How to Add a Password to a PDF Using Online Tools

July 31, 2023 1.2K views

Are you afraid of sharing your confidential data and don’t know How To Add A Password To A PDF? Then not to worry anymore. Several pdf editor tools can help you learn How To Add A Password To A PDF and secure your file from unauthorized access. Authorized access is necessary for many cases, like government files, personal info documents, and business deals. This feature of password protection facilitates you not to misuse your data. Now you can easily share documents with whomever you want. In this article, we will go through the procedure of How To Add A Password To A PDF with online tools available for free.

How to Add a Password to a PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro Online?

Adobe Acrobat Pro provides this facility to its users to secure their files quickly from editing and copying. Following are the steps to doing it.

  • Go to the Sign & Protect option and select Protect PDF.

  • Go to the Select a file button to browse, or import a file by dragging and dropping it into the drop zone.

  • Now type a password and retype to confirm.

  • Tap on Set Password.

  • You can download this password-protected pdf.

How to Add a Password to a PDF Using PDF2GO?

PDF2GO is another online tool that allows you to add a password to a pdf and encrypt it. It protects your files from unofficial editing and printing and also restricts permissions. Here is the way to do it in a few clicks.

  • Go to the All tools option and select Protect PDF.

  • Click on Choose file to upload, or you can open a file by dragging and dropping it into the tool.

  • Type a password in Enter open password box and retype the password in the Repeat open password box.

  • Tick mark on permissions list: Prevent Printing, Prevent Copying, or Prevent Modifying.

  • Now set a password for permission by typing in Enter permission password box.

  • And retype to confirm in the Repeat permission password box.

  • Click on the Start button to download your protected document.

How to Add a Password to a PDF Using WPS Office?

WPS Office is one of the most powerful tools that allows various strong characteristics to work with PDF editing, conversions, and protection. Most importantly, it supports all screens, which makes your work easier. You can process your document from anywhere and share files without any delays. Students and business people are both taking advantage of its unique attributes. There are the following steps to protect your pdf.

  • Open the desired file in WPS Office.

  • Go to the Protect option at the top.

    • Select Encrypt, and a dialogue box will pop up for encryption.

    • Tick mark on Set the open password.

    • Type a password and retype to confirm it.

    • If you want to restrict permission for editing and copying, then tick mark on Set password of editing and extracting.

    • Type a password and retype to confirm it.

    • Tick mark to encrypt functions as shown in the image.

    • Please tap on the Confirm button to get it done.

      Using Tips for WPS Office

    • WPS Office is giving the complete office suite package in one application. It is a lightweight program, and you can create, edit, convert, and encrypt pdf files. You can use it for all Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. It will increase your working efficiency by presenting you with an excellent office experience.

      FAQs related to WPS Office

      Can we restrict a PDF file to print only?

      With WPS Office encryption, you can limit the usage of your shared document as per your order. It provides the option to set a password to restrict the function. If you block other options except printing, no one can edit or copy your pdf file.

      Is it necessary to purchase WPS Office?

      No, you can download it for free. But if you want to avail of its premium solutions for daily work. It would help you to increase working efficiency if you bought it. Otherwise, with the free version also, you are good to go.

      To discover more, go to the WPS Office website and tap the download button for free! It will assist you in editing, converting, and protecting pdf files in no time. It has been providing exceptional services in the market until now. If you go for its advanced version, it will be the best way to use the money to save time and energy. You are just a click away from getting the advantage of this supreme office suite.

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