How to Attach a PDF to Email without It Opening: Tips for Free and Trial Users

July 31, 2023 6.5K views

Emails are essential for daily communication, especially when businesses and people need to share sensitive information. It can be difficult to attach a PDF file to an email without it opening automatically, especially if the recipient's computer or device doesn't have the right software. The various hardware and operating systems, online and offline tools, browser settings, and methods for attaching PDF files to emails without opening them will all be covered in this article. We'll also give you advice on how to download a free trial edition of WPS Office, one of the best programmes for producing, modifying, and sharing PDFs.

How to Attach a PDF to Email without It Opening on Different Devices

Users can right-click a PDF file on their desktop computer and choose "send to email recipient" to attach it to an email. As an alternative, people can launch their email client and choose the PDF file from their computer's folders using the "attach file" feature. Nevertheless, if the recipient's device doesn't already have a PDF reader or editor installed, they might not be able to view the PDF file.

Users of mobile devices can quickly attach PDF files to emails using either the built-in email client on their device or a third-party email software. PDF attachments might not be supported by all email clients or shown correctly in some cases. Users can change the PDF file to a compatible format, like a JPEG or PNG image, before attaching it to eliminate this problem.

How to Attach a PDF to Email without It Opening with Online and Offline Tools

There are numerous online and offline techniques for attaching PDF files to emails without opening them. The user can upload the PDF file to the cloud and subsequently email it to the recipient using popular online services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and WPS Office Online. Similar features are also available in offline applications like Adobe Acrobat and WPS Office, which let users generate, edit, and send PDF files directly from their devices. With its superb PDF generating, editing, and sharing features, WPS Office is a very flexible programme. Users can use it to add or remove pages, add text and photos, convert PDF files to other formats, and password-protect their files. Before upgrading to the pro version, users can use the software for free testing.

Using Tips to Attach a PDF to Email without It Opening

  • Ensure that the Document is saved on your device before attaching it to an email.

  • To make sure the Document is securely formatted and encrypted, use a reputable PDF programme like WPS Office or Acrobat.

  • Make sure to use the "Attach File" or "Attach Document" option in your email software to attach the PDF to the email.

  • It might be necessary to first download the PDF to your device before attaching it if you're using a web-based email client.

  • Consider compressing or converting the PDF file into a ZIP file before attaching it to the email to prevent the PDF from opening when the recipient receives it.

  • Use the PDF software's password protection or encryption features if you're sending sensitive material.

  • When sending the email, make sure the recipient's email address is accurate to prevent sending the PDF to the wrong person.

  • Instead of attaching a huge PDF file to an email, think about using a file-sharing site like Dropbox or Google Drive and including a link to the file there.

FAQs on How to Attach a PDF to Email without It Opening

Q: How do I send a PDF attachment to someone without having it open?

A: A ZIP file can be created by compressing the PDF file before attaching it to the email. By doing this, the recipient will be prevented from opening the PDF when they click the attachment.

Q: Can I use WPS Office software to edit a PDF file?

A: A PDF editor that is integrated into WPS Office enables you to alter text, graphics, and other elements in a PDF file. Also, you may convert PDFs to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations using the software.

Download WPS Office for Free Trial

Regardless of the system, browser, or tool you are using, there are a number of ways to attach a PDF file to an email without having it open automatically. Depending on your preferences, you can select online or offline solutions, free or paid subscriptions. The WPS Office programme is advised instead because it offers a number of tools for producing, editing, and format conversion of PDF files. WPS Office's user-friendly design, reliable performance, and affordable price make it appropriate for both personal and professional use. You may experience WPS Office's advantages for yourself by downloading the free trial version.

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