How to Use Excel Trim Function in WPS Spreadsheet (Step-by-Step)

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Trim function is an in-built function in the excel that is used to trim extra spaces in the beginning or anywhere in the text. The trim function is known as Excel text functions, and the excel trim helps in cleaning up the cell space in spreadsheets. This function is mostly used in financial analysis and data analysis.

  1. Background:

Spreadsheet programs like WPS Office Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel frequently have the TRIM function. Its main objective is to eliminate extra spaces from a cell carrying text data, such as leading spaces at the start of a text, trailing spaces at the conclusion of a text, and additional spaces between words. The TRIM Function is quite useful for clearing up the text while copy and pasting from the other applications or sources.

  1. Conflicts:

Whitespace or extra spaces can cause many problems during data analysis. They usually appear while copying data from other sources to excel. These spaces can make the analysis process lengthy and tiring by causing errors. Now, the concern is how to trim the extra white spaces in excel and WPS excel? This article takes a dig at exploring the use of TRIM FUNCTION in excel and WPS Office.

What is the trim function in Excel?

The TRIM Function is an in-built feature in Excel, which is specifically designed to remove the extra spaces in the text and cells. It also helps in clearing up the text, thus making it neat and presentable. It is one of the most essential and effective tools for accurate data and financial analysis. This feature is mostly effective when dealing with a lot of data and text or data manipulation where even a bit of mistake can lead to many other problems and wrong outcomes. The TRIM function removes the leading spaces and trailing spaces and the unnecessary spaces between words. When receiving the text with irregular spacing, you can use TRIM to modify quickly and easily.


The formula to remove extra spaces is:



Text: Enter the text from which you want to remove extra spaces.

=TRIM(“ Enter the  text from which  you want to remove extra spaces”)

Result: Enter the text from which you want to remove extra spaces.

How to use the Excel trim function in wps?

If you do not have MS Excel, then you do not worry as you can use Excel Trim Function in WPS Office. Through this function, you can make sure that the data in the spreadsheet is correct, clean and without any extra spaces. This function also helps in avoiding the margin of error to a larger extent by making it sure that data is clear. This can also help in improving the efficiency of the work when you are working on a specific criteria. There are three ways of using TRIM Function in WPS Office that are mentioned below:

Method-1: Using TRIM (first data point)

  • The first thing you need to do is to arrange the data in the cells in order to remove the extra spaces.

”Arrangement of data in excel for removing extra spaces”

  • In the blank cell, enter the formula =TRIM(A2).

Enter Function.

”Entering function for getting the result”

  • Then press the enter button to copy the formula in the other cells, and you will get the final result.

”Press the copy button”

Method-2: Use the "Find and Replace"

Another method that can be used is find and replace method.

  • First select all the cells that you want to clean.

  • Then press CTRL+H to open the find and replace option.

”entering  CTRL+H to open the find and replace option”

  • In the "Find what" field, enter a single space and replace it with a blank field.

  • Next, click on "Options" and then check the "Match entire cell contents" box.

”matching entire cell contents”

  • Then click on replace all.

”entering replace to make replacements”

Method-3: Use "Data Validation"

Another method is data validation method.

  • First of all, select the range of the cells.

  • Select the data validation option by clicking on the data tab.

”Selection of Data”

  • Then go to settings tab in the data validation option and chose the option Custom from the list.

”selecting the custom option in data validation option”

  • In the formula field, enter the formula, =LEFT(A2,1)" ".

  • Then click on the error alert option, and select the option Style to stop.

  • Enter any error message to remove the spaces.

”removing any error”

  • Then click Ok, and there you go with the final outcome.

”pressing ok for the final outcome”

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Can TRIM be used to clean up data in multiple cells at once?

Yes, TRIM Function can be used to clean up data in multiple cells at once.

If you want to clean up data in one cell, use the formula,


But if you want to clear data in multiple cells, use this formula,

=TRIM(start cell:end cell)

Does TRIM remove spaces between numbers in a cell?

Except for the space between words, the TRIM function eliminates all white space from text. When text data in a cell has concealed spaces, use this function. You can see from our example that there are several "Joe Smiths'' in the data. A few of them even appear to be the same at first glance.


The TRIM Function is an Excel tool that was created primarily to eliminate superfluous spaces from text and cells. Additionally, it assists in making the writing clearer and more aesthetically pleasing. For reliable data and financial analysis, it is one of the most crucial and useful instruments. This capability works best when dealing with large amounts of text and data or when manipulating data where even a small error might result in numerous other issues and incorrect results. The leading and trailing spaces as well as the extra spaces between words are eliminated by the TRIM function. When you get text with inconsistent spacing, you can quickly and easily change it using TRIM.

Apart from using Excel, you can take advantage of WPS Office to use the TRIM Function option to analyze your data. WPS Office is the ideal choice if you are looking for a productive solution to conduct financial or data analysis on a Mac without spending any money. It offers a collection of tools that may be used for many different activities, making it more than just a substitute. In WPS Excel, you can easily remove the extra or white spaces, and thus can enhance the reliability of the final outcome.

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