How to Print a Book from PDF Using Pro Tools?

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Booklets are multipage publications that fold correctly. 2-up saddle-stitched books have two side-by-side pages printed on both sides, folded once, and fastened along the fold. The first and last pages print together—the second-page prints on the second-to-last page, and so on. Large pages are reduced to suit the printing area and automatically centered on the sheet. Collating, folding, and stapling double-sided pages creates a book with correct pagination. Booklets require automatic or manual duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper). Manual duplex printing needs two printing passes, one for each side. The printer handbook or manufacturer can tell you if your printer supports duplex printing.

How to Print a Book from PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

The pages are formatted to appear twice per sheet when using Acrobat or Reader. When you fold the double-sided sheets in half and then staple them together, you end up with a single book with the pages in the correct sequence. Follow the steps below to print a book from Pdf

  • Choose Print from the File menu to print a book from Pdf.

  • Choose a printer from the drop-down menu at the top of the Print dialogue box.

  • Choose whatever pages of the Booklet you want to print in the section labeled "Pages to Print."

  • Every page is printed from the front to the back.

  • Make sure the Booklet is selected under Page Size & Handling.

  • Choose an item from the Booklet Subset drop-down menu, which includes: If your printer is equipped with automatic duplex printing, you can choose to print on both sides of the page (for non-duplex printers). If your printer doesn't have a duplex setting, you can still print on both sides by printing one sheet at a time.

  • Don't change the current Sheets From numbers. Acrobat or Reader will decide how many sheets need to be printed to complete the print job. If you have a PDF with 16 pages and choose All in the Print Range section, just the first four sheets will print.

  • When you choose Auto-Rotate Pages, the pages will be rotated to fit into the printing space.

How to Print a Book from PDF with EaseUs

The finest free PDF printer software has many important features and one of them is to print a book from Pdf. Follow the steps below to print a book from Pdf using EaseUs converter online.

  • Start this program, navigate the "File" menu, and select "Open" to import the desired PDF file.

  • After the file has been imported, launch the Print window by clicking "File" followed by "Print." You also have the option to press "Ctrl + P" on your keyboard immediately.

  • On the Print window, choose the printer you want to use and the pages you want to print. The next step is to select the "Booklet" button. In this section, you can modify your printing, such as changing the Booklet subset or the Binding, among other options.

  • After that, you will see a preview of the Booklet in the bottom right corner. Once pleased, you may generate the Booklet from your PDF file by clicking the "Print" button.

How to Print a Book from PDF with WPS Office

Another incredible online tool to print a book from Pdf is the WPS office. It is an online and offline tools that allows you to print a book from Pdf in a few steps. The steps required to print a book from Pdf using WPS are mentioned below!

  • Launch WPS Office. WPS Office makes printing booklets from multipage PDF files easy on Windows and macOS. It's in the Windows Start menu. WPS Office is normally under Mac's Programs folder.

  • Launch the Booklet's associated file. How to do it:

  • Select "File" from the menu in the screen's upper-left corner.

  • Click Open.

  • Launch the folder that contains the document that you wish to print.

  • Choose "Open" from the File menu

  • Choose Print from the menu. This brings up the dialogue screen print a book from Pdf.

  • Make your selection under "Printer" to select your printer.

  • Choose the pages you want to print. Keep the All option selected under "Pages to Print" if you want to print the whole document. Choose Pages, then enter the range you want to specify for the pages in the range.

  • Click Booklet. It can be found in the header labeled "Page Sizes & Handling." You will see a preview of the document in booklet format on the right-hand side of the panel.

  • Choose "Booklet subset" duplex. How your printer handles two-sided printing determines your choice.

  • Choose a "Binding" option. Left folds the Booklet like a book for left-to-right text.

  • Change printing settings (optional). Click Properties next to the printer's name to select additional settings like ink conservation, color printing, and printing margins.

  • With the correct settings, some printers will fold and staple your books. Check your printer's instructions.

  • Before printing, preview. Page through the document using the arrows below the print preview. Make layout modifications before continuing.

  • Print it. Automatic duplex printers print both sides.

  • If you just printed the front side, go to File -> Print, choose Booklet, and select Rear side only from the "Booklet subset" menu.

  • Fold it. Fold your Booklet manually if your printer didn't (right or left). Staple the Booklet to preserve the pages.

Tips to Print a Book from PDF

PDFs can be printed double-sided for numerous reasons: Like the first benefit, double-sided PDFs are greener. Less paperwork saves the company money. Two-sided printing saves 50% of the paper. Hence, office paper storage is reduced. Because of this, many PDF users are printing double-sided.

FAQs about WPS Office

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Program instructions include word booklet printing. WPS Office handles Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. All major app stores carry it. Free Word tutorials give precise information on the best tools and strategies.

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