How to Use WPS Ai for Book Writing

August 11, 2023 1.7K views

Discover the key to effortless book writing with WPS AI. This article provides a step-by-step guide on harnessing the power of this AI generator. Say goodbye to uncertainties in finding a free and effective AI tool. Get ready to unlock your writing potential as we unveil the secrets of using WPS AI to write your book.

Part 1: How to Use WPS Ai for Book Writing

WPS AI is a powerful AI book writer that can assist you in various aspects of book writing, including generating ideas, outlining, and proofreading. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use WPS AI for book writing:

Step 1: Output an Outline

  • Provide WPS AI with a general topic, genre, style, and core message of your book. Let WPS AI generate an outline to kickstart your writing process.


Output an Outline

Step 2: Time to Write a Book

Refine the generated content and add detailed information to enrich your book like:

  • Review and revise: Take a careful look at what you've written so far. Fix any mistakes, make it clearer, and ensure everything flows smoothly.

  • Add more information: Think about what else you can include to make your book more interesting. Consider adding examples, stories, or research to provide more depth and make it more engaging

  • Develop your characters and plot: Spend time getting to know your characters better. Give them personalities, goals, and challenges that will captivate readers. Strengthen your plot by adding excitement, surprises, and a satisfying resolution.

  • Keep it simple: Make sure your writing is easy for readers to understand. Avoid using complicated words or sentences that could confuse them. Write in a way that anyone can enjoy and follow along with your story.

Write ai book

Step 3: Edit and Make Corrections

Polish your writing, make necessary edits, and ensure your book is error-free and coherent like:

  • Review for grammar and spelling: Use WPS AI's grammar and spelling check to identify and correct any errors in your manuscript. It can highlight grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, and misspelled words, allowing you to maintain a high level of accuracy in your writing.

  • Improve sentence structure and clarity: WPS AI can help you enhance the structure and clarity of your sentences.

  • Check for consistency and coherence: Ensure that your book maintains consistency throughout. WPS AI can assist you in identifying inconsistencies in character names, locations, or plot points.

  • Enhance readability and style: Utilize WPS AI's readability suggestions to make your book more accessible to a wider audience. It can analyze your writing style, offering insights on sentence complexity, word choice, and overall readability

  • Verify factual accuracy: If your book includes factual information, WPS AI can help you fact-check and verify the accuracy of the content.

  • Seek feedback and multiple rounds of editing: Even with the assistance of WPS AI, it's important to seek feedback from human readers. Share your revised manuscript with beta readers, editors, or writing groups to gather different perspectives and suggestions.

Make correction

Step 4: Get Your Work Published

  • Explore publishing options and take the necessary steps to share your book with the world.

Tips about Prompt to Write a Book

To maximize the power of prompts when using WPS AI for book writing, remember that providing detailed instructions yields better results. Here are some simplified tips:

  • Be Specific: Clearly define your book's topic, genre, style, and core message for tailored content.

  • Include Key Elements: Specify characters, settings, plot points, or themes to align with your creative vision.

  • Add Descriptive Context: Paint a vivid picture with details about locations, emotions, and sensory experiences.

  • Ask Thought-Provoking Questions: Engage the AI's creativity by posing intriguing prompts.

Pros of Using WPS AI for Book Writing:

  1. Time-Saving: Leveraging WPS AI streamlines the writing process, allowing you to generate content quickly and efficiently.

  2. Simplicity and Ease: WPS AI provides a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to writers of all levels of experience. You can easily navigate and utilize its features without technical expertise.

  3. Grammar and spelling assistance: WPS AI can help you identify and correct grammar and spelling errors in your manuscript. This ensures that your book maintains a high level of professionalism and readability.

  4. Enhanced sentence structure: WPS AI can provide suggestions to improve sentence structure, making your writing clearer and more coherent. It helps you refine your sentences to effectively convey your ideas to readers.

  5. Readability analysis: WPS AI can analyze the readability of your book and provide insights on sentence complexity, word choice, and overall readability. This helps you ensure that your writing is accessible and engaging for your target audience.

  6. Fact-checking and accuracy verification: If your book includes factual information, WPS AI can assist in fact-checking and verifying the accuracy of the content. This helps you maintain credibility and ensures that your readers can rely on the information presented.

  7. Professional Text: With WPS AI, you can expect high-quality and professionally crafted text. The AI's advanced capabilities ensure the generated content meets industry standards and reflects a polished writing style.

Part 2: WPS Office & AI - Unleashing Productivity

WPS Office & AI

WPS AI is an integral part of WPS Office, a powerful office productivity tool. It combines the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence with the comprehensive features of WPS Office, offering writers an unparalleled writing experience.

Main Features of WPS AI:

  • Grammar and Spelling Check

  • Sentence Structure Improvement

  • Readability Analysis

  • Consistency and Coherence Checks

  • Fact-Checking and Accuracy Verification

  • Style and Tone Suggestions

  • Punctuation and Formatting Assistance

  • Language Translation

Pros of WPS AI (WPS Office + AI, the Ultimate Productivity Tool):

  • Saves time by automating grammar checking, proofreading, and formatting tasks.

  • Ensures error-free writing by identifying and correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

  • Improves readability by providing suggestions for better sentence structure and clarity.

  • Maintains consistency and professional formatting throughout your document.

  • Offers language translation capabilities for easy communication in different languages.

  • Enables real-time collaboration for efficient teamwork.

  • Integrates with cloud storage for easy access and synchronization of documents.

  • Allows customization of the interface and toolbars for a personalized experience.

Part 3: How to Download WPS AI?

Learn how to access the transformative capabilities of WPS AI with this step-by-step tutorial on downloading the tool. By following these instructions, you can enjoy an enhanced and seamless writing experience. Here's how to download WPS AI:

Step 1: Visit the website

WPS AI website

Step 2: Log in to your WPS account and fill in the information

WPS AI waitlist

Step 3: Wait for the email from WPS

Step 4: Once your pass WPS review, you will receive an email

WPS AI email

Step 5: Click the download button in the email and start the download

WPS AI download

Step 6: Install and enjoy WPS AI


Q1: Is WPS AI a free AI writer?

Yes, WPS AI is a free AI writer that provides powerful content generation capabilities.

Q2: What are the limitations of WPS AI when writing a book?

WPS AI has limitations in terms of volume, prompt inputs, and creativity. However, it remains a valuable tool for generating content.


This article presents a comprehensive guide on utilizing WPS AI to write a book. With its powerful features and integration with WPS Office, WPS AI empowers writers to unleash their creativity and streamline the writing process. Download the early-bird version of WPS AI for free and experience the next level of writing today.

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