How to Print Front and Back PDF Using Easiest Methods?

July 31, 2023 2.1K views

Printed PDF files are still required for various reasons, even though digital PDF documents are more convenient to transfer than printed PDF files. Printing on both sides of a page when using PDFs, a duplex or double-sided printing for PDFs is a common option for printing PDF files. The method to print front and back pdf also goes by duplex printing for PDFs and double-sided printing for PDFs. You have arrived at the right page if you are looking to learn How to Print Front And Back Pdf , as this page contains such instructions.

How to Print Front and Back PDF with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is the best PDF printer available to print front and back pdf for computers that run Windows operating systems, including Windows 11 and Windows 10. Find out how to print front and back pdf on Windows, including the front and back, with SwifDoo PDF:

  • You should get this application and install it to print front and back pdf.

  • After starting it up, click the file button located below to import your PDF. In addition to this, you may move your file across the main interface by dragging and dropping it.

  • Choose Print from the taskbar located at the very top of your screen;

  • On the Print window, check the box labeled "Auto Duplex Printing," then select either "Flip on Long Edge" or "Flip on Short Edge," depending on your preference. Put the Press on It.

How to Print Front and Back PDF with Google Docs

Online PDF printers may print front and back pdf from any computer browser. Google Docs is a popular free PDF tool.

  • Go to the website of this cloud-based PDF application, and click the Open file picker button.

  • Click the Upload button, and then drag and drop your file into the dialogue box;

  • When you select Print from the menu, you will be taken to a new page. Repeatedly press the icon for Print;

  • Choose the printer that you want to use and then click Additional settings.

  • Ensure the "Print on both sides" box is checked in the drop-down menu. Choose Print from the menu.

How to Print Front and Back PDF with WPS Office

  • To learn how to print front and back pdf, you first need to open the double-sided document you wish to print.

  • Select Print from the File menu.

  • After that, navigate to the Settings menu and select the Print One-Sided option. From there, select the Down Arrow button to the right of the option.

  • If the printer can print double-sided documents automatically, you must choose either the Short Edge or the Long Edge option from the Print on Both Sides menu to print front and back pdf.

  • If the printer you use does not have the option to print on both sides of the page automatically, you will need to pick the option to print manually on both sides of the page. To proceed, you must select the Print option from the drop-down menu.

Tips to Print Front and Back PDF

To print front and back pdf has several advantages: Double-sided PDF printing saves paper and energy. In a manner analogous to the initial advantage. Use of fewer papers results in cost savings for the company. Printing on both sides of a page requires only half as much paper. Because of this, the printed files take up less room in the office. Because of these benefits, many people are printing PDF files on both sides to save money and the environment.

FAQs about WPS Office

Any additional benefits of WPS Office?

The free version of WPS Office, which includes the ability to edit files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, is also available for download. Your previous experiences at work will become more valuable.

How will we print front and back on the WPS Office?

WPS is set up to only print on one side of the paper by default. Using duplex printing, it is possible to generate papers that are printed on both sides of the paper at the same time.

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