How To Use Excel Max Function In Wps Office (Step-By-Step)

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Regarding spreadsheet efficiency, one can't ignore the mighty 'Max Function Excel in WPS Office.' Despite its importance, this useful tool often leaves users wondering. No more! Our article seeks to demystify the process, guiding you through the maze of harnessing the Max Function effortlessly and speedily. From an in-depth introduction to handy application tips, this article promises to empower your WPS experience. Get ready to wield this powerful tool to its maximum potential.

What Is Max Function In Excel?

The MAX function is a computational tool to find the largest number from a set of inputs. It requires at least one but can handle up to 255 numerical inputs. Inputs can be numbers, names, arrays, or references containing numbers. Non-numerical data within arrays or references are ignored.

The function can interpret logical values and text representations of numbers if directly input. It returns zero if no numbers are provided but errors if non-numerical text or error values are included. The inclusion of logical and text-based numbers in arrays or references, the MAXA function is used.

How To Use Excel Max Function In WPS Office?

The MAX function is similar across all spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel and WPS Office. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open your WPS Office Spreadsheet where you have the data.

Step 2: Identify the cell range where you want to find the maximum value. For this example, let's assume it's cells E3 to G21.

Step 3: Click on the cell where you want to display the maximum sales result. Let's say this is cell E22.

Step 4: Type the formula into cell E22: "=MAX()."

Step 5: After the open parenthesis "(" in the formula, input the range of cells you want to find the maximum value. In this case, it's "E3:G21".

Step 6: Your formula should look like "=MAX(E3:G21)".

Step 7: Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The maximum value from cells E3 to G21 will now be displayed in cell E22.

Example 1

You are a sales manager, and you want to find out the highest sales value for a particular month from a list of sales figures of your team.

Let's say you have the following sales figures:

Salesperson A: $5000

Salesperson B: $3000

Salesperson C: $6000

Salesperson D: $4000.

Enter these sales figures in cells A1 to A4 in a new WPS Office worksheet. Click on cell A5, where you want the maximum sales figure to be displayed. Type the formula =MAX(A1:A4) in the formula bar and hit Enter. Cell A5 will now display $6000, the maximum sales figure.

Example 2

You are a teacher, and you want to find out the highest score on a test from a list of student scores.

Let's say you have the following scores:

Student A: 75,

Student B: 85,

Student C: 90,

Student D: 80.

Enter these scores in cells B1 to B4 in a new WPS Office worksheet.  Click on cell B5, where you want the highest score to be displayed. Type the formula "=MAX(B1:B4)" (without the quotes) in the formula bar and hit Enter. Cell B5 will now display 90, which is the highest score.

Remember, the MAX function considers only the numeric values, ignoring the empty cells, text, or logical values. Also, it can handle up to 255 individual arguments.

Is WPS As Good As Microsoft Excel?

WPS Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel are powerful spreadsheet tools capable of handling large datasets, performing complex calculations, and creating visualizations. They support a broad range of file formats, including XLS, XLSX, and CSV, and both offer a range of pre-designed templates to speed up the creation of documents.

However, regarding advanced functionalities, Microsoft Excel has an edge over WPS Spreadsheet. Excel offers a wider array of tools for data analysis, including complex formulas, PivotTables, Power Query, and Power Pivot.

On the other hand, WPS Spreadsheet has unique features that Excel does not offer, such as Protection at different levels and Password hints, which can enhance document security. Moreover, one of the key selling points of the WPS Spreadsheet is its affordability. WPS Office, including WPS Spreadsheet, is less expensive than Microsoft Office, which includes Excel.

Additionally, WPS has gained a significant user base, with more than 20 million users worldwide, indicating its reliability and user-friendly interface. Its compatibility with various devices, including iPhones, Android phones, and computers running on different operating systems, adds to its appeal.



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Microsoft Office Compatibility In WPS

WPS Office, a powerful productivity suite, offers broad compatibility with various file formats traditionally associated with Microsoft Office. That means that users can effortlessly transition between the two platforms or work in environments where both are used.

Regarding spreadsheets, WPS Office can handle multiple Microsoft Excel formats, including ETT, CVS, and XLSM. This compatibility facilitates the effortless management of data sets, complex calculations, and graphical data representations, paralleling the functionalities found in Excel.

Furthermore, WPS Office offers excellent support for various XML files, such as XML, HTML, and MHT. This feature enables users to work with web-based data formats comfortably, extending the suite's functionality beyond traditional word processing.

WPS Office can manage Microsoft Word formats like DOC, DOCX, and DOT for textual content. It allows users to open, edit, and save these files just as they would in Word, ensuring the preservation of formatting, images, and other embedded elements.

Last, WPS Office is fully equipped to handle slideshow presentation files, including PPT, DPS, and PPTX formats. Users can create, open, edit, and save dynamic and interactive presentations as seamlessly as in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Reasons For Choosing WPS

  • Cost-Effective Solution

The most compelling reason to choose WPS Office is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike other office software suites that may require a subscription fee or upfront purchase, WPS Office provides a comprehensive set of premium features for free.

  • Exceptional Compatibility With Microsoft Office Formats

WPS Office stands out due to its compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats. It means that users can open, edit, and save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in formats that are completely compatible with Microsoft Office, facilitating easier collaboration and file sharing.

  • Accessible Across Multiple Platforms

WPS Office is multi-platform compatible. Whether using Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android, WPS Office is compatible with these operating systems. This cross-platform support enables users to seamlessly work on their documents from any device.

  • User-Friendly Interface

WPS Office features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that resembles Microsoft Office's design. This similarity minimizes the learning curve for new users and allows for quick acclimatization, making document creation, editing, and sharing much more efficient.

  • Integrated PDF Tools

WPS Office also excels in providing integrated PDF tools. It allows users to work with PDF files within the software, providing features such as converting documents to PDF format and vice versa, Editing PDFs, and even signing PDF documents digitally.

  • Wide Range Of Accessible Templates

WPS Office provides access to a large collection of free, modifiable templates. These templates span various document types, from reports and resumes to invoices and presentations.

  • Convenient Document Navigation With Tabs

Lastly, WPS Office introduces tabbed navigation for documents, similar to how you would navigate web pages in a browser. It makes switching between multiple open documents a breeze, improving productivity and user experience.


1. How Do You Use The Min Function In WPS?

Select the cell where you want to display the result (e.g., G22), and input the formula "=MIN(E3:G21)", replacing "E3:G21" with your desired range. Pressing "Enter" will show the smallest value from the selected cells in your designated cell, completing the process in just a few steps.

2. How Do You Use The Average Function In WPS?

In the cell where you wish to display the average result (say, C22), input the formula "=AVERAGE(E3:G21)", ensuring you replace "E3:G21" with your particular range. After pressing "Enter," you will see the average value of the specified cells displayed in your chosen cell.

3. Does the Excel MAX function in WPS Office ignore non-numeric values?

The MAX function ignores non-numeric values like text or empty cells in the specified range. It only considers numeric values to find the maximum value. The function will return an error if there are no numeric values in the range.

4. Is the Excel MAX function case-sensitive in WPS Office?

No, the MAX function in WPS Office is not case-sensitive. It only considers numeric values, and the case of text values within the range does not affect its calculations. The function focuses solely on finding the maximum numeric value in the specified range.

5. Can I use the MAX function to find the maximum value from multiple columns in WPS Office?

Yes, you can use the MAX function to find the maximum value from multiple columns in WPS Office. Simply specify each column's cell range within the MAX function separated by commas.


Exploring the Max Function Excel In WPS Office, particularly its application in WPS Office, reveals the software suite's compatibility with Microsoft Office. WPS Office ensures a smooth implementation of the MAX function, demonstrating its ability to work with various file formats and perform tasks effectively across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

WPS Office stands out for its versatility and extensive format compatibility, making it an excellent choice for users. By seamlessly managing a wide range of file formats, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and XML, WPS Office offers a streamlined user experience.

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