How to Convert PDF to Excel on iPhone, Mobile and Laptop?

July 31, 2023 5.0K views

We often need to change PDFs to other formats when working or studying. The PDF conversion feature of the WPS Office tool helps you meet this need fast. This free guide will show you how to convert PDF to Excel on iPhone, mobile and laptop.

WPS PDF Editor

The best alternative to Microsoft Office and Office 360 suite, the WPS PDF editor is a component of WPS Office.

Let WPS solve your problems on time by downloading the WPS PDF editor for free in 2022. The WPS editor supports 13 languages on PCs and 46 languages on mobile, meeting universal office PDF requirements.

Reading, editing, and adding comments to PDFs is easy in the WPS editor, and making changes in text, images, and forms is also very handy. Even signing contracts has never been possible before this way. The Interface is user-friendly and concise. This makes it easy for the users to edit PDF files efficiently and save time online and offline.

How to convert PDF to Excel on iPhone, mobile and laptop

The technique of making conversions is simple. You should learn how to convert PDF to Excel on iPhone, mobile and laptop using the right tool.

PDF to Excel–Laptop

The steps for converting PDF to Excel on a laptop are:

Convert PDFs to Excel with the following easy steps in WPS Office:

1-Load WPS PDF.

2-Go to the Special Features tab.


3-Click on the PDF to Excel button.


4-A pop-up opens. It asks you to Add files if you have more than one PDF to convert. Also, you can choose the content language after conversion (in Windows).


5-Click Convert.

You get your Excel file in seconds. Now you can process the information as you need.

PDF to Excel–Android Mobile and iPhone

The steps for converting PDF to Excel on mobile are:

1-Open any PDF document that needs conversion to JPG.

2-First, click PDF Tools.


3-Click on the option PDF to Excel.


4-Tap Convert.

So, the PDF converts into Excel on your phone.

WPS PDF helps users edit PDF documents. Also, convert between different file formats online with convenience.

The Bottom Line

The above is how to convert PDF to Excel on iPhone, mobile and laptop online with WPS in 2022. Download WPS Office to avail the abundant office features on your devices. This is to increase your productivity when working offline as well. You can also convert files for Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS phones.

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