When to Use a Job Resume PDF and How to Create One?

July 31, 2023 6.1K views

Next, you'll have to decide which format to email your resume in 2022. Despite its apparent simplicity, the answer to this question is quite complex. While the job resume pdf is becoming increasingly common, there are still some occasions in which other forms may be more appropriate.

As part of this guide, we'll cover the basic tips of resume pdfs—how they're made, when they're appropriate, and how to utilize them when the job application doesn't specify.

What exactly is a pdf Job resume?

Any time you save an electronic version of your resume, you've created a job resume pdf. For sending out resumes, it's one of the most popular file types to use. Employers may specify that they want a cv in pdf form in their application instructions; hence it is helpful to have your cv in pdf format already saved as a pdf to deliver the correct format with your job application.

Even if a company does not specifically request that you send your resume as a pdf, there are some substantial advantages to making this your default file type. These benefits include:

There are no words or phrases flagged.

Grammar and spelling mistakes will be highlighted automatically in Word documents and Google Docs. If you're using industry-specific language or spelling rules, these may not be errors. Even if they're correct, red lines on your job resume pdf might be a nuisance. Using a pdf eliminates this problem by deleting all lines from the document.


There are no abrupt format changes

A clean basic resume like the WPS Office Harvard template download that appears neat and well-structured on your computer may appear completely different on the computer of a hiring manager. Even while a Word document can be opened on various operating systems, the formatting may not always be accurate when converted to another platform. By saving the page as an image rather than a text file, a pdf can assist you to avoid this problem. Thus, no matter where an employer looks at the job resume pdf, its layout will remain the same. Download WPS Office (with a free trial) Indian resume format and normal resume format pdf will be ideal.

Pdfs can't be changed

A pdf can assist you in assuring that the effort you put into preparing your job resume pdf will not be lost. If an employer scans your cv pdf rapidly, they may mistakenly change it without realizing it. In some situations, this editable modification may lead to omitted key criteria or formatting issues.

Generally speaking, pdfs are virus-free.

Pdfs are preferred over other file types when submitting your resume through email attachments. As a result of its lower infection risk, this file format is more likely to be accepted as legitimate by the company's email provider.

When to utilize a Pdf Job Resume

Using a pdf file type can be advantageous in the following scenarios:

The employer requires a pdf

When submitting your job application materials, some job postings are particular about what needs to be included. Read these guidelines carefully and ensure your job application meets every criterion.

You're attaching your résumé to an email.

Communications with attachments from unknown senders can be identified as spam or possibly dangerous emails. As pdfs are significantly less likely to contain viruses, sending your application by email and including a pdf is an easy way to ensure that it reaches the employer's mailbox in good shape.

This is being sent to the system as an attachment rather than uploaded.

Uploading your resume as a document to an online application system will make it easier for the system to scan and process. But if there is a place to attach other documents, submit a pdf of your job resume pdf there. When your application passes the automatic screening to the employer, you'll have it right there when you need it.

While most people prefer to send their resumes in pdfs, there are some scenarios in which a different format might be more appropriate, such as an online application.

Download WPS Office in 2022 with a 7-day free trial, so you can use the editable job resume pdf templates like the available student resume format.

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