How to Automatically Check Spelling in WPS Office

January 29, 2024 786 views

Essentially, the WPS Office spell check feature helps correct spelling and grammatical errors. But what does the WPS Office spell check feature entail, and how does it work? In this guide, we will delve into more details about the WPS Office spell-check feature.

New Function Guideline

WPS Office takes another stride towards enhancing your writing experience by introducing a new and updated Spell Check feature. This updated version of the spell-check feature comes with new functions that enhance your writing experience. The WPS Office spell check function is designed to rectify spelling errors seamlessly and provides users with prompts for corrections when typos occur.

What’s even more interesting about this new spell-check feature is that there are three notable new functions when you activate it. These functions all work together to make the spell-check feature seamless. So, let's delve into the specifics of this innovative new feature.

Real-Time Identification of Spelling Errors

One of the most useful functions of the updated spell check feature is its real-time identification of spelling errors. When a word is misspelled, a red wavy line appears beneath it. This function offers a visual cue that makes it easy for users to identify errors quickly.

WPS Identifying Misspelled Words

User-Friendly Correction Options

Making spelling error corrections in the WPS Office is very easy. Not only does WPS identify the error, but it also offers suitable correction options. To make corrections, all users have to do is click on the misspelled word. Clicking on a misspelled word triggers a dropdown menu. From the menu, users can pick an option from the list that is most suitable for what they are writing about.

When you click on a misspelled word in WPS Office, two main sections pop up: a blue text option and a black text option. The blue text option is where you get corrections for misspelled words. In contrast, the black text section is where you find the settings for the Spell Check feature.

Powerful Sidebar Statistics Feature

Another function of the WPS Office spell check feature that makes using it user-friendly is that you can trigger a sidebar. If being a perfectionist and correcting every spelling error as you type is too distracting, then this sidebar is a solution you'll appreciate. The sidebar options allow you to find all the spelling errors in the text in one place.

You can toggle the sidebar by clicking on the Review option in the toolbar, then click on the Spell Check ribbon. When you click on this option, a sidebar will pop up on the right side, where all possibly misspelled words. It even counts their exact number, making it easy for you to track the progress as you make corrections.

How to Apply Spell Check on WPS?

The spell-check option is a useful function you should take advantage of when working on any document. It does an excellent job of detecting errors that the eyes might have missed while working.

But when it comes to applying it, there are two main ways you can go about it. Both methods are effective and time-saving. However, whichever of the two you choose to use is entirely up to your preference.

Method 1: Right Clicking on the Misspelt Word

Right-clicking on a misspelled word is a go-to option for many WPS Office users. Since WPS Office offers real-time spelling errors, users can easily right-click on an error and correct it as they go.

Choosing to use this option ensures you have minimal spelling errors when you are done with the document. However, the downside to using this option is that it can be distracting.

Here's how to apply spell check by right-clicking on the misspelled word:

  1. Move the mouse to a misspelled word with a red wavy line underneath it.

  2. Right-click on the word.

  3. From the dropdown option, click on the most accurate spelling correction from the suggestions.

Spelling Suggestions for Misspelled Words

  4. The misspelled word will be automatically corrected to the new work you choose.

Method 2: Using the Check Spelling Sidebar

Another method to apply the spell-checking option is by activating the spell-check sidebar. It's recommendable to use this option when you are done typing the entire document or have gotten to a milestone and want to proofread.

Here’s how to apply spell check by using the check spelling sidebar:

  1. Click on the Review toolbar.

  2. From the displayed ribbons, click on the Spell Check button.

  3. At the right side of your screen, a sidebar will pop up.

  4. The spell check will present a list of all the misspelled words in the document and a suitable correction.

  5. From the suggestions, you can either click on a suggested correction, add it to your personal dictionary, flag it as incorrect, or delete the suggestion.

Misspelled Words in the Document

With the WPS Office spell check feature, you can bid typos in your documents farewell. It is such an innovative feature that, when used properly, it makes you write more professionally.

The WPS Office spell check option helps to upgrade the user experience, making typing a lot more enjoyable. Some of the other reasons why you should choose to use the WPS Office spell check option include:

  • Prompt Corrections

One of the reasons users opt to use the spell-check function is that it provides prompt corrections. Rather than second-guessing what you're selling and trying to confirm the spelling from a dictionary, the spell check feature helps identify if the spelling is correct. If the spelling is not correct, it underlines the word in red.

More importantly, the spelling suggestions the WPS Office spell check feature provides make it even easier to use. The suggestions make it easy for users to rectify spelling errors as they type, making it easier to proofread at the end of the day.

  • Effortless Interface

Another reason to use the spell check feature in WPS Office is because of its effortless interface. Whether you choose to use the first method described above, where you right-click on the error or the sidebar option, it makes fixing spelling errors effortless.

Particularly, if you are using the sidebar option, it allows you access to correction options throughout the text. Its interface is effortless, as it provides you with an intuitive option where all you have to do is click on an option to fix the error.

  • Customization

Not every word we use in our day-to-day conversation is in the dictionary. For example, there may be some acronyms popular amongst your group that might not be in the dictionary. When you use such words, WPS Office spell check will pick such words as misspelled. However, the word might not necessarily be misspelled.

To fix this issue, WPS Office gives users the option to tailor the spell check settings to align with their preferences. So, as you keep using the Office suite to type your documents, you can keep saving new words until you have a vast personal dictionary.

How Does Spell Check in WPS Office Help with Your Work?

The WPS Office suite spell check option is an intelligent feature that elevates your workload. It comes in handy in so many ways for students, professionals, and personal use. If you are wondering in what ways the WPS Office spell check can help you with your work, see the benefits below:

  • Effortless Academic Pursuits

As a student, some of your tasks will involve typing pages of documents. Typing so many pages without making a typo is hard to achieve. Moreover, focusing all your attention on spelling rather than on the way you put words together can reduce the creativity you put in the work. But the spell check feature can be an invaluable ally in your academic journey that ensures you focus on content rather than constantly manually proofreading.

  • Streamlined Workflow

Another way the spell check feature can be of help in your work is by using the sidebar option to streamline correcting errors. When you are done typing a long document, you can use the sidebar to show all possible misspelled words and their counts efficiently. This option enhances the efficiency of the review process without the need to proofread the document manually.

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