Free Harvard Resume Template PDF Format and Writing Tips

July 31, 2023 17.1K views

Why need a free Harvard resume pdf format?

Are you finding free Harvard resume template PDF files. Here, simply entertaining the idea of putting together a resume is enough to give some people a splitting headache. However, there is no requirement for there to be such a level of complexity. Your CV should be written in such a way that it reads like a brief, award-winning narrative about your professional experiences. According to the professionals offering career guidance at Harvard, here we have the powerful Harvard resume template pdf format in 2023.

How to make a similar Harvard resume online for free?

Although they are not precisely the same (resumes should not be written in a narrative form), they do have certain things in common. For example, they both tell the truth, differentiate you from others, showcase your best unique qualities, and attract the attention of readers. Most of free Harvard resumes are with same styles. If it's difficult for you to download a blank and free Harvard resume template, you can download WPS Office online, which has free editable resume templates and samples online, as well as a top cv builder with a free trial, to aid in your job hunt in 2023. 

Free Harvard resume templates pdf format

1. Free Harvard resumes for undergrad resumes and cover letters

2. Hes resume cover letter guide from Harvard

3. Download Harvard College Bullet Point Resume Template

Use this template to build out your first draft of your resume.

Tips for writing your resume in pdf 2023

1.Tailor your application materials to each position you're applying for.

I've seen a startlingly high number of applicants send out a dozen applications to a dozen different job positions, all of which are formatted in the exact same way and have the exact same content.

A strong cv is one that is formatted specifically for the industry as well as the level of employment for which the applicant is applying. You don't need to go back and edit every single detail on your Harvard resume template pdf. Still, the document as a whole should highlight the abilities and experiences that would be valuable to a potential employer.

2.Ensure that your contact information is included.

According to the advice of Harvard's career specialists, this is one of the top five blunders that people make while creating their resumes.

Always remember to include your email address and phone number in every correspondence you send out. You can go the extra mile by including your LinkedIn profile (just make sure it's up to date) or a website that features examples of your previous work.

The followings should not be included:

  • A listing of references which includes: You don't even need to add references available upon request Because hiring managers will ask for this if you advance in the hiring process. References are available upon request.

  • A picture: It makes no difference how top your selfie game is; uploading a photo of yourself makes you appear unprofessional and may create unconscious bias.

  • Whether taking into account age or gender: Again, remember to maintain your professional demeanor. This is not your profile on

  • Tinder; it's a Harvard resume template pdf format.


3.Embrace the use of action verbs

Because your Harvard resume template pdf is a marketing tool, you should focus on using action verbs throughout. Steer clear of flowery and lofty statements like results-oriented, team player, great communication skills, or hard worker.

The objective is for you to provide detailed information regarding the actions you took in past roles that led to observable improvements in the outcomes of those roles.

Right for your Harvard resume template pdf

You might be wondering what the differences are between passive and active language.

When we speak in a passive voice, the thing being discussed is given the appearance of being the topic of discussion; in other words, events take place without the participation of any specific individuals. For instance, on the curriculum vitae of a fundraiser, you can come across the statement, The number of donations grew 50 percent.

On the other hand, active language always refers to a doer, which should ideally be you. For instance, on that same fundraising, one can remark, I boosted the amount of gifts by fifty percent.

In addition, the professionals from Harvard have painstakingly compiled a list of over two hundred dynamic verbs for you to include in your Harvard resume template pdf. Here is where you may download the complete content (pdf format).

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If there is too much information or pictures in your resume, you can learn how to compress pdf to optimize your resume.

In 2023, everything is recovering from COVID-19.  I sincerely hope that was of some assistance to you after using WPS Office and creating a successful Harvard resume pdf format! You can also unlock PDF resume template with WPS Office. If you are still unsure as to whether or not your CV is up to par, you might want to think about investing an hour or two with a career coach or counselor. It might be money well spent!

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