How To Create a McKinsey Resume Template Pdf?

July 31, 2023 2.9K views

McKinsey & Company is well-known among management consultants for its stringent hiring procedures. This article will discuss how to write a McKinsey resume template pdf in 2022. If you wish to test out the online editable resume templates and samples, you may get a free trial of WPS Office Premium.

McKinsey has the resources to be extremely thorough. Rhodes and Marshall Scholars and students from some of the best prestigious colleges and universities apply. Those who want a job at McKinsey know it will be a great move in their career and compete for it. Ninety percent of the Fortune 100 and two-thirds of the Fortune 1000 firms are clients of "The Firm." In all, save Antarctica, the company has offices in 55 countries with 17,000 employees. The Financial Times estimates the company's revenue at more than $10 billion.

How to Write a McKinsey Resume Template Pdf


  • You should make your McKinsey resume template pdf readable and simple to understand. Make sure your formatting is clear, consistent, and precise. Keep the margins broad enough for a cv screener to write remarks in at least a 10-point, business-appropriate typeface.
  • At the top of the page, include your name and phone number. Make sure that everything is accurate. Do not use a humorous email address, no matter how much you enjoy using it.
  • Even if you're just out of school, list your education first on your cv. GPA, exam scores, and accolades should all be included in your McKinsey resume template pdf format. Attach a copy of your transcript if you've achieved something genuinely remarkable.
  • Make sure dates are visible on the left side of the page for your schooling and work experience.
  • Always be clear. In your accomplishments, be specific and include background information. Give specific instances of your "significant new efforts" and the results you achieved.
  • Include your extracurricular hobbies, volunteer work, and any personal interests. Screeners want to see a relationship between what you do and what you do for a living. "Don't just tell us about your passions; tell us what you achieved in pursuing them," recommends McKinsey.
  • Have a friend look at your McKinsey resume template pdf critically and see if there are any mistakes. This can help you find errors that can be quickly fixed and items that need further explanation or clarification. If you'd like to test WPS Office Premium's online-editable templates and samples, a free trial version is available to download.

What Not to Do on a McKinsey resume template pdf

  • If you want your McKinsey resume template pdf to stand out, don't make it look like an art project with funky typefaces and an "artistic" layout.
  • Ensure your work is top-level proofread to avoid mistakes such as typos and grammatical or formatting inconsistencies.
  • Avoid using jargon that a non-specialist may not understand when reviewing your resume.
  • If you have a degree from another country, don't assume the reviewer knows about it. If you're unsure, try to clarify.
  • Avoid leaving possible red flags unanswered. For instance, your employer will notice if you have a year-long employment hiatus. Explain it if you can.
  • Don't be afraid to use big-name brands! Whether you like it or not, having a history with a well-known firm or organization can help you stand out in the crowd. It's easier for the company to sell your expertise to new and existing clients if they already know and trust the other organizations you've been linked with before you were hired. According to some resume screeners, hiring managers are less likely to be put off by an applicant's less-than-ideal qualifications if they have a long list of impressive previous employers on their CV.

In addition to following these guidelines, keep in mind the following ideas when creating your McKinsey resume template pdf format: problem-solving, achievement, personal impact, and leadership. Make it difficult for the screener to reject you by making it difficult for them to discover a justification. A free trial version is available to download for individuals who want to test out WPS Office Premium's online editable templates and samples.

Order of Resume

This is an illustration of how McKinsey resume template pdf format length is more difficult than it appears to be:

  • The hiring procedure at McKinsey is notoriously difficult. You'll need a strong resume to get an interview, and McKinsey can help you with that. Clear proof of problem solving, achievement, personal influence, and leadership are what the company is looking for in a resume. If you want to work at McKinsey, this is a fantastic place to start.
  • An applicant's "McKinsey ready" resume will likely appeal to employers across a wide range of industries, as the best firms emphasize the same traits that McKinsey does.

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