Free Download WPS Office for Windows 10 64-bit from FileHippo

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 It is no news that Office applications are important in carrying out digital tasks but a lot of people still find it hard to find the right Office application. WPS Office is a very good application and it can be downloaded from many places and FileHippo is one of them. However, people are often worried about safety, compatibility of Filehippo download with Windows 10 64-bit, security risks, and how to download and install from FileHippo. Stay tuned because this article will address your concerns.

What is FileHippo

FileHippo is a software downloading website in which Windows software can be downloaded. FileHippo was launched in 2004 by Well Known Media, a UK-based technology company. It is still in existence to date and shows no sign of declining or rust. FIleHippo stands tall as a modern-day software downloading website. It was previously funded by user donations and third-party app advertisements until it was acquired by Softonic International.

FileHippo was once an App manager. The App Manager helps you scan apps on your PC and check their version with the latest version on its website and this allows you to know if your apps are updated to the latest version. If they aren’t updated the latest version or app update can be gotten from the FileHippo website. When you download from FileHippo, the installation package will be part of the downloaded file. This is why many users enjoy using FileHippo. Its longevity in the market also shows experience and proper understanding of the digital market and what people and customers take as the most important when they want to download software. It is not hard to see why FileHippo is so popular and reputable among software users.

Steps to Download WPS Office from FIleHippo

WPS Office can be downloaded in different ways and downloading from FileHippo is one of them. Let’s look at steps to carry out to download from a prime software website like FileHippo. The steps to download WPS Office from FileHippo are named below:

Step 1: Visit FileHippo's official website.

Visiting the website for download is not a hefty task but you should carry out this task to tick all boxes on your way to downloading to avoid any issues. Downloading from the official website guarantees the safety of your PC. Visit the official website here.

FIleHippo Official Website

FIleHippo Official Website

Step 2: Search for WPS Office in the search bar provided on the website. You can navigate through the website by going through the software section but typing what you need in the search bar is much faster. The WPS Office page will appear after typing in the search bar. This will help you to navigate to a page where several WPS applications will show up.

Search bar – FileHippo Official Website

Search bar – FileHippo Official Website

Step 3: Identify the correct version of WPS Office for Windows 10 64-bit. As I just mentioned,  a few WPS applications will show up but to avoid going through stress by clicking and checking every one of them, simply look for the right WPS Office version you are looking for which is WPS Office for Windows 10 64-bit. The right version is shown in the picture below.

 WPS Office link - FileHippo

WPS Office link - FileHippo

Step 4: Find the download link and download the app. After getting to the right WPS page, you should proceed to download by finding the download link on the page and clicking on it to download the app. You should be wary of wrong links to avoid waste of time or unnecessary popup and advertisements.

WPS Office Download Link – FileHippo

WPS Office Download Link – FileHippo

Step 5: After downloading, install the app and start using it. Just like any other application, after downloading, you need to install it. Installation requires you to find the file on your device and then you click on it to install. When your app is installed, it is ready to use.

WPS Office Suite on FileHippo

WPS Office is a one-of-a-kind Office application that has all the applications you need for a seamless work experience together with AI incorporation and to cap it off, it’s free. This section hopes to spotlight the individual applications that comprise the WPS Office.

WPS Writer: Beyond the basics

WPS Writer is the document creation wing of the WPS Office. WPS Writer generally increases work efficiency by making word processing easier. WPS Writer helps you to have a lovely work experience by;

  • Helping you to polish your documents.

  • Providing you with numerous templates for work, either corporate, stylish, or normal. (Over 10,000 templates available).

  • Allows you to import files of different formats and also allows you to export files in various file formats.

  • Easy compatibility with various other workplace-efficiency applications.

  • Allows you to convert PDF files to Word and vice versa stress-free.

WPS Presentation: Crafting compelling slides

As a career professional, you can’t help creating slides, more often than not, you will have to present and the hack to presentation is your eloquence and the quality of your slides. Regardless of the content of your slide, your slide has to be aesthetically pleasing and that’s the touch WPS Presentation adds to your slide. WPS Presentation allows you to present your images, words, and audio in a pleasing manner. Additionally, WPS Presentation helps you;

  • Compress your file to a smaller size for easy sharing.

  • Import files of different formats to use for the PowerPoint package.

  • Find numerous templates to use for your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Convert your files from PPT format to PDF which makes it easy for you to share.

WPS Spreadsheet: Data handling made easy

One of the evitable tasks in today’s world that moves by productivity is arranging data. This is why virtually every office worker is required to know how to use spreadsheets to present, collate, and arrange data. This is why you should know about the WPS Spreadsheet. WPS Spreadsheet helps you to track budgets, manage charts, and analyze personal finance using its free data analysis and visualization tool. Some special features of the WPS Spreadsheet include;

  • Ready-to-use templates that allow you to present, collate, and arrange your data properly.

  • Compatible with various file formats.

  • The tab switching on WPS Spreadsheet makes it easy for you to move across sheets for ease of compilation.

  • Convert directly from Excel files to PDF and vice versa.

WPS Cloud

Cloud storage is very important for backup and you could be in trouble if you don’t have a proper backup for your files in the face of an emergency like a sudden blackout of your device. WPS won’t provide you with a means to manage data without a proper backup system.

WPS Cloud is a member of the comprehensive WPS Office Suite and it allows you to safely store your data in its cloud compartment. The major feature of WPS Cloud is that it synchronizes your files and orks anywhere.

WPS Office Cloud page

WPS Office Cloud page

Work anywhere

If you aren’t careful, you won’t get a hold of the world as it goes by, everything happens fast but with the right assistance in applications, you can’t lag. An example of such an application is WPS Cloud. With WPS Cloud, you can save/ synchronize your files to the space available and access them anywhere with your login details. Being able to work anywhere is what every 21st-century worker must be able to do since we are in the post-COVID era.


  1. How do I upgrade to WPS Premium?

It is a fairly simple process.

  • Visit WPS's official website here and carefully understand the plans and select one.

  • Start enjoying the free premium trial which lets you have all the premium capabilities of WPS Office for free and add your details as demanded.

  • You can also upgrade from the app by clicking the upgrade button.

 WPS Office Upgrade button

WPS Office Upgrade button

2.How often does WPS release updates and how can I get them?

Updates are released once the team discovers that an adjustment has to be made to the software or on the account of feedback from users.

You can also check your version by doing the following;

  • Open the WPS Office app.

  • Click on this icon

 Menu Button

Menu Button

  • Click on the About section, you can get the version from there. You can always update your Office app because you will be notified once a new version is available.

  1. What is the difference between WPS Pro and WPS Business?

WPS Pro is the premium version of WPS packages. WPS business stems from WPS Pro but the major difference is that WPS business is meant to cater to more people especially, co-workers, and employees. Additionally, WPS Pro can be used across 9 devices, 3 PCs, and 6 phones, which is ambiguous.


Using an Office application is very pivotal to work efficiency and productivity as a career professional and this is why you can’t overlook WPS Office. WPS Office with all of these qualities for Windows 10-64 bit is available freely on FileHippo. You shouldn’t miss out on the beautiful qualities of WPS Office.

WPS Office is fast, and secure and it consumes little space on your device. Most importantly, it increases your efficiency at work considerably. The download instructions are all over this article, go get it!!!

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