How to Use Slidego Templates for Free (Step-by-Step)

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SlideGo is a notorious platform offering many professionally designed presentation templates tailored for diverse purposes. These templates are readily available for download and can be seamlessly customized to meet your specific needs. If you're new to SlideGo and unsure where to begin, this guide is here to assist you every step of the way, addressing all your queries and helping you make the most of this valuable resource.

How to Use Slidego Templates for Free

How to Download Slidesgo PowerPoint Templates

Slidesgo, established in 2010, is a comprehensive platform catering to designers, small business proprietors, educators, and content creators, offering a diverse range of content, inspiration, and solutions. With an array of presentation ideas and themes across various categories, users can customize them to suit their specific requirements. Let's now explore how to download a presentation theme that we like from Slidesgo:

Step 1: Open your preferred browser and navigate to the Slidesgo website to search for new presentation ideas.

Step 2: On the website, users can search for a template directly using the search bar or scroll down to browse different categories and select a design.

Slidesgo search bar

Step 3: Once a design is selected, hover over it and click on the download button at the top left of the thumbnail.

Slidesgo download template

Step 4: Users then have the option to choose whether they want to import it to Google Slides or download a template editable on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Slidesgo download template for either Google Slides or PowerPoint

Step 5: If you want a closer look at the template before downloading, click on it.

Step 6: You will be redirected to the template's page, where you can preview other slides and better understand the theme.

Step 7: Finally, click on the "Download this template" button and choose between Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Slidesgo download template from template page

Downloading a presentation from Slidesgo is relatively simple, but the challenging part lies in selecting a presentation idea since there are numerous creative options available, making it difficult to choose just one.

How to Import a Slidesgo Template into Google Slides

Slidesgo provides its users with the option to download a template for both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. The download process for PowerPoint is similar to downloading any other file. However, using a template for Google Slides requires importing, which can be challenging for some users. Let's take a look at how to use a Slidesgo template in Google Slides:

Step 1: Once you have chosen the template, go to the template page by clicking on the thumbnail.

Step 2: Click on the "Download this template" button and select Google Slides.

Slidesgo download template

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked if you want to make a copy of the template on Google Slides. Simply click on "Make a copy" to import the template to Google Slides.

Slidesgo Make a copy of template on Google Slides

Step 4: The template will be uploaded to your Google Slides, where you can now customize it, and it will be saved automatically to your Google Drive.

Template copied to Google Slides

Unlock More Free and Delicate Templates with WPS Office

You may already be familiar with WPS Office, a renowned office suite known for its comprehensive set of tools, including Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. What sets WPS apart is its remarkable compatibility across all major operating systems, spanning Mac, Windows, and even Linux. However, one of the standout features of WPS Office is its vast collection of templates, readily available for use.

WPS Office Templates

These templates cover a wide range of needs, from professional presentations to business reports and creative projects. They're all free, easily accessible, and compatible with WPS Office, making them a convenient choice for users looking to enhance their productivity and streamline their workflow.

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How to get PowerPoint templates for free in WPS Office

Unlike Slidesgo, WPS Office not only offers a wide variety of templates on its online
template store, but users can also easily download and edit PowerPoint templates
within the WPS Office application, providing convenience to their users. Let's take a
look at some of the best templates available on WPS Office.

1. Children’s Education

Children’s Education is an engaging template available in the WPS Office template store, impressively designed to captivate young learners. With vibrant colors, captivating infographics, and charming cartoons, it aims to seize the attention of students, fostering an environment conducive to learning and exploration. Whether it's for classroom presentations or educational materials, this template is tailored to inspire curiosity and promote active engagement in young minds.

Children’s Education

2. Company Product Introduction

The Company Product Introduction template, available in the WPS Office template store, serves as an ideal platform for companies to effectively introduce their products or ideas. This dynamic template facilitates seamless communication between departments or stakeholders, covering essential aspects of discussion. Its engaging design and intuitive layout ensure clarity and coherence in conveying key messages. It can be utilized for internal presentations or external pitches, this template empowers companies to showcase their offerings with confidence and professionalism, facilitating productive discussions and informed decision-making.

Company Product Introduction

3. Personal Photo Album

The Personal Photo Album template, available in the WPS Office template store, offers an elegant solution for creating memorable photo albums. With its captivating cover design, which can be customized with a personal photo and name, this template sets the tone for a personalized and cherished collection. Featuring a unique coral layout, it provides a visually appealing backdrop for showcasing your photos in style. It is a wonderful template for documenting special occasions, travel adventures, or everyday moments, ensuring a delightful and organized presentation of your cherished memories.

Personal Photo Album


1.How much does Slidesgo premium cost?

Here's a breakdown of the Slidesgo premium plan:

Cost: €19.99 per year (Euros)

Plan type: Solo subscription (with an additional user for free)


  • Access to over 15,000 premium templates and assets

  • Ad-free experience

  • Ability to share templates without crediting Slidesgo

  • Priority support

  • Favorite list functionality

  • Suitable for use by minors

2. How to add or change themes in Google Slides?

To change the theme of your presentation on Google Slides, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Google Slides presentation and click on the "Slide" tab.

Step 2: Select the "Change Theme" option from the dropdown menu.

Google Slides change theme

Step 3: A menu will appear on the right side of the screen with several themes available to choose from.

Step 4: Click on any theme to apply it to your slides.

Google Slides select a new theme for your slide

Step 5: If you wish to import a theme from a previous Google Slides presentation, click on "Import a theme".

Google Slides import a theme for slide

Step 6: Double click on the Google Slides presentation from which you want to import the theme.

Select a Google Slide Presentation

Step 7: If there are multiple themes within the Google Slides presentation, select the slide with the theme you want to import, and then click on "Import theme”.

Google Slides import theme

3. Can Slidesgo templates be used without copyright restrictions?

Slidesgo templates are indeed copyright-free. Users are permitted to utilize them for both personal and commercial purposes. However, it's important to note that users are not permitted to sublicense, sell, or rent any Slidesgo content or modified versions of it.

Beyond SlideGo: Discover Compatibility and Template Freedom with WPS Office

While SlideGo offers plenty of templates for various purposes, it's worth exploring other websites to discover similar offerings with their unique twists. However, if you're working within an office suite environment where seamless file import is crucial for your presentations, consider downloading WPS Office. Not only does WPS Office provide its own extensive collection of templates, but they are also highly compatible with both Microsoft Office and WPS Office formats.

This compatibility ensures that you can effortlessly import and utilize these templates across different platforms, enhancing your productivity and presentation quality. Download WPS Office now to access a diverse range of templates tailored to your needs.

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