Get WPS Premium for Free in 2024

January 3, 2024 11.4K views

WPS Office is an all-inclusive office solution that helps businesses, universities, and other institutions run more smoothly and efficiently. It's an alternative to Microsoft Office developed by Kingsoft Corp. Several WPS Office editions in 2023 are offered, the bare bones of which can be accessed for free. In addition, you can try out WPS Premium free at no cost. It's an effective, low-overhead suite that can be used on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS mobile devices. Product features include Writer for document, Spreadsheet for excel creation and editing, Presentation as PPT and PDF Toolkits with free PDF converter, powerful PDF editor and more. 

An Overview of WPS Office Premium

WPS Office Premium 2023 is a good option, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office with the same or more functionality. 

  1. WPS Writer, which can be used to write any text-based document and view PDF files, as well as WPS Presentation, which can be used to make animated slideshows. WPS Writer features a built-in PDF viewer and supports a wide variety of file types, including DOCX, HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF), Text (TXT), and Open Office XML. WPS Writer is on par with Microsoft Word when it comes to compatibility with file types, and it offers several features that should make Office 365 blush, such as unlimited mobile access, 1 GB of cloud storage, and a drag-and-drop tool for modifying page layout.

  2. WPS Spreadsheets, which can be used for all your formulas, chart, gannt chart and tables, and a helpful PDF conversion tool to help convert excel to pdf files.

  3. WPS PDF Toolkits, When you open a PDF with the program, it looks and works just like Adobe Reader, so you might think (incorrectly) that you can make changes to the file without first converting it. In place of robust PDF editing tools, Writer includes a PDF converter with WPS PDF free trial that lets you simply convert individual PDF pages into Word documents, as well as split PDF pages and merge multipe PDF files.

  4. WPS Pro, available for free during the trial period, is functionally identical to Microsoft Office but does not require a subscription. As its user interface is based on a ribbon, it is immediately recognizable, and it also allows you to tab between many documents.??38.png

Free Trial WPS Premium for 30 Days 

Only users who have never installed WPS on a computer can take advantage of this offer, and the same Android device, WPS account, and PC device can only be used once.

After getting the event details in WPS Office for Android, you can download WPS Office for Windows and sign in with your WPS account to activate a 30-day trial of WPS Premium. The WPS Office Thai Edition comes with a 90 days free trial. You have 30 days from the time you receive the event details to register with WPS Office for Windows. We'll assume you're dropping out of the race if you don't.

The first month of WPS Premium is on the house when you sign in to WPS Office for Windows for free. Free and available for use on mobile devices and desktop PCs, WPS Premium has twenty or more capabilities free. Mac and Linux platforms are currently inactive. If you do not meet the requirements but would like to, please keep an eye out for similar events in the future.

Benefits of Trying WPS Premium for Free

WPS Presentation has the tools you need to create impressive slideshows and presentations without effort. This comprehensive application supports Flash and allows you to tab between presentations, in addition to the normal presentation elements found in Microsoft PowerPoint, such as slide designs, animations, transitions, charts & tables, styles, WordArt, speaker notes, comments, etc.

While Excel only enables you to access one spreadsheet at a time, WPS Spreadsheets' multi-file tabbing function lets you open as many as you need so that you may simultaneously work on several tables, formulae, and graphs. Spreadsheets can be encrypted, proofread for typos, pre-loaded with templates for common and uncommon tasks, annotated, and their data graphed in various ways, such as pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs.

WPS PDF tools allow you to convert PDF files to and from Word, Excel PowerPoint, and image files online for free. You can also view, edit, read, annotate PDFs, and even collaborate on PDF files on multiple platforms with the same WPS account. 

If you're looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Office, go no further than WPS Office. While both suites perform adequately, WPS Premium added features for free to streamline and quicken the document-management process regardless of the type of file being worked on. Quick document loading, simple section navigation, tabbed browsing, drag-and-drop editing tools, and the ability to take files with you anywhere are some advantages of this light system resource usage. The rest is open for discovery on your part.

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