How to Download KMSPico for Free on Windows 11/10/8/7 (In Easy Steps)

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KMSpico is a software used to activate Windows Office for free. It is in wide use among computer users because of its abilities as an activating software. KMSpico sometimes is bothersome because of the possibility of viruses accompanying its software. Downloading from the official website and following the methods that would be stated below will help you escape the possibility of viruses.

KMSpico 10.2.0 Free Download for Windows 10/8/7

For you to start using KMSpico, you have to download it first and trust me, KMSpico can work for your Windows version. In the following steps, we are going to be exploring how you can download KMSPico for Windows 10/8/7 without the fear of security risks.

Step 1: Visit the authentic download website.

For you to be sure of the authenticity of the KMSpico you are downloading, it is better to download it from the official website. There are still steps to follow to download the software but downloading from the official or a trusted website gives you a good start. You can download it here.

Step 2: Find the download link on the website. 

The download link will be somewhere on the page your browser takes you to after clicking the link above. It can be on the upper part or end of the page, a download link is very rarely in the middle of the page.

Step 3: Download and install.

After clicking the download link, the software gets downloaded to your PC and then goes on to install. To install, you need to put off Windows Defender’s virus and threat protection. You have to put off this Windows protection so that the installation will not be blocked.

Step 4: Run the file as an administrator

Running the file as an administrator requires your permission and you are to choose YES when the prompt of YES or NO comes up. This action completes the installation process and then you can start using the software.

Step 5: Restart your PC and then the activation of your Windows will have been done.

KMSPico 11.2.1 Free Download for Windows 11

Just like KMSpico worked for Windows 10 above, it can also work for Windows 11. Windows 11 is an upgrade of Windows 10 and the developing team of KMSpico is not static as well so Windows 11 can also be activated by following these steps.

Step 1: Visit the website.

The website above is the same website you will download from and be sure to download KMSpico 11.2.1. Downloading the wrong version will be a waste of resources because it will not activate your Windows Office, the compatibility is very important and this is why upgrades are usually made to the KMSpico software occasionally.

Step 2: Find the download link.

I have explained how to find it above, be careful of clicking the wrong links, some links are ads so I’ll advise that you check carefully before clicking a link to avoid wasting your time.

Step 3: Download the software.

For anything to progress, you must download the software, KMSpico portable allows you to activate your Windows without downloading the software but for KMSpico 11.2.1 which is custom-made for Windows 11, you have to download the software. You can delete the software after activating your Windows 11 and the activation would remain. This is one of the greatest advantages of KMSpico.

Step 4: Run the downloaded file as an administrator.

You have to click on the downloaded software from your PC. You can right-click and choose “Run” or just double-click on the file and then you would get a prompt that is asking you to run the file as an administrator, you are to choose YES and then the software can start its work.

Step 5: Restart your PC.

For the activation to be complete and work in full effect, you need to restart your PC. When your PC comes back, your Windows 11 must have been activated.

Tips for Installing & Using KMSpico Safely

  • Download from a trusted website or from the official website: As I have mentioned earlier, you should download from an official website so that you do not have to worry about security issues and the functioning of your system.

  • Put off Windows Defender: This has also been mentioned above and that is because it is very important, if you don’t do this, you will face difficulty installing KMSpico 11.2.1. KMSpico requires access to the registry of the Windows software on your device and this access will be blocked if Windows Defender is on. This is why you have to put it off to install the software, you can put it on back after activating your Windows.

  • Ensure that you download the compatible version with your Windows: You need to download the KMSpico that was developed for your Windows version. As you can see above, it’s a different version for Windows 10/8/7 and 11. There are different versions of KMSpico because of different security fixes and improvements to each Windows version.

  • Don’t try to run the software unnecessarily: When your Windows 11 or 10/8/7 has been activated, you should go ahead to run the file again. This might disrupt the activation that has been done before so you have to be careful how you go about things, though it’s your device.

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    1. Can I use KMSpico on a Mac?

    KMSpico is built for Microsoft products so not too much attention is given to Mac. However, WPS Office works just fine on Mac and all other Android launchers and OS.

    2. How to detect the KMSpico virus?

    After following the measures above, the possibility of having a virus attached to your KMSpico is very low. In the case where a virus appears or is in your system, these are ways to know.

    • The software doesn’t perform its primary function of activating your Windows Office after installation.

    • Your system might start malfunctioning or displaying the natural response to a virus. The appearance of a virus might be related to KMSpico and it might not. However, do well to treat any appearance of a virus.


    This article was on KMS activator for Windows 10/8/7 and Windows 11. A KMS activator activates a Windows version and we explored KMSpico has a free option to activate your Windows 10 64-bit and Windows 11. I’m sure you can successfully download and install the needed KMSpico for your pc version.

    However, do not forget the free option available, WPS Office, with WPS Office, you don’t have to worry about activation or payment so why not? I wish you a nice time at work. Bye!!!

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