How to Activate Auto Spell Check in Microsoft Word? - A Step-By-Step Guide

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It can be quite embarrassing when you've just completed a document, eager to send it out, only to later discover typos and spelling errors. These honest mistakes are entirely natural, but their impact can sometimes be significant. Regardless of your language skills, it's wise to exercise caution when it comes to spelling. In this article, we explore how to activate auto spell check for Word to ensure that those inadvertent errors don't slip through the cracks.

Activate Auto Spell Check in Microsoft Word

How to Activate Auto Spell Check on Microsoft Word?

Working on projects can be hectic, and a little help is always a welcome relief during such times, especially when it comes to small tasks like spell check. The auto-correct feature on Microsoft Word can be easily activated, underlining misspelled words with a bright red color, which are often hard to go unnoticed. Let's take a look at how we can activate the auto spell check feature for Word.

Step 1: To activate autocorrect, you will need to launch Microsoft Word on your system.

Step 2: On the top left, find the File menu to access the options feature.

Microsoft Word File menu

Step 3: In the File menu, click on "Options", located at the bottom in the left panel.

Microsoft Word Options

Step 4: In the Word Options dialog, go to the "Proofing" tab in the left panel.

Step 5: You can now find the "Check spelling as you type" option. Tick the checkbox to activate spell check in Word and then click on “OK”.

Microsoft Word Check spelling as you type option

Step 6: You will notice misspelled words underlined in red. Simply click on a misspelled word to look for word suggestions and click on the correct spelling.

Microsoft Word Spell Check

Auto-correct in MS Word is a very helpful feature as it allows you to fix mistakes as you work. If there is an error, it will instantly highlight your mistake. The highlighting feature also allows users to spot their mistakes at a glance, which is quite useful because you don't have to read the entire document to find mistakes.

Manual Spell Checks:

The autocorrect feature is not the only spell check and grammar feature provided. MS Word has a dedicated editor that allows users to go through their documents in a separate editor where any incorrect spellings or wrong grammar is highlighted. To access this feature:

Step 1: Go to the Review tab and click on "Spelling and Grammar" in the Proofing options.

Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar

Step 2: This will open an Editor sidebar on the right side of the screen. Go through all the mistakes and fix them as you finish editing your work.

Microsoft Word Editor

Note: The spelling and grammar feature can also be accessed using the F7 shortcut key.

Understanding the Importance of Spell Check on Microsoft Word

When it comes to precise and flawless writing, grasping the importance of spell check on Microsoft Word becomes paramount. Spell check is an important tool within Microsoft Word, acting as a vigilant guardian against spelling errors that can lead to embarrassing blunders. Manual review becomes obsolete as this tool swiftly identifies and rectifies errors, enhancing the overall readability of your text.

The advantages of employing Spell Check on Microsoft Word are multifaceted, making writing a seamless, professional, and efficient endeavor.

  • Mistake-free Writing:

Spell Check aids in the removal of spelling and typos, elevating the accuracy and professionalism of your content.

  • Boosts Professionalism:

Crafting documents without errors reflects professionalism and attention to detail, impressing your readers and stakeholders.

  • Saves Time:

The feature enables users to swiftly recognize and rectify incorrect words or grammar, eliminating the need for manual proofreading.

  • Improves Document Quality:

Beyond spelling errors, Spell Check provides corrections for grammar issues, ensuring a high-quality final document.

Moreover, Spell Check incorporates additional features like auto-correcting frequently misspelled words and suggesting alternatives for word choices, contributing to a seamless professional writing experience.

Why Spell Check Isn't Working in Word?

While Word's spell check generally performs admirably, there are instances where it appears to cease its operations. Fortunately, resolving this issue involves a series of straightforward troubleshooting steps applicable to various Word versions, and all troubleshooting steps involve going to the Word options in the File menu. Here are some solutions to fix your spell check issue in Word options:

Ensure Spell Check is Enabled:

Step 1: In Word options, click on the Proofing tab.

Step 2: Make sure that the "Check spelling as you type" checkbox is ticked.

Microsoft Word Check Spelling

Adjust Proofing Language:

Step 1: In Word options, click on the Language tab.

Step 2: In the Office authoring language and proofing section, make sure that your language is installed. If you don't see it, click "Add a language" and choose it from the list.

Microsoft Word Add a Language

Address Proofing Exceptions:

Step 1: In Word options, click on the Proofing tab.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and find the "Exceptions for" section.

Step 3: You will find two options here, "Hide for spelling errors in this document" and "Hide for grammar errors in this document". Make sure both options are unchecked.

Microsoft Word Exception

Disable Add-ins:

Step 1: In Word options, click on the Add-ins tab.

Step 2: You will find all the Add-ins displayed; search for any add-in that seems suspicious.

Step 3: To disable any add-in, go to the Manage field at the bottom and select the type of add-in, then press Go.

Microsoft Word Manage Add-ins

Step 4: Look for the suspicious add-in and click on it.

Step 5: To delete the add-in, click on “Remove”, and the add-in will be removed from Word.

Microsoft Word remove Add-ins

The Best Free Office Suite with Word Spell Check - WPS Office

WPS Office has long been a trailblazer in the office suite industry, showcasing unparalleled functionality and versatility. The new spell-check service in WPS Writer ensures swift detection and highlighting of incorrect spellings, allowing users to seamlessly rectify errors within the native environment. This streamlines the document editing process and significantly contributes to maintaining a high standard of professionalism.

WPS Office offers four distinct methods to activate spell check, ensuring your documents are error-free. Let's explore these options:

Menu-Based Spell Check:

This method enables users to activate spell checks in WPS Writer options. Let's look at the necessary steps:

Step 1: On the top left of the WPS Writer interface, click on the Menu Button and then select "Options".

WPS Writer Options

Step 2: In the left panel, click on the "Spell Check" tab.

Step 3: Ensure the "Check spelling as you type" checkbox is ticked, then press "OK". This action enables spell check in WPS Writer.

WPS Writer Spell Check option

Step 4: Notice misspelled words underlined with a red wavy line.

WPS Writer Spell Check indicator

Step 5: Click on any misspelled word to see a list of suggestions. WPS Writer leverages AI to ensure spell efficiency.

Step 6: Users can choose to use any of the suggestions or enhance their WPS Writer experience by adding a word to the dictionary, such as a company name or specific geographic references.

WPS Writer Spell Check Suggestion

Toggle Spell Check Button:

A shortcut to activating spell check in WPS Writer is using the Spell Check button to identify any misspelled words as you go..

Step 1: At the bottom left of the WPS Writer interface, click on the Spell Check button.

Step 2: Now simply click on "Check spelling as you type" to enable spell check in WPS Writer. When "×" becomes "√", it means that you have turned on the Spell Check function.

WPS Writer Toggle Spell Check Button

Tip: Users can toggle this feature for uninterrupted work.

Review Tab Spell Check:

This feature enables users to open a spell check editor, with all the misspelled words alongside their suggestions at once, allowing for quicker spell checks while proofreading documents.

Step 1: In WPS Writer, go to the Review tab and then click on the "Spell Check" option.

WPS Writer Review Tab

Step 2: The "Check Spelling" sidebar will pop up on the right, capturing all the spelling and grammar in the document, allowing for a quicker spell check of the document.

WPS Writer Spell Check Sidebar

Shortcut Menu Spell Check:

A quick way to access the spell check editor in WPS Writer is by utilizing the Spell Check button.

Step 1: Navigate to the bottom left corner of the WPS Writer interface and click the Spell Check button.

Step 2: Simply click on "Spell Check" to activate the spell check editor in WPS Writer.

WPS Writer Spell Check Editor shortcut

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1. What are the differences between WPS Office and Microsoft Office in Spell Check?

For a budget-friendly and user-centric experience, WPS Office, especially WPS Writer, emerges as a compelling alternative. Its clear prompts, easy AI assistance, and seamless cloud integration make it a practical choice. The single-application approach further streamlines tasks, positioning WPS Office as a recommended option for users looking for efficiency without the subscription price tag.

2. Does WPS Office also check grammar?

Yes, WPS Office does check grammar. The latest version of WPS Office incorporates a powerful AI proofreading feature, enabling users to identify and rectify grammatical errors, ensuring clarity in sentences.

3. Why choose WPS Office over Microsoft Office?

Choosing WPS Office over Microsoft Office can be advantageous for several reasons:

  • Cost-Effective: WPS Office is often free or offers a more budget-friendly subscription model compared to Microsoft Office, making it an economical choice.

  • User-Friendly Interface: WPS Office is known for its user-friendly interface, providing a more intuitive experience for users, especially those who prefer simplicity.

  • Seamless Cloud Integration: WPS Office easily integrates with popular cloud services such as OneDrive and Google Drive, offering convenient access and collaboration on documents.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: WPS Office supports various operating systems, ensuring compatibility across different devices and platforms, offering flexibility to users.

4. How many language options does WPS Office offer?

WPS Office supports a total of 46 languages, allowing users to edit and manage documents in Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet and PDF simultaneously.

Spell Check With WPS Office

While Microsoft Word is a great document tool, adjusting settings for how to activate auto spell check for Word can be crucial for personalized preferences. In this article, you discovered how to enable correction settings. Explore WPS Office for similar services with added convenience and affordability. Download WPS Office today to experience a more user-friendly and feature-rich documentation environment.

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