Easy Ways to Add Pages to a PDF Document

July 31, 2023 1.4K views

Sometimes, you need to update a PDF file with an extra page or another document. For example, your client may require a cover page or a scanned test report in a quote PDF. In addition, it is common to create a PDF from two existing smaller documents. Learning the easy ways to add pages to PDFs to work around these issues is essential.

Modern technology allows us to merge, create, edit, and do more with PDFs. It is not a big problem to insert a page into a PDF document using a professional program. This post will introduce how to add pages to a PDF with SwifDoo PDF and four other desktop and online programs.

How to Add Pages into PDF with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is an all-around PDF editor that enables you to add pages to PDF files by the page inserting and PDF merging features. With the PDF editor, you can add a blank page, specific pages in a PDF, or a whole PDF document to another PDF file with just a few mouse clicks. Besides, it enables users to edit, annotate, convert, and split PDFs. The program is available on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and XP systems.

Check how to add pages to a PDF file on your desktop.

Step 1: Free download and install SwifDoo PDF on your Windows. Launch the program and import a PDF file;

Step 2: Choose the Page tab on the top and all pages in this PDF will be unfolded. Click on the Insert sub-menu;

Step 3: Select Blank Page or From File if you need to add pages from an external PDF file, and the Insert Page dialogue box will come out;

Step 4: Choose where to insert a blank page or existing page from another file. To add pages from another PDF document, type the ranges of pages you wish to insert.  

To add a page to the end of the PDF file, select "After" from the "Insert to Selected Page” drop-down menu, tick the "Last Page" option from the "Where to Insert" section. Simply click the page before or after which you want to insert new pages after tapping on the "Page" main menu and then insert the pages.

To insert specific pages of a PDF into the current document, select "From File", enter the page numbers and ranges into the "Specific Pages" field and proceed. After page addition, drag pages to reorder or delete unwanted pages, then resave the file.

Besides the methods above, you can use the PDF combiner tool to achieve your goal. Go through the instruction to know how to insert pages into a PDF by combining two PDFs: choose PDF Merging after launching SwifDoo PDF, add the PDFs you need to put together in the new dialogue box, select an output path, and hit Start to merge them into one; open the combined PDF file, go to Page to reorder and delete PDF pages as needed.

If you need to add more pages to this PDF, choose either the “Insert” or “Merge” option to repeat the mentioned processes.

How to Add Pages into PDF with WPS

Step 1: Take this File as an example. Pop the Page tab, then click the Insert/Add pages drop-down menu.

Step 2: Now, we can choose to insert/add a Blank page. Its shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+I.

Step 3: In the popup dialog box, we can set the new page's size, direction, number, and insertion position.

Step 4: Click OK to insert a blank page.

Step 5: Create a new page from the File by selecting PDF. Its shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+T.

Step 6: After selecting the required File, the Insert page dialog box will pop up.

Step 7: Let's assume that we need to insert the cover page of this new PDF file into the end of the original PDF. Enter 1 in Page Rages, select Insert to the Last page, and click OK.

The WPS Tool is risk-free and secure to download. No worries at all.

Using Tips for WPS Office:

The WPS Office software allows for free online and offline editing of PDF files. With this technology, working people's lives and jobs are undoubtedly made easier. Now that you have a PDF editor, you may easily and quickly edit, combine, divide, compress, and use other free functions. You can edit any text document and convert PDF files into word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and photos.

The greatest software, which is none other than the WPS Office software, offers the best alternative for editing your PDF document. For even more amazing features, you can purchase premium and professional packages.


How can I add pages to a PDF document?

Upload a PDF using the Insert Pages tool and sign in to Acrobat online. Use your cursor to select the desired insertion point, and then select the file or files you want to add from the resulting dialog box. Once the files are added, you can drag and drop the PDF pages to reorder them.

How to put 2 pages in one PDF?

Select the files you want to merge using the Acrobat PDF combiner tool. Reorder the files if needed. Click Merge files. Sign in to download or share the merged file.

How WPS makes it easier to edit PDF?

The all-in-one PDF editor in WPS makes editing PDFs much smoother and simpler than with any other tool. The program has a ton of functions for editing, compressing, adding pages, removing pages, editing text from, and adding images to PDF files

Can we secure PDF in WPS?

The program is available for free download from the WPS Office website for offline usage or for use online. Users of WPS Office can encrypt their PDF files to protect themselves against attacks. Visit the WPS Office website right away to easily edit your PDF documents online.

Use the Free Version Right Away!

You must understand how to add a page to a pdf, whether it's because you want to save time or because it's the greatest source. Working with PDF files is more difficult than working with Microsoft Office files, however WPS Office is the finest tool for significantly reducing this difficulty. It has unique features that let it do out jobs correctly.

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