How to Compress PDF on PC & Mobile (4 Easy Ways)

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Sometimes, people seek to compress PDF files due to their large size, making it difficult to share. Compressing PDFs requires research and knowing the right tools is a difficult but crucial part. Moreover, when compressing PDFs, people may have a range of questions, such as Why do we need to compress PDFs and How do I compress a PDF file? In this article, we will answer all these questions by exploring different methods for compressing PDFs.

Part 1: How to Compress PDFs On PC

Different tools will allow you to compress PDFs, but not all tools will have so many features, like WPS Office. WPS Office is an office suite with a potent PDF tool. Different options include editing, compressing, merging and splitting, and PDF conversion. In this tutorial, we will use WPS Office to reduce PDF size by compressing it. This is a poweful tool and it reduces the file size by half of its original size.

1. Open WPS Office on your PC and select PDF.

2. Click on PDF Compress and wait until the plugin is loaded completely.

3. Click on the “+” sign to upload your document.

4. Once your document is uploaded, you will have different settings to compress your PDF. You can change the level of your PDF to HD, Normal, or Common. It also has the option to rename your document and select storage on the hard drive where you want your PDF to save.

5. When all settings are according to your requirements, click on Compress. Finally, you will have your compressed PDF file within no time.

Supported Devices: Windows and macOS

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Part 2: How to Compress PDFs On Android & iPhone Mobile 

WPS Office is a versatile application available for multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. Using the Android version of this application, let us guide you on How to Compress PDF and reduce its size.

If you don’t have WPS Office on your smartphone, download it from the Google PlayStore.

On Android

1. Open WPS Office on your Android smartphone.

2. Open the file that you want to compress and click on the four small boxes.

3. Scroll down the screen and click on PDF Compressor.

4. It will show you the file size and required details. Press on start compression and you will have your file compressed in seconds.

On iPhone

1. Open WPS Office on your iPhone and open the file that you want to compress

2. Once the file is open, tap four small boxes in the top row.

3. It will open a list of different PDF tools. Select File Slimmer from other options.

4. It will analyze the document and show you what can be compressed to reduce the size of the document. Usually, images are subject to compression. Click on start reducing and it will commence the compression process.

Supported Devices: Android and iOS

Part 3: How to Compress PDFs Online (Without Any App)

Did you know that you can compress PDFs without any application? WPS Office is a hybrid software that works offline and online. If you don’t want to install WPS Office on your PC, you can compress PDFs using WPS Office online. Follow these steps to learn how to compress PDFs without any app.

1. Open your web browser and visit the WPS Office PDF compressor page, “”.

2. Click on “+Select PDF File” to upload your document.

3. Wait until your document is uploaded. Select the compression rate as per your requirements.

4. Finally, you will have your PDF document compressed. Click on the download button to save the compressed file on your PC. It also shows the compression percentage change of your document.

Part 4: Why Choose WPS Office to Compress PDF File

WPS Office is a potent software suite with an awesome PDF tool that lets you edit, merge, split, encrypt, and compress PDF files. Below are some prominent benefits associated with WPS Office.

  • Multiple Compression Ratios

WPS PDF Compressor supports 3 compression ratios that are HD, Recommended, and Smallest. This option is really beneficial in achieving the desired balance between file size and quality. The freedom to choose between different compression ratios will give you the most accurate results.

  • Multi-device Collaboration

WPS Office offers a collaborative editing feature, which means that multiple persons can edit the document simultaneously. It saves time and reduces the chances of error, thus enhancing efficiency.

This feature allows you to share your compressed PDF files with colleagues, clients, or friends and collaborate with them.

  • Batch Compression

The batch Compression feature in WPS Office allows you to compress multiple PDF files at once. It saves you time and effort and allows you to simultaneously work on multiple PDF documents. This feature is convenient when dealing with hundreds of PDF files.

  • Advanced Editing Options

WPS Office has advanced features in its PDF tool. These features include adding tables, charts, and other graphical elements to your documents and customizing the layout. If you are looking for more advanced PDF Editing options, you may use WPS Office.

  • Integration with Other Software

WPS Office is a versatile application seamlessly compatible with other applications like Microsoft Office and Google Drive. It means you easily compress PDF files within these programs, and it doesn’t require any third-party software.

  • Security

As said earlier, WPS Office is a complete and powerful tool for PDF. That being said, all your PDF documents are secure with encryption. It also means that your compressed PDFs are safe and secure with high-end encryption offered by WPS Office, and you can share them openly.

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Part 5: Tips to Reduce PDF Files Size Without PDF Compressor

If you don’t want to compress your PDF file but are still annoyed by its huge size, there are a few ways that you can follow to reduce the size of your PDF file.

1. Optimizing images and graphics

The big size of PDF files is often due to the graphics and images found in the file. To reduce the size of your PDF file, it is necessary to optimize the images and graphics of your PDF file. You can achieve it by compressing the images to reduce their file size while maintaining their quality. You can use PDF editing softwares like WPS Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro to optimize your images.

2. Deleting the unnecessary pages

Another effective way to reduce the size of a PDF without compressing it is by deleting unnecessary pages from your PDF file. You can delete all the irrelevant pages from your document to minimize its size. Once extra pages are removed, the size of the document can be considered small.

3. Compress Text

Although images are the main reason for the huge sizes of PDF files texts also play a significant role in increasing the size of PDF, especially when multiple formatting is used in the PDF. You can use softwares like WPS Office or Adobe Acrobat to compress the text, and you will see a visible change in the size of the document.

4. PDF Optimization Tools

PDF optimization tools like NitroPro, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, and Foxit PhantomPDF can optimize your PDF to reduce its size. These tools help in removing remove metadata, embedded fonts, and other unnecessary data that contributes to the unnecessary big size of the file.

5. Removing Embedded Multimedia

As images are considered a major culprit for the increased size of a PDF file, it is important to note that any type of embedded media, like audio or video, can also increase the size of a PDF file immensely. You can dwindle the PDF file size by removing these media items.


Q1: Will Compressing A PDF Affect The Quality of The Content?

Compressing PDF with quality softwares like WPS Office won’t affect the quality of content while reducing the file size simultaneously.

Q2: What Are The Benefits of Compressing PDFs?

Compressing PDFs will reduce the size of the document, which will eventually be easy to share. It will also save you space on your hard drive so your PDF will be maintained in the original quality.

Q3: How to Reduce Photo Size in KB?

You can use different methods to reduce photo size in KBs, like resizing the image, converting the file format, compressing the image file, and adjusting the image quality.


PDF documents are popular for their compatibility and intact formatting. But with an increased number of pages, their size increases, and a good solution to keep them in proper size is to compress them. Different tools like WPS Office are available for multiple platforms and can compress PDFs.

WPS Office is also available online and only requires sign-up to compress your PDF. There are other ways to reduce the size of PDF other than compressing the file, like deleting unwanted pages, optimizing images and graphics, and using PDF optimization tools. Using WPS Office is an excellent option because of its advanced features.

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