How to Enable Dark Mode in Airtable: A Comprehensive Guide

September 25, 2023 1.7K views

Discover how to enable Dark Mode in Airtable with our comprehensive guide. Whether you're a seasoned user or just getting started, we'll show you step-by-step instructions for both web and mobile versions. Say goodbye to eye strain and embrace a sleek interface today!

Part1:Is There a Dark Mode in Airtable?

Dark Mode is a user interface design with a dark background and light text. It reduces eye strain, saves energy on some screens, looks sleek, improves readability, and is suitable for low-light environments.

Airtable did not have an official Dark Mode feature. However, users could enable Dark Mode on Airtable and other websites using browser extensions like "Turn Off the Lights." To enable Airtable Dark Mode using this extension, follow these three steps:

Step 1: Install the "Turn Off the Lights" browser extension.

Step 2: Open Airtable in your web browser.

Step 3: Activate Dark Mode using the extension's features.

Since Airtable did not natively support Dark Mode, users often relied on third-party solutions to achieve this feature. These solutions included browser extensions and applications that could force Dark Mode on websites or at the system level.

Part 2:How to Enable Dark Mode in Airtable Using Web Browsers?

1. Enabling Dark Mode in Chrome:

Step 1: Chrome Dark Mode Extensions:

  • Install popular Chrome extensions like "Dark Reader" or "Super Dark Mode."

Step 2: Installing a Chrome Extension:

  • Open Chrome, visit the Chrome Web Store.

  • Search for your chosen extension, then click "Add to Chrome."

Step 3: Enabling Dark Mode for Airtable:

  • Open Airtable, click the extension icon, and toggle Dark Mode.

Here are some popular Chrome extensions for enabling Dark Mode in Airtable:

Dark Reader: Offers customizable dark themes for websites.

Super Dark Mode: Provides a quick way to switch websites, including Airtable, to Dark Mode.

Midnight Lizard: Offers dark mode and extensive color customization options.

Turn Off the Lights: Dim the webpage background for a Dark Mode effect.

Night Eye: Automatically converts websites to dark themes with customization.

Dark Mode for Chrome: A simple extension to toggle Dark Mode on websites.

2. Enabling Dark Mode in Firefox:

Step 1: Firefox Dark Mode Extensions:

Install Firefox add-ons like "Dark Reader."

Step 2: Installing a Firefox Add-on:

Open Firefox, visit the Firefox Add-ons website.

Find your preferred add-on, then click "Add to Firefox."

Step 3: Enabling Dark Mode for Airtable:

Open Airtable, configure the add-on via the Firefox toolbar or menu.

Enjoy Airtable in Dark Mode with these simple steps in Chrome and Firefox!

Here are two Firefox add-ons for enabling Dark Mode, similar to the Chrome extensions:

Dark Reader (Firefox Add-on):

Provides customizable dark themes for websites, including Airtable.

Super Dark Mode (Firefox Add-on):

Offers a simple way to switch websites, including Airtable, to Dark Mode.

Install these add-ons to enjoy Dark Mode in Firefox while using Airtable and other websites.

Part 3:How to Enable Dark Mode in Airtable on Mobile (Android and iOS)

  • Android Dark Mode

Airtable did not have an official Dark Mode for its mobile versions. To enable Dark Mode on Android:

Step 1: Open your Android device's "Settings."

Step 2: Navigate to "Display" or "Display & Brightness."

Step 3: Toggle on "Dark Mode" or "Night Mode."

Step 4: Open Airtable, and it should now display in Dark Mode.

  • iOS Dark Mode

To enable Dark Mode in Airtable on iOS:

Step 1: Open "Settings" on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Go to "Display & Brightness."

Step 3: Choose "Dark" under "Appearance."

Step 4: Launch Airtable, and it will be in Dark Mode.

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Part 4:Why do we need dark mode in Airtable?

Users prefer Dark Mode in Airtable for these key reasons:

  • Reduced Eye Strain: Dark Mode lowers screen brightness, reducing eye fatigue during long work sessions.

  • Enhanced Focus: High-contrast text on dark backgrounds improves concentration when working with data.

  • Battery Savings: On OLED screens, Dark Mode conserves battery life by turning off pixels.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Many find Dark Mode visually appealing and glare-free.

  • Readability: It can improve readability for users with visual impairments.

  • Customization: Users can often adjust Dark Mode to their preferences.

These benefits make Dark Mode a popular choice for Airtable users seeking a more comfortable and versatile working environment.

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1. Will Airtable Dark Mode affect sharing settings or collaborations?

No, Dark Mode in Airtable does not affect sharing settings or collaborative features. It's a visual preference only and doesn't impact functionality or collaboration in any way.

2. Can I toggle between Airtable Dark Mode and Light Mode easily?

Yes, you can toggle between Airtable Dark Mode and Light Mode easily using web extensions like Dark Reader:

Step 1: Install the Dark Reader extension for your browser.

Step 2: Open Airtable in your browser.

Step 3: Click the extension icon in the toolbar.

Step 4: Toggle the switch to switch between Dark and Light Modes instantly.

3. How do I change the color of my Airtable?

To change the color of your Airtable base:

Step 1: Open your base.

Step 2: Go to the specific table you want to customize.

Step 3: Click "Customize Table" in the top-right corner.

Step 4: Modify colors for elements like field names and backgrounds.

Step 5: Save or apply your changes.

Step 6: Preview and adjust as needed.

Step 7: Repeat for other elements in your base as desired.


This comprehensive guide covers enabling Dark Mode in Airtable for both web and mobile, reasons for choosing Dark Mode, an introduction to WPS Office for editing Microsoft Office files, and customization of Airtable base colors. It also includes FAQs and clear step-by-step instructions for each topic, making it a valuable resource for improving your productivity and user experience.

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