How to Change Font in PDF

July 31, 2023 2.5K views

Good-looking fonts are aesthetically pleasant. You may easily modify the fonts and other formatting in your PDF with the help of EaseUS PDF Editor. For instance, you can easily change the font's color, size, or underlining. You have a variety of alternatives when you decide to alter the font in PDFs.

Additionally, this application provides editing features like adding text and photos, backgrounds, watermarks, and other features in addition to allowing you to change fonts. It is an all-in-one PDF editor that greatly improves the productivity of your job. The procedures to changing the font in a PDF document using this Windows PDF editor are shown below.

Steps to Change Font in PDF

You can modify the words and change the fonts in your PDF using the editing feature in PDFelement. You can choose the preferred font style from the variety of font styles accessible once you enable the edit mode. Here is a short tutorial on how to alter the font in a PDF. The steps include:

Step 1. Open a PDF

Assuming PDFelement is already installed on your computer, start it up and select "Open files" from the home menu's bottom left corner. On your PC, you will be able to explore documents. To add the PDF to the PDFelement, select the relevant file and press "Open."


Step 2. Enter Editing Mode

Now, since the PDF is open on the program, click on the "Edit" menu and then enable the "Edit" mode by switching the mode icon.


Step 3. Select Text

From there, you can choose the texts in the PDF whose font you want to modify. Keep in mind that you can edit in either paragraph or line mode. As a result, if you select paragraph mode, the paragraph you clicked on will be selected. A paragraph's lines will be selected when in line mode.


Step 4. Change Font in PDF

When you've chosen your texts, the options for the attributes will show up. Additionally, you can italicize or embolden using it. Here, you may also pick to change the font size. Choose a font style and browse the available alternatives.


Step 5. Select the Target Font

And finally, you can choose the font target. You may watch PDF replace font as soon as you click on a certain font style. Save your work if you are happy with the typeface you have chosen. If not, return and pick the desired font.



Regardless of whether you use Windows or a Mac, you may quickly discover a useful solution here. Simply choose one of these based on your requirements. If you want the recommendation, use WPS Office PDF Editor, which offers special editing features for changing the font in PDFs. It is without a doubt a fantastic PDF editor with the most user-friendly design, robust features, and a mechanism for processing PDF files that is simple to use. You may easily alter the font in PDF files on Windows by using the WPS Office techniques.

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