How to Use WPS Ai for Book Text Extraction: Guide for Beginners

July 28, 2023 838 views

Prepare to be amazed, as technology continues to push boundaries! A groundbreaking development has emerged, combining the power of AI with book extraction. All in all, free ai pdf reader. That's right, you can now extract complete contextual information from books with the assistance of AI. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of AI-powered book extraction with a demonstration on how to use WPS AI/ChatGPT to+Books text extraction.

How to Use WPS AI for Book Text Extraction

Experience the efficiency of AI-powered book extraction like never before with WPS AI. Seamlessly combining the power of artificial intelligence with WPS Office Mobile PDF's renowned OCR functionality, users can now extract book content effortlessly. Discover the unparalleled advancements brought by WPS AI, taking this technology to new heights. Prepare to be amazed as WPS AI not only offers the same capabilities but also introduces groundbreaking technical innovations, making book extraction a truly remarkable experience.

How it Works

WPS AI uses a powerful combination of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to smoothly extract text from documents and books. When you use the OCR functionality in WPS Office Mobile PDF, the OCR engine scans the document, recognising and transforming the text into a digital format. WPS AI, on the other hand, goes beyond traditional OCR by using powerful AI algorithms. These algorithms improve the scanning process by identifying information accurately even in complicated layouts, handwritten texts, or low-quality images. The AI-powered technology automatically analyzes and understands the material, increasing data extraction accuracy. As a result, users may extract text from a variety of documents, PDFs, and books with unrivaled precision and efficiency, raising the book extraction experience to new heights.


Step 1: Open WPS Office on your mobile and click on “+”.

Step 2: Next, click on “New Scanner” to create a new OCR Document.

Step 3: Select your document and click the Camera button to access the scanning interface.

Step 4: WPS OCR feature will be activated and will scan the text from the document. WPS AI system will enhance document scanning making sure all the details are identified.

Step 5: Once the document is scanned, click “Done” and press on the “Tick” option to confirm.

Step 6: Export the document, after which users will easily be able to recognize the text.

Step 7: Users can now copy the text from the document and save the text in a document.

Now, with WPS AI, copying text from documents and saving it has never been smoother and more efficient.


WPS AI Mobile is not limited to its amazing book extraction feature, it provides several other amazing features to its users. Let's take a look at some of the key features of WPS AI mobile:

  • WPS AI-generated content: Users can experience the efficiency of AI-generated content like never before with WPS AI Mobile. WPS AI develops high-quality written material effortlessly by leveraging the sophisticated capabilities of artificial intelligence, saving time and effort in content creation.

  • WPS AI-based content rewriting: WPS AI Mobile can also assist you in rewriting material to make it more brief and easy to read. This is extremely handy for summarizing a lengthy paper or article.

  • Insight and inquiry: With better and more accurate summarizing abilities, WPS AI Mobile can provide insight into certain sorts of documents, such as papers and contracts. You can also utilize WPS AI to interact with PDFs and search within your files.

  • OCR: WPS AI Mobile is capable of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which means it can recognise text in photos and convert it to editable text.

  • Voice interaction: WPS AI supports voice interaction, which can be useful if you need to dictate notes or make changes to a document hands-free.

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How to Download WPS AI

AI simplifies complex tasks, including the effortless extraction of book content and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how straightforward the process is. To guide you through it, here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to extract book content using AI.

Step 1: On your browser, go to WPS AI.

Step 2: You will be required to sign-up for early access to WPS AI.

Step 3: In order to sign up for early access, users must complete the registration form.

Step 4: After confirmation, customers shall receive an email from WPS AI with instructions on how to download and install WPS AI on their systems.

Step 5: Users may then launch WPS AI on their systems and enjoy the numerous capabilities it has to offer.

Significance of Book Text Extraction in the Digital Age

Book text extraction is crucial in the digital age, as it revolutionizes the way we access, process, and utilize information from printed materials. Powered by technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it automates the conversion of physical book pages into editable and searchable digital formats. WPS AI, with its advanced OCR functionality, seamlessly combines AI with WPS Office Mobile PDF, allowing users to effortlessly extract book content.

OCR accurately recognizes characters and text from scanned documents or images, ensuring high-quality data extraction. AI technology further refines the extracted text, ensuring accuracy and completeness. WPS AI's book text extraction feature is highly efficient and user-friendly, allowing users to scan book pages using their mobile devices and save the extracted text in various formats, facilitating easy sharing and editing.

Benefits of Using AI-Powered Book Text Extraction

WPS AI-powered book text extraction provides various advantages that considerably improve our interactions with printed materials and digital content. Here are some of the primary benefits of employing AI for book text extraction:

  • Time Efficiency: WPS AI-driven extraction significantly reduces time and effort in digitizing books, enhancing efficiency and processing large amounts of text in seconds.

  • Preservation and Archiving: WPS AI-powered extraction preserves valuable book content in digital formats, ensuring accessibility for future generations.

  • Collaboration and Sharing: Digital text extracted through AI can be easily shared and collaborated upon.

  • Eco-Friendly Solution: WPS AI-powered text extraction helps the environment by lowering paper usage and wastage by digitizing books and reducing the demand for physical copies.

  • Multilingual Support: WPS AI can handle text extraction in various languages, breaking down language barriers and making content accessible to a broader audience.

Where can WPS AI- Book Extraction be used?

The book text extraction capabilities of WPS AI can be used in a variety of real-world applications, revolutionizing how we interact with printed materials and digital content. Here are a few convincing application situations where WPS AI can come in handy:

  • Academic Research: WPS AI can streamline data collection for literature reviews, citations, and academic writing by extracting and digitizing information.

  • Content Creation: WPS AI can extract relevant information and quotes from books for accurate references in writing and content creation.

  • E-Learning: WPS AI digitizes textbooks, hence can provide interactive and accessible learning experiences.

  • Data Entry and Analysis: WPS AI can help expedite data entry tasks by extracting relevant information from documents, reducing manual effort, and ensuring data accuracy.


1. Can I use WPS AI for free?

Yes, you can utilize it free of any charge. However, WPS AI provides both free and premium choices. While certain services and functionalities may be free, others may require a subscription fee.

2. How do I extract information from a PDF using AI?

WPS AI utilizes advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to accurately extract text from PDFs, ensuring precise and reliable information extraction. This powerful AI algorithm efficiently converts PDF documents into editable text.

3. Does WPS AI support multiple languages for book text extraction?

Yes, WPS AI allows text extraction in different languages. It recognizes and extracts text in a variety of languages using effective language processing techniques.

4. Does WPS AI offer options to export the extracted book text in a variety of file formats?

Yes, WPS AI enables you to export the extracted book text in a wide range of file formats, including TXT, DOC, and PDF. It allows consumers to select the optimal file format for future usage or sharing.

Effortless Book Text Extraction with WPS AI

In this article, we delved into the transformative power of AI and explored how it can revolutionize various aspects of our lives. One remarkable application we focused on was book extraction, where AI technology simplifies the process with just a few simple clicks. By utilizing the remarkable capabilities of WPS AI, you can effortlessly extract valuable content from books, saving time and effort. Take a proactive step towards enhancing your productivity and knowledge by downloading WPS AI today.

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