Best 10 Free Download CV Templates for 2024

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Why spend too much time designing your CV when you can download and edit your CV in a built-in template? CV templates can help you create a more professional-looking document and apply to more jobs quickly. You can find many CV templates online, but which one is the best, and how do you choose the most suitable one? 

Let me introduce you to your one-stop destination for stunning CV templates. WPS Template Store offers many free and downloadable CV templates, and WPS Office has a powerful template editor. We are also prepared to show you how to create a professional CV for you with WPS Office. Before hopping on below, ensure you have downloaded WPS Office.

Part 1: Best 10 CV Templates Free Download (PDF/ Word)

Choosing the best CV template can be confusing, especially when thousands of unique templates are on the WPS Template Store.

1. Blue Basic Graduate Resume

Blue Basic Graduate Resume is a single-page platform providing a clear and focused overview of your qualifications and experience. It offers a clean, professional design with well-organized sections for personal details, summary, work experience, education, skills, and references.

Being a single page saves time for both the employee and the employer.

Blues Basic Graduate Resume suits all job seekers, including fresh graduates and students. You can use this template if you are currently looking for a job.

free pdf cv template

2. Creative Blue Resume

Creative Blue Resume is a creative and visually appealing template from the WPS Office template store designed for creating unique and standout resumes. It features a bold and eye-catching blue color scheme and innovative elements, such as icons, graphics, and typography, making your resume visually pleasing.

One of the best features of this template is that it pays attention to details, such as proper spacing, alignment, and consistent formatting, ensuring a professional and polished look.

If you are a tech-savvy individual, creative professional, or job seeker seeking differentiation and seeking modern trends, this template is a perfect suit for you.

download Cv template free

3. Modern Black CV

This sleek and contemporary template creates a professional and eye-catching resume. It adopts a minimalist approach with a black color scheme, providing your resume with a clean and sophisticated look.

Its design emphasizes the content of your resume, allowing your qualifications and experience to take center stage without distractions.

Professionals of multiple industries, job seekers seeking a modern look, individuals with various domain experience, and tech-savvy professionals can utilize this template to its best.

Cv template free download word

4. Black Financial Resume

The Black Financial Resume is a blessing for individuals with Finance background to make an impact on their employer. Its black color symbolizes sophistication and professionalism, which are crucial elements for people related to finance. Being a finance resume, it has dedicated sections to showcase your financial qualifications, certifications, skills, work experience in finance-related roles, and relevant achievements.

The main advantage of a niche-specific resume is the display of achievements in a clear and focused manner, ensuring that critical financial information is easily accessible to hiring managers.

This format suits financial professionals, job seekers in finance, and financial graduates.

CV template free download store

5. Blue Modern Resume

Blue Modern Resume is an awesome WPS template store template with a modern design backed by a blue color scheme, giving your resume a fresh and professional look. It has different well-designed sections, including personal information, summary, work experience, education, skills, and additional details, ensuring a logical flow of information.

One significant benefit of using the blue color scheme is grabbing potential employers' attention with a unique and aesthetic design.

Individuals looking for jobs in various industries, graduates, and people looking for a modern look are encouraged to use this template.

CV PDF download

6. Green Simple Resume for Graduates

Another resume template for graduates is the Simple Green Resume creates a stunning resume that lures the employer. It has a dedicated section highlights your education, coursework, projects, internships, skills, and achievements, leading to a comprehensive overview of your academic qualifications and experiences.  It has an outstanding presentation of graduate experience and education, allowing you to showcase your academic qualifications, honors, awards, and relevant coursework.

It is best suitable for fresh graduates, job seekers seeking simplicity, and graduates from different fields.

CV template free download

7. Basic Blue Resume For Teachers

Focused on teachers, it incorporates elements that highlight relevant skills and qualifications. The soothing blue colors add feathers in the hat and enhance a more professional and visually appealing touch.

It lets you showcase your teaching experience, skills, and qualifications effectively, evolving around the teaching profession; it can be used to prominently display educational background, certifications, and other teaching-related achievements.

This template is highly recommended if you are a teacher at any level or somehow connected to the education profession and applicants in any other education sector.

CV template free online

8. Basic Resume with One Page

As indicated by its name, it is a simple resume template intelligently designed to fit all your essential information on a single page, ensuring a concise and easy-to-read resume..

It is just a single page, so it saves your time to create a professional resume, especially for individuals with limited time or resume-building experience.

It is suitable for job seekers with limited experience and Professionals from various industries to use for creating their resumes.

free CV template download

9. Simple Resume for Minimalist

This template is used to create a simple and elegant resume. It is clean and minimalistic and offers easy content customization, including personal information, work experience, education, and skills. It prioritizes readability and ensures that your information is presented in a clear and organized manner.

A significant advantage of the clean and minimalistic design is that it can make a positive impression on potential employers or recruiters.

This template best suits entry-level job seekers, professionals in conservative industries, and individuals seeking minimalistic aesthetics.

Free CV template

10. Creative Resume for Graduates

This template lets you create a visually-appealing resume within no time. It is packed with creative design elements such as unique layouts, color schemes, icons, and typography, making your resume stand out.

It's a great choice to showcase your individuality by displaying your unique personality, creativity, and skills through its creative design elements. Multiple customization options allow you to tailor the design to your preferences and personal brand.

It is best for fresh graduates, people with creative fields, and tech-savvy individuals.

CV template free download

Don't forget to download WPS Office for customizing the template details with easy-to-use features. With it, you can edit text, add images, or even use an AI tool to obtain the best suggestions for the quote to be mentioned.

Part 2: How to Create a Professional CV?

Writing a professional CV can take more work than you think. It is because there are different elements to consider while creating a professional CV. Below are valuable tips to make your CV look more professional.

Tips on Writing a High-Quality CV

  • To the Point and Short

Always be accurate about your personal information, education, work experience, and relevant skills. In addition, keep it short but concise. Your CV must be at most two pages. Remember, you are presenting yourself, not writing a book on yourself.

Strengthen the presentation of data.

Especially the good part of your past work, you must use data to show it, which is make your experiences more convincing

  • Tailor it to the Job

Understand the job description carefully and then craft your CV accordingly and Utilize any skill you possess - no matter how small or outdated.

  • Add Your Interests

Refrain from undermining your interest and always mention them on your CV and Include anything that shows how diverse, interested, and skilled you are. Never hesitate to include every tiny detail, as many employers choose individuals who go the extra mile to boost their skills and experience.

  • Relevant References

Always add references from people still in reach so your to-be employer can take your feedback. Last but not least, the most essential tip is to keep your CV current.

PRO TIP: Start your CV with a concise and impactful opening statement highlighting your key strengths, accomplishments, and career goals.

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How to Use Free CV Templates in WPS Office?

WPS Office allows you to edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF for free. Besides, it also has a powerful free template library.. Please follow the stepwise guide to use free CV templates in WPS Office.

  • Open WPS Office on your PC and click on New. It will take you to the new window.

new CV template
  • On the new window, click on Document and select All Template. Click on Resume.

CV template store WPS Office
  • Select a template from the list of templates and click on it. Then click on Free Use and wait a little.

CV template store
  • Your CV template is now ready for editing. You can edit every single section of your CV using WPS Office.

cv templates WPS Office

How to Edit and Customize Your CV Template?

  • Open the CV template you want to edit and customize.

  • To make any changes to any sections, click on Sections. It enables you to edit any area, like Work Experience and Education.

edit sections on cv
  • You can also replace the default placeholder text with your customized one. To do so, click Text Tool, where you can make various changes.

edit text on customized cv
  • To customize font, color, and layout, click on Page Layout. You change the template's theme, font, page margins, page orientation, effects, and colors.

edit customized cv
  • Once you are done editing your resume, it's time to save it. Click on Menu and hover your mouse cursor on Save As. You can see a list of different formats to save your resume.

save customized cv

WPS Office is an excellent editor, reader, and creator for both Mac and Windows. You can make a unique CV using the program's extensive tools. Without any further ado, let's download WPS Office and enjoy the ease of customizing a Professional CV.

Part 3: Advantages and Benefits of Using a CV Template

Using a CV template saves your time, and it is content focused, requires no design experience, and grabs the reader's attraction.

  • Creating a CV from scratch is a time taking process, and you may encounter multiple versions of your CV  

  • Experts design these templates and consist of a thorough flow of information that aligns with the reader’s intent which impacts your impression and glorifies your virtual image in the employer's eyes.

  • With CV templates, you get formats of different experience levels, and you just need to edit your information with the dummy ones. It doesn’t require any prior experience.

  • When you have a solid, stunning design with robust formatting, you can focus more on the content than the format.

WPS Office: Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.


Q1: How can I improve the formatting of my CV?

You can improve the formatting of your CV by inculcating bullets that make your text concise, using a suitable color, a proper balance between blank spaces and text, and finally, the design elements like lines, boxes, and shading.

Q2: What are the critical mistakes to avoid when writing a CV?

You must always avoid using the same resume for every job type as each job has different requirements, refrain from adding irrelevant information, and be readable to every reader.

Learn more about how do I write a resume for a job application.


It is mandatory to create an eye-catching CV because it is your virtual presentation and your first impression of your employer. Deciding a good CV can be an arduous task, which is why it is always recommended to use pre-defined CV templates, as it saves time and energy. While there are thousands of CV templates in the market, WPS Office offers a wide variety of CV templates that you can use to create stunning and eye-catching CVs.

The WPS Template Store has over a thousand exceptional CV templates, most free. You can start editing the template on your browser or download it and edit it on the WPS Office application. These creative and attractive CV templates from the WPS store can assure you to land your favorite job; all you have to do is choose a template. We recommend you download and use WPS to design an attractive CV for your work.

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