How do I write a resume for a job application

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Taking the effort to understand how to construct a resume for job application can significantly impact your job search. To get the attention of a hiring manager, it's essential to highlight your unique set of talents and expertise on your resume.

An effective resume shows an employer what you can do for them and how you can help them succeed. New job chances may come out of the blue. The most important part of a successful job search has a modern, updated resume.

You must first select how you will construct your resume for job application before you begin writing it. Prepare for resume writing by breaking down your job history into manageable chunks before you start. It's been said often that you should personalize your resume to the specific job for which you're applying. Because you'll have to rewrite your resume for each job you apply for, this may seem like a time-consuming and demanding endeavor.

When deciding on a format and design, keep the company or industry you're applying to in mind. The simplicity and readability of a traditional format are typically perfect for areas like banking and law, while a colorful, creative resume might be an excellent fit. Many businesses might benefit from a sleek modern design that balances functionality and aesthetics. We'll help you write a job application simple resume format for job.

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How To Write A Resume For Job Application?

1. Select a resume format

When you are writing a resume, the first thing you should do is determine the format. The chronological format, the functional format, and the hybrid format are the three primary formats for resumes. With WPS Office, you can select the templates that have the format you are looking for.

The template that goes in reverse-chronological order is one that most employers are accustomed to seeing. It makes the documentation easy to scan and brings attention to the educational accomplishments, talents, and professional experience most relevant to the position. However, chronological resumes might not be the best choice for you if you lack experience or if you have a diverse set of talents and expertise across several different fields. You need to select a suitable format for the area in which you work, the amount of experience you have, and the job itself.

2. Add your contact details

Your name and contact information should appear in the header at the top of your resume. When creating a resume, your name and contact information should be placed at the top of the page. This contains all of your contact information, including your email address, telephone number, and the URL of your LinkedIn profile.

If the field you want to break into is relevant to your work on your website or online portfolio, including a link to it could be another possibility. When it comes to your contact information, the most critical thing you can do is check and double-check that everything is stated correctly.

One final check should be done to ensure that you have provided the correct information for your name, email address, and phone number and that the number you provided can be reached. Another factor to remember about the location is the appropriate information to include. You should only have the city and country in which you reside.

3. Craft a professional summary

The professional summary should contain three to five sentences that concisely describe your career objectives and areas of interest to the reader. As a professional summary is typically the section that recruiters and hiring managers spend the most time on, it is essential to keep in mind that it should be both brief and tailored.

Only one or two lines should be used to describe the job seeker's aspirations while writing their career ambitions. Your summary should be striking, engaging, and captivating. It should make the recruiter curious to learn more about you and read on. 

4. Add the work experience section

As potential employers are interested in knowing the results of your efforts in previous positions, your work history should include more than just a laundry list of responsibilities. Always remember that outcomes are what count and numbers are pretty effective, whether you are debating what information to include on a resume and what information to leave off.

The less significant components of your day-to-day obligations, such as the more tedious aspects, should not be included. It is frequently possible to obtain statistics or metrics that indicate your effect in previous roles, regardless of the role you are now serving in. Make a list of your employment history in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent position you held.

If you have a significant amount of work experience, you should concentrate on the first ten years of your employment history. When demonstrating the impact of your effort, make liberal use of data and metrics whenever available. Use your experience to illustrate why you would be an asset to the company.

Don't forget keywords. When describing your accomplishments and the responsibilities of your employment, if possible, utilize keywords from the job advertisement. However, you should avoid stuffing your Resume with jargon and buzzwords.

5. Education section

Beginning the education part with the most current and highest degree is a good idea. In the opposite order of time, list any other credentials you possess. If you have a college degree, there is no need to list your high school on your resume. Include all of your academic credentials, with the most recent appearing first. It is not necessary to provide the year you graduated from high school or college if you have more than ten years of experience in the workforce.

If you do not have professional experience or operate in an industry that places a high premium on academic achievement, the education part of your resume should accurately represent your trajectory and accomplishments. Include the degree you earned, the program you participated in, and the name of the college or high school you attended.

6. Capture your most remarkable skills

Employers can get a quick idea of your technical understanding as well as your hard and soft abilities from a great list of skills that you have. One of the most important things you can do to improve your chances of landing an interview is to review the list of skills you compiled while working on your resume and give special attention to the ones taken directly from the advertisement.

Your resume's chances of getting past an application monitoring system improve instantly to the number of pertinent talents it highlights (ATS). An applicant tracking system (ATS) is pre-programmed with essential qualifications for the position, and candidates whose resumes do not contain the relevant keywords are frequently disqualified. Because of this, when thinking about what to put in a resume, keep in mind that it is essential to mention talents using the same language that is used in the job advertisement.

7. Attach a cover letter

When an employer asks for a combined resume and cover letter, it's essential to provide the job application cover letter for resume. Carefully reading the application guidelines can help you determine what the potential employer is looking for. The prospective company may demand that all job applicants send a copy of their cover letter and resume in a single document delivered to a human resources representative or hiring manager.

If you combine your cover letter and resume into one document, you can simplify the process for potential employers by reducing the number of papers they need to review.

When a hiring manager opens your email, for instance, they can swiftly download everything included in a single attachment. By including a page break, you may make the two documents easily distinguishable from one another.

After you have your resume and cover letter combined, you should next send an application email to the person who was assigned. Include a short note in your email to let the recipient know that the combined documents have been attached in response to their request. You can look at a sample email for job application with resume for help.

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Use The Templates Below To Format Your Resume Without Any Hassles

WPS Office templates can give you the boost you need to take your resume to the next level. They can also give you the confidence you get from knowing that the sections of your resume are well-written and formatted correctly. Both of these benefits are available to you. The presentation of your resume is equally as significant as the information it contains.

Choose from thousands of templates that may be customized to fit your profession or role. Details can be formatted with additional colors, fonts, and sections to reflect your taste, previous experience, and the field in which you work.

1. Resume for Doctor

This resume template is very minimalistic. The green background adds a refreshing touch to the white base. As the resume is for doctors, it has no bright, sparkling colors or a complex design. It's well-structured, and the format is perfect for the field. The resume looks to the point and concise. This format highlights your qualifications in a presentation that is simple to read, with clear headings that differentiate one section from the others. The experience section is the main one in this template, as doctors must highlight their past work. 

2. Resume for Designer

This template is perfect for designers as it has the right colors and attention to detail and is captivating. The resume template focuses less on the text and more on graphics, but the layout is well-balanced and looks aesthetically pleasing. To be successful in the profession of graphic design, one must possess a strong sense of imagination and be able to think beyond the box.

A creative and original artistic approach should be evident in your Resume, indicating to potential employers that you can develop new solutions to project challenges. Ensure that your resume is visually presentable and attractive. Employers seek problem-solving skills to ensure their graphic designers can alter designs based on the intended use. Make sure your resume demonstrates this. 

3. Fresh Resume for Designers

Create a resume that stands out to employers with the help of this printable fresh designer resume template. Put your design skills in the spotlight and ace your job application. This template is more towards the simple side instead of overly creative. It's well-structured, formatted, and displays more text than graphics. It gives an insight into your skills while focusing on credentials, education, and experience.


Recruiters use resumes and cover letters to evaluate a candidate's aptitude and qualifications for a job. Employers utilize resumes to learn about candidates' qualifications, strengths, and work history. If you want to land the position of your dreams, your resume should show off your achievements, accolades, schooling, and any other notable accomplishments.

A well-structured resume demonstrates to potential employers your most desirable talents and expertise. Thereby enabling the most suitable candidate for progression. As a result, it's critical to ensure that your resume reflects your most recent abilities and experiences. The use of color, proper margins, and design features in the resume's formatting help to convey relevant work experience in a way that accentuates accomplishments.

Use the three WPS Office templates listed above to make a resume for job application. You'll get access to a massive collection of templates for every field. You can pick the one with the best colors, formatting, and style according to your job requirements. Editing and customizing are a breeze with the help of the template.

To save yourself some time and impress your future employers, we recommend using our innovative resume templates. These resume templates don't require you to have any professional experience to use them. This template helps you organize your thoughts and guarantee that everything is filled in its correct position.

It aids in recalling critical information that should be included on your resume, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. The resume's tone and format will remain consistent throughout, saving you time and effort.

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