How to Change Lowercase to Uppercase in Excel Without Formula(Step-by-Step)

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Are you looking to transform lowercase text into uppercase within Excel, but do you want to steer clear of using any complex formulas like the UPPER function? You're not alone! Many are in search of a simplified approach that avoids these mathematical routes. In this guide, we'll explore an uncomplicated and formula-free method to shift your text from lowercase to uppercase, fulfilling your Excel needs effortlessly.

Step-By-Step To Change Lowercase To Uppercase In Excel Without Formula

Converting lowercase text to uppercase in Excel is easy without using formulas. Here are 3 simple methods:

Method 1: Use Flash Fill

One simple way to convert lowercase text to uppercase in Excel is using the Flash Fill feature.

Step 1: First, type the desired text in uppercase in the cell you want (e.g., "CHRIS"). Then, press Alt + E to activate Flash Fill.

what is shortcut change lowercase to uppercase in excel

Step 2: As you start typing the next text in the cell below, Excel will recognize the pattern and autocomplete the text in uppercase.

Method 2: Format Cells as Uppercase

Another option for converting text to uppercase in Excel is formatting the cells with an uppercase-only font.

Step 1: Select the cells containing the text you want to change to uppercase.

how to change lowercase to uppercase in excel

Step 2: Next, navigate to the Home tab, and from there, choose an uppercase-only font such as Stencil, Engravers, or Copperplate Gothic. It will instantly change the selected text to uppercase.

Method 3: Use WPS Writer

A somewhat unconventional but effective method for converting text to uppercase in Excel is using WPS Writer.

Step 1: Copy the cells you want to convert from Excel and paste them into Word. Once pasted, select the text within Word, and choose the "UPPERCASE" option from the Home tab.

how to change lowercase to uppercase in excel without formula

Step 2: After converting the text, copy it from Word and paste it back into Excel, and it will appear in uppercase.

Change Lowercase to Uppercase in Excel Without Formula

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WPS Office is a free office suite that allows you to open, create, edit and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office formats and available on Windows and Mac operating systems. WPS Office provides a great alternative to Microsoft Office with no licensing fees.

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Editing Word Documents in WPS Office

WPS Office Writer allows you to open, view and edit Word documents seamlessly. Here are the steps to edit a Word document in WPS Writer:

Step 1: Open the Word Document

Open the Word Document

Go to Menu > Open and browse the Word .doc or .docx file you want to edit. The document will open in WPS Writer with full fidelity.

Step 2: Edit the Document

Edit the Document

Make your edits to the document by adding, deleting or modifying text as needed. The formatting and document elements, like images, tables, etc., will display correctly.

Step 3: Save the Document

Save the Document

Once you have completed your edits, save the document by going to File > Save. It will save your changes to the original Word document without any compatibility issues.

Creating Excel Spreadsheets in WPS Office

WPS Office Spreadsheets provides the same spreadsheet editing experience as Excel. Follow these steps to create and edit spreadsheets in WPS Office:

Step 1: Create a New Spreadsheet

Create a New Spreadsheet

Go to Menu > New from the default template. WPS Office has a wide variety of professionally designed templates you can also select from.

Step 2: Add Data and Formulas

Add Data and Formulas

Enter your data into cells and build formulas like in Excel. All Excel formulas and functions work in WPS Spreadsheets.

Step 3: Save your Spreadsheet

Save the Spreadsheet

To save your spreadsheet, go to File > Save As. Save it as a .xls or .xlsx file. WPS will preserve full fidelity with Excel.

Creating Presentations in WPS Office

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Start a New Presentation

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Step 2: Insert Slides and Content

Insert Slides and Content

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Step 3: Save your Presentation

Save the Presentation

Go to Menu > Save As to save your presentation as a .ppt or .pptx file that will retain full compatibility with PowerPoint.

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How Do I Force Text To Uppercase In Excel?

To force text to uppercase in Excel, insert a new helper column and enter the formula =UPPER(C3) in the adjacent cell, where C3 is the cell reference of the text to convert. Press Enter, and the new column will convert the text to uppercase.

How Do You Do Uppercase Conditional Formatting In Excel?

Uppercase is not a format in Excel's conditional formatting. However, you can use a formula like =UPPER(A1) to make text uppercase or use conditional formatting to highlight text that is not uppercase, depending on your specific needs and requirements within the worksheet.

Can I Sort Text In Excel Based On Upper And Lowercase?

Excel's sorting functions do not differentiate between upper and lowercase by default. Both are treated the same when sorted alphabetically. You would need a helper column with a formula to distinguish between them if you wanted to sort based on the case.

How Do I Apply Conditional Formatting To Only Uppercase Letters In A Cell?

While there's no built-in function to apply conditional formatting to only uppercase letters within a cell, you could use a formula-based rule that compares the cell text to its uppercase version using the UPPER function and then applies formatting based on that condition.


Converting lowercase to uppercase in Excel doesn't require complex formulas. Users can effortlessly make this transformation using methods such as Flash Fill, using uppercase-only fonts, Text to Columns Wizard, or leveraging Microsoft Word. These methods are user-friendly and suitable for anyone wanting to avoid formula-based solutions.

WPS Office is an impressive alternative to MS Office, offering full compatibility and a range of features without licensing fees. With capabilities like editing Word documents, creating Excel spreadsheets, and building PowerPoint presentations, WPS Office provides a cost-effective and efficient option for personal or business use.

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