Guide to Writing a Simple Resume Format in Word

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A resume is a document that summarizes a person's education, work experience, skills, and achievements. It is used by those who are applying for employment opportunities. There are different kinds of modern and simple resume format templates available online. You can download and edit them conveniently saving your time. These templates also make your CV look more appealing, helping you get your desired job.

In this brief yet comprehensive article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on creating a simple resume format in Word. Let's dive in and discuss the procedure to create a simple resume format in Word.

What Does a Simple Resume Format Include?

A simple resume format in Word typically includes the following sections. By adding these sections to your simple resume, you can create an outstanding resume to catch the eyes of hiring managers. 

1. Contact Information: 

This section should include your full name, phone number, email address, and location (city and state).

2. Profile Picture:

There is also a section for pictures on the online resume template. You can add your professional picture as well. This will add credibility to your resume and create a professional image in the eyes of hiring managers.

3. Objective or Summary Statement:

This section should briefly summarize your career goals and qualifications and how they relate to the position you are applying for. This is the make-or-break situation for your resume. Write compelling words to help your resume stand out among the competitors.  

4. Education: 

It should list your educational qualifications in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent degree or certification. You can also add any training courses you have taken before that may resonate with the type of job you're applying for.

5. Work Experience:

It should detail your work history, including the name of the company you worked for, your job title, employment dates, and a summary of your responsibilities and accomplishments.

6. Skills: 

This section should list any relevant skills you possess, including technical skills, computer proficiency, language proficiency, and other relevant abilities.

7. References: 

This section is optional, but you may choose to list two to three professional references who can vouch for your work experience and character. You can also add any of the published work you have done before as a link.

It's important to note that a simple resume format in Word is typically less detailed than other formats, such as a functional or chronological resume. However, it should still be well-organized.

Writing a Simple Resume Format in Word

Here is the step-by-step process to write a simple resume format in Word.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Microsoft Word provides many templates for resumes. You can choose one of the templates from the 'Resume' category or search for more online. When choosing a template, make sure it fits the industry you are applying for.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Word

To start creating your resume, open Microsoft Word and select a new document.

Step 3: Add your Contact Information

The foremost thing to add to your simple resume format in Word is your contact information. This should be at the top of your resume and include your full name, phone number, email address, and home address. You can also include your social media profiles if you have any.

Step 4: Write a Professional Summary

A professional summary is a short paragraph that highlights your skills and experience. It should be too long or too short. Use strong adjectives and keywords to make your summary stand out.

Step 5: Add Your Work Experience

Underneath your professional summary, add your work experience. List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order, first with your most recent job. Include your job title, the company name, the dates you worked there, and your job responsibilities. Use numbers and bullets to make it easy to read.

Step 6: Add Your Education

Next, add your education. List your highest level of education first. Include the degree you received, the school you attended, and the dates you attended. If you have any relevant coursework or certifications, include them as well.

Step 7: List Your Skills

Underneath your education, list your skills. Include hard and soft skills, such as communication, time management, professionalism, and others.

Step 8: Add any Relevant Certifications or Training

Make sure to add any relevant certifications or training courses you have taken before relevant to the job you're applying for. This helps in building credibility in front of hiring managers.

Step 9: Include any Pertinent Extracurricular or Volunteer Activities

Add any volunteer or extracurricular activities, including sports, declamations, contests, quizzes, and more. This highlights your skills and capabilities.  

Step 10: Make sure to Proofread for Errors

Ensure to scan and proofread the document several times before sending it to the company or hiring managers. This reduces the risk of errors and enhances the chances of being selected for the desired job.

Why Should You Follow a Simple Resume Format When Applying for a Job?

Following a simple resume format in Word when applying for a job is important for several reasons:

1. Easy to Read:

The best simple resume formats in Word are easier to read and understand, making it easier for employers to quickly scan your resume and pick out the most important information. It avoids using complex formatting and graphics, making a resume difficult to read, especially for automated systems used by recruiters.

2. Professional Appearance:

 A simple resume format in Word template gives your resume a professional appearance, which is important when applying for any job. You should select a simple resume template in Word format from the WPS Office online store.

It looks professional and clean and gives the impression that you are serious about your job search and have taken the time to create a well-crafted resume.

3. Avoids Distractions:

A simple resume format in Word sample avoids the use of unnecessary design elements or graphics that could distract from the content of your resume. It emphasizes the content of your resume rather than the design. This is important because employers are interested in your skills, experience, and accomplishments rather than the design of your resume.

4. Consistency: 

Using a simple resume format in Word helps maintain consistency throughout your resume, making it easier for employers to follow your qualifications and experience.

5. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): 

Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes. A simple resume format in Word example is more likely to be ATS-friendly, ensuring that your resume makes it past the initial screening process and into the hands of a hiring manager.

Overall, following a simple resume format in Word template is an effective way to create clear and concise simple resume formats in Word that highlights your skills. You can create an amazing online resume by following the above-mentioned.

6. Saves Time: 

A simple resume format in Word is quick and easy to create. You don't need to spend a lot of time formatting and designing your resume. This is particularly helpful if you're applying for multiple jobs and must create several resumes.

7. Easy to Update:

Lastly, a simple resume format in Word is easy to update and modify. You can quickly add new information or make changes to your existing resume without having to spend a lot of time on formatting.

Using a simple resume format in Word has several perks that can help you create a professional-looking resume that is easy to read, compatible with ATS, and focuses on your content.

Useful Software Programs That Can Help You Create a Simple Resume:

There are various software programs that you can use to create a simple resume. These programs provide you with multiple features, options, and attributes to create a standout resume for free. Following are some of the most widely used programs for creating a resume:

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is a widely used word-processing program that offers a wide range of features for creating professional resumes. It provides various templates, formatting options, and customization tools to design and structure your resume. You can easily add and edit content and adjust the layout of your resume as per your preferences.

Resume templates on Word

WPS Office:

WPS Office is a free office suite with a word writer compatible with Microsoft Word. The user-friendly interface and features of WPS Writer enable you to format, edit and customize your resume as per your needs. It offers various templates, formatting tools, and editing capabilities for creating free resumes.

Resume templates on WPS Office

Google Docs:

Google Docs is a cloud-based word-processing tool that allows easy access across devices. You can create a professional-looking resume by using the formatting and editing options of google docs. There are also various resume templates available in Google Docs. The features of real-time collaboration, automatic saving, and integration with other Google services make this platform very effective.

Resume templates on Google Docs


Canva is another web-based graphic design tool that offers numerous templates and design elements. You can create visually appealing resumes using pictures and icons in Canva. The layouts provided by Canva are totally customizable and have a variety of colors and fonts.

Resume Templates on Canva

Adobe InDesign:

Adobe InDesign is a professional design software widely used for creating compelling resumes. It offers advanced layout and design features, making it suitable for creating highly customized resumes. You can download your Resume from Adobe InDesign in various file formats.

Resume Templates on Adobe InDesign

Resume Builder Tools:

Apart from various platforms offering free resume templates, there are other online resume builder tools, such as Zety,, or Novoresume. These resume builder tools offer easy-to-use interfaces and pre-designed templates. The advantage of using these tools is that they have built-in proofreading, formatting, and customization features.

Resume templates on Zety

How to Make Your Simple CV Look Appealing?

Following are the simple steps to make your simple CV worth presenting. Following these steps, you can create an amazing online resume template in Word format. Let's get started.

Step #1

First of all, make a checklist of the information you want to include in your simple resume format in Word. Don't add irrelevant information; add concise and to-the-point stuff. This will add credibility to your profile. Don't brag about yourself.

Step #3

Create a simple resume format in Word, keep the margins organized, and add relevant information. Don't add too much spacing, and keep the format simple, as simplicity always gets noticed.

Step #4

Add fonts and colors to make the resume look unique, simple, and aesthetic. Prefer text in black or blue color. This will make your resume easy to scan or read.

Step #5

Don't forget to insert your photo into your resume. This will make the online resume template look simple and professional. Adjust the photo accordingly to the resume and position it to the top left or right of the resume. That’s it!

You can also include keywords in your CV that make it easier for the recruiter to conveniently go through your CV, saving time. However, one thing you must ensure when compiling your CV is that it should be free of grammar and typo errors. All these tips will surely help you acquire your dream job!

Top 5 Simple Resume Formats in Word to Land Your Next Job

Here's a list of the top 5 simple resume formats in Word examples to impress your hiring managers and land your next job. These templates are free to download in simple resume format in Word that can be edited later. Let's have a look at them.

1. Simple Work Resume

This simple grey-scale work resume is ideal for graphic designers and web developers. It is a simple online resume format in Word template that follows a simple pattern, including summary, skills, experience, and education. You can download it if you want your resume to look unique as well as simple. It is a simple resume template available online.

Simple work resume template

2. Simple Resume for Job Hunting

This is one of the simplest resume formats in Word. It has a white background with a simple font and can be used by fresh graduates for hunting jobs and approaching big firms for jobs. Job hunters can add their summary, job experience, work experience, and other related data to impress managers and CEO. It is a sample resume template and is one of the best resume templates available.

Simple resume for job hunting template

3. Blue and Simple Resume

This is one of the best modern resumes widely used by professionals to apply for big industries. This template is editable and can be used by post-graduates, doctors, and Ph.D. holders to apply for big industries. It comes in light blue and can be edited accordingly. It is a downloadable resume format, available online, and can be saved in Word format.

Blue and simple resume template

4. Creative Fresh Resume for Graduates

This is one of the best and most premium simple resume formats available in Word for fresh graduates to apply for new jobs. It contains a portion of the picture and bullet points for the honor and experience section. It is an online resume template and can be downloadable in Word format.

Creative, fresh resume for graduates template

5. Black and White Simple Resume

This is one of the premium templates for graduates, nurses, doctors, and others. They can customize it accordingly and can add their photos and profile pictures. This online resume template is editable, and job applicants can edit them in the WPS office and alter them according to their experience, expertise, and educational background.

Black and white simple resume template


1. How long should a resume be?

The appropriate length of the resume is dependent upon the individual experience of the person and the specific norms and requirements of the industry. However, it is ideal to keep the resume limited to one or two pages as the hiring managers have limited time to review each resume.

2. Should I include references on my resume?

It is generally not necessary to include references on your resume. Instead, it is more common to provide references upon request during the later stages of the hiring process. However, it is essential to be prepared with a list of references when requested by a potential employer.

3. What if I have limited work experience?

If you have limited work experience, you can emphasize on remaining sections of the resume to make it compelling. You can highlight your transferable skills, academic achievements, and relevant experiences and demonstrate a strong work ethic. In this way, you can create a gripping resume to capture the attention of employers.


Overall, the article provides valuable insights into the purpose and structure of the resume. The article emphasizes the availability of editable and downloadable resume templates on various platforms, enabling easy customization and compatibility. The article recommends the 5 best resume templates available on the WPS office.

WPS Office provides feature-rich office tools including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, WPS Office provides a seamless and efficient experience for creating compelling resumes. You can download WPS Office for free on the below link

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