How to Activate Windows 11 with Kmspico for Free (Step-by-Step)

February 1, 2024 17.7K views

Kmspico is a popular software among computer users and it’s said to be used to activate products owned by Microsoft without obtaining or purchasing licenses.

Kmspico free download can be sometimes dangerous to use because of the possibility of viruses and legal issues. This has led users to ponder how KMSpico can be used free of threats. This article will show you KMSpico operates legally.

Introduction to KMSpico Portable

  • What is KMSpico Portable

KMSpico Portable is a legal software that can be used to activate different versions of Windows software, its ease of usage makes it very popular among computer users. The KMSPico Portable Windows 11 office activator is automatic. KMSPico imitates Microsoft server KMS which allows customers to activate many computer systems at a time. It was released by the TeamDaz development team. KMSpico can activate many versions of Windows or Microsoft Office, the latest being KMSPico portable which can activate Windows 11.

  • How does KmSpico work

Kmspico modifies the internal code of Windows or Office and configures it to work with a false activation. It deactivates Windows 11 by using an activation code provided by its software.

When you download and install the software, you start the software. After it opens, click on the red button you see, and your Windows, your computer restarts and when it comes back up, the Windows 11 would have been activated once and for all.

  • Why choose KMSpico activator?

The best Windows 11 activator is KMSpico, I know this because KMSpico emulates Microsoft’s KMS server. It is the closest to the real thing. In fact, the major difference is that KMSpico is free.

Additionally, KMSpico is the oldest activation tool and it replaces the Windows trial license key with a professional license key. The replacement of the license key ensures that the Windows 11 office gets activated. KMSpico portable 11.2 is the latest version of KMSpico and it is the most used and the most competent activator of Windows 11 among the many activators out there.

Some advantages that KMSPico has over other activators include:

  • Does not require internet: KMSpico does not require the internet to get installed or activate your Office or Windows, this is a very rare ability of activators. This is why KMSpico is a very popular one among users.

  • It imitates Microsoft KMS: KMSpico software and style feeds off Microsoft KMS and this makes it the best activator for Windows 11 since its configuration is the closest to Microsoft which is the developer of Windows and Office

  • It is the oldest activation tool, which means it has stood the test of time and encountered many issues, and has been revised and refined over time.

  • Auto-renewal of license: This feature is why, once you activate your Windows and Office with KMSpico, it’s a forever deal. KMSPico renews the licenses by itself when the time is ripe.

  • You can delete the software: After using KMSpico to activate, you can delete the software, and the activation of the Windows or Office remains which means, you can even save space.

KMSPico Free Download for Windows 11

Before we start to talk about how to use the software, you need to download it first.

You can search online to download the software. To make things easy, you can download the software from here.

Reminder: The website you download influences the possibility of viruses, you have to be careful.

Installation: After downloading, click on the file and run the file as an administrator by permitting the prompt that will pop up on your screen and the app will get installed.

How to Use KMSpico Portable

Step 1: Disable Windows' real-time virus and threat protection.

Reminder: The software cannot get installed if you don’t do this. The KMSpico needs access to the Windows registry files to activate the Windows 11. This protection has to be put off because it considers KMSpico a threat and won’t give it access to the registry, the registry is basically the memory location.

How to disable real-time protection

1. Click the Windows icon on your pc, you can find the Windows icon at the lower left of your screen.

2. Search Windows security.

3. Go to Virus and Threat protection.

4. Select manage settings.

5. Switch real-time protection to Off.

Step 2: Disable anti-virus software

Anti-virus will try to act like the Windows Defender so you need to delete them as well.

Step 3: Run the file setup as administrator; this requires your permission, select yes in the pop-up that comes up.

Step 4: Open the app.

Step 5: Click the red button, you’ll get a confirmative voice notification after a while.

Step 6: Restart your PC to complete the activation.

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1. What is the KMSpico password?

The password depends on where you are downloading from, watch out for the password or information about the password in the installation process from the website you downloaded from.

2. How to know if a KMSpico is fake?

  1. The first indication would be that the KMSpico doesn’t perform its function.

  2. The appearance of common problems related to viruses after installation

The best course of action in this situation is to delete the software as quickly as possible.


It has been shown expressly how you can download, install, and use KMSpico to activate Windows 11, but I’m sure you can’t overlook WPS Office, which affords you the services of Windows 11 for free.

We can’t do without using these programs because they make work easier, but what joy when you carry out your most important actions for free?

Be careful when you want to download KMSpico to avoid viruses; the link above is advisable. Meanwhile, you can save yourself the stress of having to download anything by using the all-in-one WPS Office. Good luck at work, bye!

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