How to Enable Presenter View in WPS Presentation (Easy & Quick)

January 16, 2024 1.3K views

Captivate your audience by enabling presenter view in WPS Office, manage slides effortlessly, control notes discreetly, and stay on track with precision timers.

Enabling WPS Presenter View might be challenging for many users because of unfamiliarity with the feature's location within WPS Presentation. This article provides a detailed guide on where to find the Presenter View option in WPS Presentation.

Part 1: How to Enable Presenter View in WPS Presentation?

There is an easy method to enable the WPS presenter view. We will also demonstrate how to fix if the WPS Presenter view is not working.

  • Once you complete your presentation, click on Slide Show and then select Presentation View.

  • It will take you to the presenter's view, which looks more professional and impactful.

Part 2: Tips for Using Presenter View

Use below tips and tricks for more effective use of the WPS presenter view.

  • Slide Preview

You can use Presenter View to see upcoming slides, helping you smoothly transition between points and maintain a confident flow.

  • Private Notes

This one is a million-dollar tip that allows you to use the notes section to jot down key talking points, reminders, or anecdotes, keeping your presentation on track without distracting your audience.

  • Confident Timing

It lets you utilize the timer feature to stay within your allocated time, ensuring a well-paced and concise presentation.

  • Interactive Annotations

It supports interactive annotations letting you highlight important content or draw attention with on-screen annotations, making complex ideas clearer.

  • Audience Engagement

The presenter view is a blessing for the audience because you can monitor the slide your audience sees while managing your private view, allowing you to tailor your delivery and maintain engagement.

  • Supports Multitasking

You can simultaneously run videos, open additional resources, or manage live demos seamlessly without disrupting the presentation flow.

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Best Free Alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint - WPS Presentation

While MS PowerPoint is a top-notch tool for creating stunning and professional presentations, it is a paid tool, and not everyone can afford it. If you use the pirated version, it has its drawbacks, including serious legal action. To solve this problem, we have brought you the best and most free alternative to MS PowerPoint - WPS Office Presentation.

WPS Presentation has an identical interface to PowerPoint, but it is lightweight and easy to use. Below are obvious reasons why WPS Presentation is way better than MS PowerPoint.

  • Collaboration and Real-Time Editing

It facilitates seamless cloud collaboration and real-time editing, enabling multiple users to work simultaneously on a presentation. Its integration and fluidity enhance the efficiency of teamwork.

  • Dynamic Interface With User-Friendly Design

WPS Presentation boasts an intuitive interface with a user-friendly design, allowing for effortless navigation while enhancing efficiency. On the other hand. MS PowerPoint's interface may seem more complex to some users.

  • Offline Mode and File Compression

WPS Presentation stands out with its efficient offline mode and file compression, allowing smooth presentations without an internet connection.

  • Efficient PDF Conversion

One major improvement of WPS Presentation over MS PowerPoint is that it excels in PDF conversion and editing capabilities, streamlining document transformation and modifications.


1. How do I add speaker notes to WPS Presentation?

Follow the below steps to add speaker notes to WPS Presentation.

  • Go to Slide Show in your presentation. Click on Speaker Notes.

  • It will open a Window where you can add speaker notes. Once done with the notes, click on Ok.

  • After that, click on the Set Up Show menu in the Slide Show tab, and select Set Up Show. A window will open, and click on Presented by a Speaker.

Pro Tip: The Speaker Note function works only when two or more screens exist.

2. What advantages does Presenter View offer during presentations?

Presenter View offers a range of benefits, including slide previews for seamless transitions, private notes for on-point delivery, timing features for pacing, and the ability to engage with the audience while maintaining control of your presentation.

3. Can I customize the elements displayed in Presenter View?

Yes, you can tailor Presenter View to your needs. Customize displayed elements, such as notes, upcoming slides, and timers, to match your preferences and optimize your presentation experience for greater confidence and impact.


Enabling presenter mode in WPS Presentation allows you to create a presentation that marks an everlasting impact on your target audience. It is very easy to enable it from the Slide Show tab, and you are on the way to impress your audience. Add multimedia elements, advanced animations, and seamless transitions to present them in a better way.

If you want to use WPS Presenter mode, install WPS Office on your PC.  WPS Office is your all-in-one solution for unparalleled document creation, blending text, graphics, and data in Writer, Sheets, and Presentation. Download WPS Office for free and enjoy its amazing features to elevate your image in your professional life.

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