How to Use WPS Ai for Resume Writing

August 11, 2023 2.6K views

Introducing WPS Ai, your ultimate solution for crafting impressive resumes effortlessly. In a world full of uncertainties, finding a reliable and free AI generator can be daunting. But fear not! How can you create a stellar resume using an AI generator? We have the answer. Dive into this article for a step-by-step guide on harnessing the power of WPS Ai to create a truly professional resume.

Part 1: 2 Ways to Generate a Resume

Method 1: Use WPS Ai to Generate a Resume from Scratch

Step 1: Introduce yourself.

The more specific you are when describing your career background, the less time you will need to spend on your resume later.

Prompt Example:

Your introduction

Loading your resume

Your demo resume

Step 2: Adjust the detail

Adjust your detail

Step 3: Download a resume template from WPS template store

Find a resume

Step 4: Fill out the information in the template.

Fill out your information

Method 2: Give WPS Ai an Existing Resume to Customize for a Job Description

Step 1: Open your resume file

Open your resume file

Step 2: Refind or adjust your resume

With an existing resume, you can ask WPS Ai to:

  • Edit the writing to make it more clear and engaging

  • Customize your resume for a different job title (such as for a career change)

  • Tailor your resume to a different job opening (by providing a different job description)

  • Identify common resume mistakes and weaknesses

  • Determine if a certain work experience should be included on your resume

Improve your resume


The result
Tips about Prompt to Make a Resume :
  • Choose specific prompts tailored to the role you're applying for

  • Customize the prompts to reflect your unique experiences and achievements

  • Utilize multiple prompts to generate a range of responses for your job search materials

  • Edit and proofread the content generated by WPS AI to ensure accuracy and quality

  • Use WPS AI prompts as a supplement to your own creativity and perspective, not as a replacement for your own ideas


  • Time-saving: Automates tasks, saving you time in creating job search materials.

  • Improved quality: Provides suggestions to enhance the quality of your materials.

  • Increased chances of getting an interview: Optimizes materials to align with recruiter expectations.

Part 2: WPS Office&Ai - A Powerful Ai Office Tool

Brief intro

WPS AI brings advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to the table, offering intelligent writing assistance, content analysis, and data extraction. These cutting-edge features empower users to work more efficiently, ensuring precise and high-quality outputs.

Mainly Features

  • PDF - Insight: Auto-Summarize: WPS AI simplifies the process of summarizing and refining key information in PDF files, saving time and effort.

  • PDF - Inquiry: Research Assistant: WPS AI provides the option to ask questions and gain a better understanding of PDF files, enhancing the user's experience.

  • Writer - Create: Content Generator: WPS AI's Content Generator offers prompts and assistance in various writing scenarios, expanding creativity and aiding the writing process.

  • Writer - Improve: Proofreading Assistant: WPS AI helps improve text and content by providing suggestions for making it shorter, longer, or correcting grammar mistakes.

  • Voice Interaction: WPS AI supports voice input, enabling convenient mobile usage of WPS Office and reducing reliance on keyboard input

Pros of WPS AI

  • Quick and easy content generation: WPS AI enables the generation of high-quality content for different purposes efficiently.

  • Text improvement suggestions: It provides valuable suggestions to enhance existing text, including sentence structure, word choice, and tone.

  • Document summarization and data analysis: WPS AI assists in summarizing documents and analyzing data, streamlining information processing.

  • Question and answer capabilities: It helps in researching topics and generating new ideas by facilitating interactive question and answer sessions related to your content.

  • Time-saving and increased productivity: WPS AI saves time, boosts productivity, and improves content quality, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

How to Download WPS AI

Step 1: Go to WPS AI Download Website

Step 2: Fill in the information about your industry and role, and submit it

Fill your information

Step 3: Join the Discord community to get help and the latest insights

Wait for an email that will confirm your application and teach you how to download the brand-new WPS AI

Step 4: Download and install WPS Office+AI for Windows

Locate your file

Step 5: Launch WPS AI and log in to your account

Log in your account


Is WPS AI a free AI writer?

Yes. WPS AI is a free AI writer but WPS AI is currently on its way and you can join the waitlist for early-bird access

What are the resume prompts for WPSAi?

Here are some example

  • Tailor my resume to this job description for a [ JOB TITLE ] role at [ COMPANY ] . [ Copy / paste your current resume and the job description ]

  • Using the resume and job description below , showcase 10 relevant skills I should highlight . [ Copy / paste your current resume and the job description . ]

  • Take my experience as a [ JOB TITLE ] and identify which skills I should highlight if I'm looking to pivot into a role as [ TITLE ] at [ COMPANY OR TYPE OF COMPANY ] . [ Copy / paste your current resume ; you can also try with both your resume and the job description . ]

  • Here's my current resume . How would you rewrite it if you were applying to this [ TITLE ] role at [ COMPANY ] ? Include metrics in the achievements . [ Copy / paste your resume and the job description . ]

  • Update the experience section of my resume to make it sound more actionable . [ Copy / paste your resume . ]


In conclusion, WPS Ai is an excellent tool for hassle-free and efficient resume writing. It offers features such as adjusting details, downloading templates, and refining resumes based on job descriptions. The key advantages include time-saving automation, optimized materials, and enhanced resume quality through valuable suggestions.

WPS Ai also provides a suite of AI office tools for tasks like PDF auto-summarization, research assistance, content generation, and proofreading. To access WPS Ai, visit the download website, fill in information, join the Discord community, and install WPS Office+AI for Windows. Embrace WPS Ai to enhance your resume writing and office productivity.

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