How Many Pages are 800 Words (Easy Guide)

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Word count is essential while writing essays, academic papers, and articles because it determines the depth of your content, not just the length. Keeping word count in context will bring more clarity and conciseness, and readers would pay more attention to a limited words article. . But the problem lies in the formatting of the page, like font size, font style, and even the page selection, because differences in any of these will lead to different pages. This article will delve into "How many pages are 800 words" to provide a comprehensive answer while considering various factors that can influence the response.

Part 1. How Many Pages will it be for 800 Words?

Different page settings will lead to different numbers of pages for a total of 800 words. Keeping the font size 12 and having single space, 800 words will occupy around 1 ⅗ pages. While with double spaces and 12 font size, it will consume around 3 ⅕ pages.

How to Set up an 800 Words Page?

Having 800 words of content, follow the below guidelines to set up your page for the optimal settings and pleasing experience for the readers.

1. Content Preparation

The first and most obvious step is to prepare your content. You can start crafting your 800-word piece by writing or gathering your content in a text editor.

2. Choose a Page Layout

It's time to choose a suitable layout for your content. Popular options include single-column or two-column layouts, and you must consider your content's visual needs and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

3. Select Fonts and Formatting

After selecting the page layout, it's time to select the font and formatting of your text. Aim for a font size between 10-12 points for easy readability. Moreover, set headings and subheadings slightly larger to create a visual hierarchy.

4. Insert Images (Optional)

Although this is optional, use images that complement your text and aid in understanding. To maintain a balanced layout, place images strategically throughout the page.

5. Create Sections

To make your content look more logical and understandable, divide your content into sections or paragraphs. Each section should logically flow from one to the next, ensuring a smooth reading experience.

Set Margins and Page Size

After making sections of your content, it's time to adjust the margins and page size to ensure optimal content presentation, the most common margin sizes are around 1 inch (2.54 cm) on all sides, but it can differ with differences in requirements.

Part 2: What factors will affect the total Pages?

Different factors affect the number of pages consumed in your writing. To control your word count, follow the tips below to make it look more compact and concise.

  • Mind Your Boundaries

    Word boundaries are crucial in determining the number of pages your word count will consume. Spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes are significant in deciding where one-word ends and another begins. Identifying the word boundaries lays the groundwork for precise word counts in any text because you must know where one-word ends and another begins.

  • Hyphens and Compounds

    Compound and hyphenated words need to be clarified whether to determine them as a single

    word or more than one word. Words like lighthouse or fireflies combine to create new meanings but hyphenated words like cutting-edge or sefl-aware bridge a gap between the two words. Learning to decode compound word structures and identify hyphens as word boundaries will elevate your word-counting ability.

  • Keep your Voice Active

    Using active voice in writing adds clarity and directness to your sentences. This writing style is particularly effective when explaining compound words and their meanings. Using active voice to illuminate the beauty and significance of compound words in your writing is recommended.

  • Look for Conjunctions

    Conjunctions such as "and," "but," "or," and "so" play a significant role in sentence structure and can impact word count. By carefully examining the usage of conjunctions, you can gauge the overall page length more accurately and fine-tune your writing to achieve the desired page count.

  • Avoid Additional Transition

You can keep your word count under the limit by removing additional transitions like moreover, furthermore, in addition, etc. These phrases take up additional space and are also unpleasing to certain readers, especially those who need to be used to an academic tone.  

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1. How many paragraphs is an 800-word essay?

Typically, an essay of this length may have around 5 to 8 paragraphs. A well-organized essay usually includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

2. Can I use a smaller font size to fit 800 words on a single page?

Yes, it is possible to fit 800 words onto a single page using a smaller font size, like 10-point, and adjusting the line spacing. However, while this may save space, it may affect readability.

3. Will including images or graphics impact the page count for 800 words?

Yes, incorporating images or graphics alongside the text may decrease the number of pages occupied by 800 words. The space taken up by visual elements may condense the text, reducing the overall page count.

4. What is the average reading time for an 800-word article or blog post?

Generally, readers take approximately 3 to 4 minutes to read an 800-word article. However, reading time may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the content, the reader's familiarity with the topic, and reading speed.


Knowing word count is essential for writers as it determines the length and depth of their content. This article explains ways to find how many pages are 800 words and also demonstrates how to set your page to accommodate a minimum number of pages while writing 800-word content. Different word processing applications like MS Word and WPS Office Word processors exist.

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