How to Enable Macros in WPS Office

November 9, 2023 19.0K views

In WPS Office, macros are a potent tool that can greatly speed up your work. Macros enable you to automate repeated processes, saving you both time and effort. However, not all users may be aware of where to find and how to enable the macros tab in WPS Office right away. We will walk you through the process of enabling macros in WPS Office in this tutorial so that you can take advantage of their advantages and increase your productivity.

What is a Macro?

In software programs like WPS Office, a macro is a group of instructions or commands that may be recorded and played back to automate repetitive activities. Users can record a series of operations and assign them to a shortcut or button to expedite their workflow. The recorded activities are replayed when the macro is run, saving time and effort.

WPS Office allows for the creation and use of macros in programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They give customers the ability to automate actions like text formatting, formula application, chart creation, and other common operations.

When you need to repeat a certain set of operations or need to automate multi-step, complex tasks, macros come in very handy. Once a macro is recorded, it can be used as many times as necessary, requiring less human labor and boosting productivity.

Overall, macros in WPS Office and other software applications are a useful tool that let users automate tedious operations, increase productivity, and streamline business procedures.

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How to Enable Macros in Word/Excel/Powerpoint?

To enable macros in WPS Office (Writer, Spreadsheets, or Presentation), you can follow these steps:

1. Open the WPS Office application (Writer, Spreadsheets, or Presentation) where you want to enable macros.

How to Enable Macros in WPS Office

2. Click on the "Menu" tab located in the top left corner of the application window.

WPS menu

3. From the drop-down menu, select "Options" or "Preference" (depending on your WPS Office version).

WPS option

4. In the Options or Preference window, look for the "Customize Ribbon”

WPS Customize Ribbon

5. Within the Trust Center section, you should find an option related to macros or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) settings. The exact wording may vary depending on the version of WPS Office you are using.

WPS macro

6. Enable the option to "Add" or a similar option to enable macros.

WPS add macro

7. If there are additional options related to macro security levels or notifications, you can customize them according to your preferences.

8. Click on "OK" or "Apply" to save the changes and close the Options or Preference window.

9. Macros should now be enabled in the respective WPS Office application.

WPS macro menu


1. Depending on the version of WPS Office you are using, the actual locations of options may differ slightly from the steps provided here.

2. This method is also applicable to Excel (Spreadsheet) and PowerPoint (Presenation).

3. Enabling all macros can pose a security risk, so exercise caution when running macros from untrusted sources.

Useful Tips for Starting Macros in WPS Office

  1. "You cannot enable or use Macros in the Free/Personal/Business version of WPS Office 2019. The only version that supports Macros is WPS Office Enterprise Edition/Version. This is not available on their website. You have to buy it from you local WPS distributor. " -- from Askubuntu

  2. "If you are still searching for a solution try this, it worked for me on latest version of WPS Office (i found it online and uploaded on my dropbox)“ -- from Reddit

  3. "Even though I was able to run macros after installing the support library, it only worked once. Then it broke again after restarting WPS. Then somehow I noticed that switching WPS Office to English, makes the macros work, always. Another case I've had of not working macros, then I thought "not again", but the reason was in the corrupted file. -- from Reddit

Tips & Tricks:
  • Confirm whether the version of WPS Office you are using now contains the Macros.

  • Download or update to the latest WPS Office version.

  • Switch to English and try enable Macros again.


Q1: Why do the macros not working?

Here are some simplified reasons why macros may not be working:

  1. Security Settings: Check if macro security settings are blocking macros from running.

  2. Disabled Macros: Enable macros in the document by responding to security warnings or prompts.

  3. Code Errors: Review the macro code for errors or compatibility issues.

  4. Untrusted Sources: Exercise caution when enabling macros in documents from untrusted sources.

  5. Compatibility: Ensure that the macro code is compatible with your application version.

  6. Disabled Add-ins: Check if any required add-ins for the macros are disabled.

  7. Application Updates: Keep your application up to date for potential bug fixes related to macros.

Consider these factors to troubleshoot and resolve issues with macros not working.

Possible solutions to fix macros:

  1. Adjust Macro Security: Lower the security level or enable macros based on your trust in the document's source.

  2. Enable Macros: Respond to security warnings or prompts to enable macros in the document.

  3. Review and Update Code: Fix any errors or compatibility issues in the macro code.

  4. Trustworthy Sources: Only enable macros from trusted sources to mitigate security risks.

  5. Check Compatibility: Ensure the macro code is compatible with your application version.

Q2: Does WPS Office support Macros?

The Macros are supported by both the Free and Business editions of WPS Office. To utilize macros in the Free version, you must first install the VBA component. To gain access to the macro features for the Business version, get in touch with customer support.


In this article, we have covered both what macros are and how to enable them in WPS Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in detail. You may automate tedious processes and increase your productivity in WPS Office by enabling macros. Utilize macros to your advantage in WPS Office to improve workflow.

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