How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 with KMSpico for Free (A Comprehensive Guide)

January 15, 2024 18.2K views

Microsoft Office 2019 is a widely used software among people that use computers for official processes. However, the issue users face with Microsoft Office is that its activation is paid and this is not very economical. Users wonder if there is a way Microsoft Office 2019 can be activated without paying and that’s just what KMSpico does. See for yourself as we go on.

Introduction to KMSpico 11.2.1

KMSpico 11.2.1 is the latest version of KMSpico and it has the latest updates to the KMS(Key Management Server) and this is why it is able to activate Microsoft Office 2019. It is sometimes called KMSpico Office 2019. Let’s take a deeper dive into KMSpico 11.2.1KMSpico 11.2.1 download button

What is KMSpico 11.2.1

As I have mentioned above, KMSpico 11.2.1 is the latest version of the KMSpico activator series and it is the best so far. Its abilities far surpass the other KMSpico versions. KMSPico models Microsoft KMS which is the licensing system for their Office applications. This imitation makes KMSpico among other Microsoft Office activators.

Why is KMSpico 11.2.1 better than other activators?

  • KMSpico 11.2.1 is better than other activators because it is the latest version of the KMSPico activator series. KMSpico ordinarily is better than all other activators because it models Microsoft KMS so by default, the latest version is better than all other activators.

  • KMSpico 11.2.1 is totally free. To activate Microsoft Office 2019, you might need to download Microsoft Toolkit if it were not for the emergence of KMSpico. KMSPico 11.2.1 is free to use and the download is risk-free. The developing team of KMSpico put a great amount of thoughtfulness into creating KMSpico Office 2019 therefore it is risk-free.

  • Activation is permanent; the activation of your Windows Office 2019 is permanent once you use KMSpico 11.2.1 to activate Office 2019. This ability of the KMSpico Office 2019 ensures that you don’t have to pay any amount to activate your Microsoft Office 2019 and use it.

Some other reasons why KMSpico 11.2.1 is the best among all other activators is because of its lightweight file, the ease of downloading, and the regular updates that are usually installed on it. All these qualities ensure that KMSPico Office 2019 remains the best around.

How to Download KMSpico 11.2.1

I know you must be salivating about how to download KMSpico 11.2.1 after I told you its benefit, I won’t delay your curiosity, let’s go right into it.

Step 1: Visit the official download website or a trusted website. When you download from an unofficial website, the authenticity of the download link is not validated and that would mean putting your device in jeopardy because of the possibility of viruses.

Step 2: Find the download link and proceed to download.

When you are going through websites be careful of clicking wrong links that appear like the download links, such links are ads. When you see the proper link it will be evident, it will probably be well rounded or a naked link. Click to download and the software will get downloaded into your device.

Step 3: Put off Windows Defender’s real-time protection against threats.

It is essential to do this because Windows Defender sees every app it cannot trace to a registered company as a threat and to avoid your download being flagged as a threat, you have to put off the protection. Windows Defender interrupts the operation of KMSpico so you have to put it off.

Step 4: Install the software.

After putting off Windows software, you can now proceed to install the software. To install the software, click on the file that was downloaded.

Step 5: Run the file as an administrator.

After clicking the file, and waiting for a few seconds, there will be a prompt on your device that would be asking you to run the file as an administrator. Select “YES”. After selecting YES, the installation will start.

Step 6: Open the software after installation.

Your Windows Office is most likely been activated as KMSpico 11.2.1 is getting installed. In the case where Windows has not been activated, you should click the file and run it on your device. When you run the file, you will find the button to click for the activation of your Windows.

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How to Activate Office 2019 with KMSpico 11.2.1

The steps are not interwoven and the first step here would be:

Step 1: Visit an authentic website; we have talked enough about this.

Step 2: Download the file.

After finding a good website, you can then download, you might need to unzip your download because the files are been encrypted in a way that meets up with the security of Microsoft Office 2019.

Step 3: Install the software.

The software needs to be installed to be a part of your device. Installing the software is the last thing in the downloading process.

Step 4: Run the KMSpico 11.2.1 file.

To activate your windows, you need to run the software. A typical activation doesn’t take long. The aim of running the file is to activate your Microsoft Office 2019. For the activation to start, you have to click the Windows icon on the graphic that comes up and then the red button. This is basically how your Windows Office can be activated.

Best Alternative to Microsoft Office – WPS Office

Have you ever thought of having the services of Microsoft Office obtainable for free? If that is your dream, I have good news for you and it’s about WPS Office.

WPS Office is rising in popularity among computer users because of its ease of use despite that it can perform all the essential features an office application can do.  

WPS Office, download is completely free and you still get the best services, this is a golden chance, right? The fact that the download is free and yet you have access to the best, that’s what keeping good friends could mean.

Some features of WPS Office

1. Single interface: The WPS Office has a single interface/app that can conveniently interface and open different office applications like Word, Spreadsheets, and PDFs. This helps you to be more organized, and compact and saves you time.

2. AI Integration: Integration of Artificial Intelligence with your office work would be a very lovely development because we all know AI makes things easier, you can make searches very easily or carry out composite research in little time.

3. Compatibility: The WPS Office is built in a way that combines very easily with other apps on your device. The future of the job is collaboration. WPS perfectly understands this and this is why compatibility with other apps and devices is prioritized. WPS Office is also compatible with Microsoft Office. WPS Office is also available and efficient on all Android devices and Operating Systems(OS).


1. Can I use this activator offline?

You cannot KMSpico 11.2.1 offline. While activating, you have to be connected to the internet. Do not worry, the activation process does not consume too much data. After activation, you can use your Microsoft Office for over 6 months completely offline.

2. Can I uninstall KMSpico after activation?

Yes, you can. The KMSpico activator can be deleted after you have activated your Microsoft Office 2019. However, since the file is not large it is advised that you keep the file for the sake of auto-renewal.


KMSpico 11.2.1 is a very powerful activator for Windows Office 2019 or Microsoft Office 2019. One of the greatest benefits of KMSpico is the fact that it gives permanent activation, this means you are insured over a long period of time however it is still advised that you legally purchase a license for your activation.

You might not have to partake of the stress of downloading another software for activation by using WPS Office instead of Microsoft Office. The benefits of WPS Office cannot be overemphasized and my goal is to see you optimal at whatever you do. This is why I am recommending WPS Office to you. Have fun doing work.

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