How to enable Copilot in Microsoft 365

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The buzz surrounding Microsoft Office's Copilot was immense, drawing widespread attention to its capabilities. Other AI competitors quickly followed suit, eager to keep pace with its innovation. The introduction of Copilot Pro opened up new avenues of possibility, sparking even greater interest. In this article, we'll explore its features and significance, shedding light on its potential impact and most of all how to enable Copilot in Microsoft 365.

How to enable Copilot in Microsoft 365

Everyone can access Copilot in Microsoft365 NOW!

The concept behind Copilot is simple: you're the captain of your journey, and Copilot is there to support you every step of the way. It’s aim is to help you become more productive by providing assistance with drafting, editing, summarizing documents, creating presentations, analyzing data, and more—all seamlessly integrated within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Copilot Pro takes this support to the next level, offering exclusive AI features and priority access to elevate your Copilot experience.

High Integration within the Microsoft Ecosystem

  • Platform Integration: Copilot is easily compatible with Microsoft 365 apps, Dynamics 365, and Windows, ensuring that users can access its powerful features across their preferred platforms. Whether drafting emails in Outlook, analyzing data in Excel, or collaborating on documents in Teams, Copilot’s aim is to increase efficiency at work in the best way possible

  • Ongoing Development: Microsoft remains committed to the evolution of Copilot, as demonstrated by its continuous updates and enhancements showcased at key events like Microsoft Ignite 2023. These updates not only introduce new features for Teams, Microsoft 365, and Copilot Studio but also reflect Microsoft's dedication to staying at the forefront of AI-driven productivity tools.

Secret to Significantly Boosting Work Efficiency

All the information presented here is referenced from Microsoft's Work Trend Index, a reliable source that provides insights into how Copilot enhances user productivity.

  • Productivity Boost: According to the latest data, 77% of Copilot users reported a significant boost in productivity, indicating the profound impact of AI assistance on workflow efficiency.

  • Quality Improvement: Copilot has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of work for 68% of its users, ensuring that tasks are completed with a higher degree of accuracy and professionalism.

  • Speed Enhancement: With Copilot's intuitive AI features, tasks are completed up to 29% faster on average, highlighting the tool's ability to streamline processes and optimize time management.

Pricing Plan

  • Core Copilot Service (Bing Chat): Users can access basic Copilot features free of charge, facilitating smooth collaboration.

  • Copilot Pro: For an additional $20 per month per user, users can access advanced features like priority access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo. Integration with Microsoft 365 applications like Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote enhances productivity. Users can also explore creative options with AI-generated images using DALL-E3, with a daily allowance of up to 100 creations.

  • Copilot for Microsoft 365: Priced at an additional $30 per month per user, this option enhances Microsoft 365 functionality with Copilot integration, optimizing collaboration and productivity.

Key Features

Core Copilot Service (Personal)

  • Freely available as a dedicated webpage, mobile app, and built-in Windows tool.

  • Provides quick and easy access to an AI chatbot for answering questions, generating content, and creating images.

  • Offers various conversation styles and specific Copilot GPTs, including Designer for image generation, a vacation planner, a cooking assistant, and a fitness trainer.

Copilot Pro(Personal)

  • Freely available as a dedicated webpage, mobile app, and built-in Windows tool.

  • Provides quick and easy access to an AI chatbot for answering questions, generating content, and creating images.

  • Offers various conversation styles and specific Copilot GPTs, including Designer for image generation, a vacation planner, a cooking assistant, and a fitness trainer.

Microsoft 365's Copilot

  • Available at an additional $30.

  • Extends Copilot's reach to businesses of all sizes within Microsoft 365.

  • Integrates seamlessly into daily workflows, enhancing productivity and creative processes across various industries.

  • Tailors offerings to meet diverse needs, empowering individuals and organizations alike.

  • Offers advanced features such as GPT-4 Turbo and AI-powered image creation.

  • Provides access to Copilot through a dedicated webpage, mobile app, built-in Windows tool, and integration with Microsoft 365 apps (Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription required).


Core Copilot Service (Bing Chat)

Copilot Pro

Microsoft 365's Copilot

Basic functionalities

Network fundamentals

Business data protection

Priority model access


Access Copilot in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote


Microsoft Graph data grounding



Enterprise-level data protection





Copilot GPT Builder

Copilot Studio

Core Copilot Service VS. Copilot Pro VS. Microsoft 365's Copilot

How to enable copilot in Microsoft 365

To activate Microsoft Copilot on Microsoft 365, users must subscribe by visiting the Microsoft subscription page. The current subscription plan for Microsoft Copilot is $20/month. Once subscribed, open any Office app on your system and click on "Update License" in the accounts page to activate Microsoft Copilot on your 365 apps.

Subscribe to Microsoft Copilot

Subscribe to Microsoft Copilot


Copilot in Word addresses challenges such as generating and rewriting text, smoothly integrating content, and aiding in proposal drafting. It automates the whole document creation process and enhances productivity by providing customizable document design and suggesting improvements like summaries and FAQs.

For users wondering how to enable Copilot in Word, after activating the subscription, go to the Home tab and click on "Copilot" in the home ribbon to activate Microsoft Copilot.

Copilot in Word

Copilot in Word


CoPilot in Excel makes data analysis easy by providing insights, trends, and visualizations to enhance understanding. It aids in exploration, visualization, and problem identification, streamlining the process of model creation and scenario analysis. With CoPilot's assistance, users can efficiently analyze data, saving time and boosting productivity. This can eventually help users make informed decisions and uncover valuable insights hidden within complex datasets.

If you're looking to enable Copilot in Excel, click on the Home tab and then select "Copilot". A side panel will open on the right to assist you with your spreadsheet activities.

Copilot in Excel

Copilot in Excel

Remember, if your data is not in table format, Copilot won't be able to process it. To fully work with Copilot in Excel, select all data and convert it into a table.

Convert data in table to full access Copilot in Excel


CoPilot supports presentation creation by suggesting relevant content from previously created documents. It simplifies the process of adding content, ensuring presentations are not only visually appealing but also informative and engaging.

Copilot in PowerPoint

Copilot in PowerPoint


CoPilot transforms email management by assisting users in organizing their inbox, efficiently managing follow-ups, and crafting compelling and engaging emails. It streamlines email-related tasks, allowing users to stay productive and focused on their priorities.

Step 1: Copilot in Outlook can be used while writing an email or to summarize emails that you receive. To take advantage of Copilot while writing emails, simply create a new mail to send.

Step 2: In the body of the email, you will find "Draft with Copilot". Click to start creating an email with Copilot.

 Copilot in Outlook

Copilot in Outlook

One Note:

CoPilot in OneNote betters the note-taking and organization capabilities with its intelligent features. It helps users understand notes better, generate new content, and organize information efficiently. With chat capabilities and personalized prompts, CoPilot enhances productivity for both personal and professional tasks within OneNote.

Alt text: Copilot in One Note

Is it worth it to pay $20/month subscription?

Determining whether a $20 monthly Copilot subscription is worthwhile depends on individual preferences and budget considerations. While Copilot offers valuable features, those seeking a more budget-friendly option can explore WPS AI. Integrated with Word, WPS AI performs tasks like summarizing, completing stories, generating ideas, and more.

Also, it features an AI proofreader and integrates seamlessly with WPS Presentation. Spreadsheet integration is also coming soon. Both options offer robust functionality, but the choice ultimately depends on personal needs and financial considerations.

Free Office Suite with AI Feature integrated - WPS Office

PS Office provides a free integrated AI tool with remarkable capabilities designed to enhance productivity in document and office work. Below are some of the standout features of WPS AI, which will be discussed in further detail:

WPS Office AI

WPS Office AI

  • AI Proofreader: WPS Proofreader enhances document refinement across four dimensions: correctness, clarity, delivery, and engagement. It simplifies complex sentences, suggests vocabulary substitutions, ensures text coherence, and offers real-time identification of potential issues with modification suggestions. Users can tailor their writing suggestions based on document types and enjoy user-friendly correction options for an efficient editing experience.

  • AI PPT:  WPS AI for presentations streamlines the creation process by offering intelligent design suggestions for visually appealing slides. It provides access to a vast template library, allowing users to customize presentations effectively. With options for layout, fonts, colors, transitions, and animations, users can tailor their slides to their preferences. The collaboration features facilitate simultaneous work on presentations by multiple users, enhancing productivity and teamwork.

 WPS AI PowerPoint

WPS AI PowerPoint

  • AI PDF: WPS AI enhances PDF documents by offering text extraction for faster access to information, content summarization for concise insights, and language translation to promote global communication. It also highlights keywords for quick retrieval and ensures easy interaction with an intuitive interface for seamless document processing.



  • OCR Reinvented: WPS AI's OCR technology encourages users to effortlessly scan and extract text from documents, eliminating manual data entry. It facilitates quick reading of scanned documents, enabling efficient information retrieval. The  OCR feature also summarizes content from brochures and analyzes marketing materials, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

  • AI Word: WPS AI provides assisted editing features, offering suggestions to refine text length, grammar, and overall quality. It assists in summarizing documents efficiently and generates citations automatically for proper referencing. With cloud sync capabilities, users can access Word documents from any device, ensuring a seamless workflow across platforms.

WPS AI Writer

WPS AI Writer

  • AI Excel: Although coming soon, AI with Excel will allow users to streamline office tasks in Excel through conversational interaction, leveraging natural language processing for intuitive and efficient workflows. It offers multi-language support for text generation, translation, and communication within Excel. Users can create content, summarize information, and perform translations directly within Excel using WPS AI. The Formula Generator feature simplifies formula writing by allowing users to input data, express formulas naturally, and generate complex formulas with advanced AI processing.

WPS AI Spreadsheet

WPS AI Spreadsheet

WPS AI vs. Copilot: Price and Feature Comparison




AI Word Support

✓ (Free)

✓ (Subscription)

AI PDF Support

✓ (Free)

✓ (Subscription)

AI PPT Support

✓ (Free)

✓ (Subscription)

Additional AI Features

✓ (Free)

Limited Features

Integration with Office Suits


Separate Subscription

Price (Per User)


Subscription Fee

Overall Cost Efficiency


Considerably Lower

WPS AI vs. Copilot

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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1. How to Enable Microsoft Copilot in Other Applications (like outlook, MS Teams)

Microsoft Copilot can only be enabled in other Office applications after subscribing to the subscription plan. Once activated, Copilot will appear in the Home tab of most Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. For other applications like Microsoft Teams and Outlook, Copilot can be activated in different areas such as generating mails, summarizing emails, and highlighting key discussion points.

2. Copilot Pro vs Chatgpt Plus vs WPS AI?

Copilot Pro: Positioned as a premium subscription, Copilot Pro boasts advanced AI capabilities and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 apps. It prioritizes enhanced productivity and creativity tools, making it ideal for users deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem.

ChatGPT Plus: ChatGPT Plus is known for its conversation abilities offering comprehensive text generation, summarization, and language translation features. It excels in assisting with various writing tasks and providing natural language interactions, catering to users seeking intuitive office assistance.

WPS AI: As part of WPS Office, WPS AI stands out for its wide array of integrated AI-powered features, including AI proofreading, presentation design assistance, OCR technology, and text editing enhancements. WPS AI offers a compelling alternative to Copilot and ChatGPT Plus, with its accessibility and user-friendly interface making it an attractive choice for productivity-minded users seeking a comprehensive office suite experience.

3. The differences between Copilot Pro Enterprise Edition and the Personal Edition.

The key differences between Copilot Pro Enterprise Edition and the Personal Edition are as follows:

Personal Edition:

  • Available for Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscribers.

  • Use Copilot in select Microsoft 365 apps.

  • Priority access to Copilot and faster performance.

  • Requires a separate Microsoft 365 Personal or Family license

Enterprise Edition:

  • Requires a separate Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3 or E5, or Office 365 E3 or E5 license.

  • Offers AI-powered chat with secure access to organizational graphs.

  • Accessible in Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

  • Customizable with Microsoft Copilot Studio Preview.

  • Provides enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance features

4. Is it Safe to Enable Microsoft Copilot?

Enabling Microsoft Copilot can indeed enhance productivity and efficiency within Microsoft 365 apps. However, it's essential to evaluate the data security aspects before enabling it. Microsoft employs robust measures such as data encryption during transit and storage, access controls, and privacy safeguards to protect user data from unauthorized access and ensure compliance with privacy regulations. These measures mitigate potential security risks associated with using Copilot, providing a level of assurance regarding the safety of enabling this feature.

A Competitive Alternative to Microsoft's Copilot

Wrapping it up, Microsoft's Copilot has set a high bar in the market of office suites, leaving competitors struggling to keep pace. However, WPS has risen to the challenge with its WPS AI feature. What sets it apart is not only its powerful capabilities but also its accessibility and user-friendliness, all offered for free. Experience the potential of WPS AI by downloading WPS Office today and discover a new level of productivity and efficiency.

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