while ensuring efficient results.

  • Enhanced engagement

The presentation finalized by AI PowerPoint tools is widely appealing and engaging. It suggests images and other multimedia features and ensures a unique final look. As a result, the audience remains engaged throughout the presentation.

  • Accessibility

The presentation designed by the AI PowerPoint generator is easily accessible as it generates subtitles for video content and closed captions. As a result, people with hearing problems may get the same benefit.

  • Customization

AI software comes with multiple customization options as it is loaded with pre-designed templates, layouts, images, and more. Therefore, you can tailor your presentation and make it more and more engaging.

Tips for Usign PPT AI
  • Check and make necessary changes in the AI-generated file according to your needs and style.

  • Customize or change the design templates to meet your brand requirements, presentation topic, and message.

  • Prefer HD images and graphics.

  • Don't rely only on AI-generated presentation and design. Have a look and make some necessary changes.

FAQs About AI PowerPoint Generator

Q: Can I use PPT AI for any type of presentation?

A: Yes, you can use PPT AI for multiple types of presentations. But keep in mind, don't forget to review and change the content to fulfill your requirements.

Q: Can PPT AI replace human creativity?

A: PPT AI is just a tool that enriches human creativity. In addition, it saves time and effort.

Q: Is PPT AI expensive?

A: The price of PPT AI depends on the software you select. Some PPT AI software demands a subscription, while others need a one-time payment that is affordable for the user.

Q: Can AI Generate a Chart in Excel?

A: Yes, AI can now analyze data from tables to make summaries and create various types of tables. If you want to learn how to use AI to create tables, you can click on the hyperlink to find out more information.

Best AI PPT Generator - Key Takeaways

AI-powered PowerPoint generation is a groundbreaking innovation, boosting creativity and delivering captivating presentations. By inputting your needs, AI swiftly generates slides, offering content summaries, templates, layouts, and customization options. Among various AI generation tools like Tom AI PowerPoint generator, Beautiful.AI, and Slides AI, WPS AI stands out as the top recommendation. It boasts essential features, exceptional value, and comes pre-installed with the Office software suite.

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