How to Copy Numbers in Excel Without Formula-A Comprehensive Guide

October 16, 2023 1.3K views

Microsoft Excel is a powerful productivity tool that simplifies entering and tracking data. Many people don’t know how to copy numbers in Excel and think it’s too complicated and requires complex formulas. So, the question is, how do you copy numbers in Excel without a formula? In this article, we will introduce some methods that you can use to copy numbers in Excel without formulas effectively.

How to Copy Numbers in Excel Without Formula?

  1. Using Paste Special Command (Suitable for all types of users)

Step 1: Select the specific cell or cell range/s containing the values you want to copy.

Selected column with data in Microsoft Excel

Step 2: Right-click on the selected cells and select "Copy" from the menu.

Context menu to indicate copying selected column from the dataset in Microsoft Excel.

Step 3: Go to the destination cell where you want to paste the values. Then, right-click and from the menu, select “Paste Values”.

“Paste option selected in the context menu.”

Step 4: The pasted values will appear in the new column. That will paste only the values without any associated formulas.

“Dataset pasted in a new column in Microsoft Excel.”

2. Using Mouse Trick (Suitable for beginners)

Step 1: First, select the range of data you want to copy and hover the mouse along the field's border until a four-headed arrow appears.

Step 2: Drag the data to the paste location using the mouse's right button. Now, release the mouse right button, and the below menu appears. Click on Copy Here as Values Only.

Empty column with menu and option selected to copy values of the dataset to that column.

Empty column with menu and option selected to copy values of the dataset to that column.

Step 3: Consequently, you will see values are pasted without formulas.

Column with copied values from the dataset.”

Column with copied values from the dataset.”

3. Using Shortcut (Suitable for masters)

Step 1: Use Ctrl+C to copy the source cells and put the cursor on the paste location.

Step 2: Press the following hotkey combinations to paste the values in the destination location. Pressing these hotkeys will bring the “Paste Special” dialogue box.

Alt + E + S + V + Enter (one by one)


Ctrl + Alt + V, V, Enter

Note: You can also bring the paste values using the hotkeys below. This shortcut follows the path “Home,” then “Paste,” then “Values.”

Alt + H + V + V

4. Using Excel Home Tab (Suitable for beginners)

Step 1: Select the dataset that you want to copy. Then, copy it by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

Selected column with dataset in Microsoft Office.”

Selected column with dataset in Microsoft Office.”

Step 2: Next, choose the destination cell where you want to paste the values.

“Selected empty column to paste the copied values in Microsoft Excel.”

“Selected empty column to paste the copied values in Microsoft Excel.”

Step 3: Then, go to “Home”, “Paste”, and “Values”. The copied values will then be pasted to the destination without formulas.

New column with the pasted values in Microsoft Excel.”

New column with the pasted values in Microsoft Excel.”

Tricks and Shortcuts for Copying and Pasting


Use the "Paste Special" feature to transpose data. After copying:

  • Right-click the destination cell.

  • Choose "Paste Special."

  • Select "Transpose" to switch rows to columns or vice versa.

Paste Visible Cells Only

Before copying, apply the "AutoFilter" to hide specific rows or columns. Then, select the visible cells, copy, and paste using "Paste Visible Cells Only" (Alt+;).

Using Drag and Drop

Use Excel's drag-and-drop feature to copy a cell or range of cells. Select the desired cell or cell range/s you want to copy and go to the border (not the corner). Then, once you see the drag-and-drop pointer, select "Ctrl" and drag the edge of the cell or range to the destination. Release the mouse button, then Ctrl.

Copying and Pasting Formatting

Use "Paste Formatting" (Ctrl+Shift+V) to copy the formatting of a cell or range and apply it to another partition or content without altering the values or formulas.

Paste to Multiple Cells

Copy a cell, select multiple cells as the destination, and paste. Excel will intelligently distribute the copied value to fill the selected range.

These tips and tricks will be efficient in helping you learn how to copy numbers in Excel without a formula to assist.

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  1. How do I autofill numbers in Excel?

To autofill numbers, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select one or more cells you want to use as a basis for filling additional cells.

For a series like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..., type 1 and 2 in the first two cells. For the series 2, 4, 6, 8..., order 2 and 4.

For the series 2, 2, 2, 2..., type 2 in the first cell only.

Step 2: Drag the "Fill" handle.

Step 3: If needed, click the "Auto Fill Options" button and choose your desired option.

  1. Why is Excel not copying and pasting correctly?

The problem could be that the copy-and-paste areas are different shapes and sizes. Select the top-left cell instead of the entire range before pasting.

Step 1: Click the cell where you want the top-left cell of the copied data to appear.

Step 2: On the "Home" tab, click "Paste".

  1. How do I fix Paste Special in Excel?

The "Paste Special" option is significant as it can make the pasting process much smoother by allowing you to select the formatting you want to keep or strip away.

To check whether or not the "Paste Special" option is enabled, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to "File," then "Options," and select "Advanced."

Step 2: Under "Cut, copy and paste," ensure the "Show Paste Options button when content is pasted" option is checked.

Final Words

In closing, it is essential to note that understanding how to copy numbers in Excel without a formula is an important asset. It enables users to adapt and utilize the different skills they have learned.

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