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Effective communication is paramount in today's fast-paced business world., a revolutionary presentation software, has emerged as a game-changer, allowing businesses to create stunning visual content effortlessly. However, before diving into the world of, it's essential to understand its pricing structure.

Let’s dive deep and find what the beautiful AI pricing structure is.

Part 1: What is Beautiful.AI?

Beautiful.AI is a web-based presentation software designed to simplify and enhance the process of creating visually appealing and professional presentations that can help individuals in professional environments. presentation maker

Its fundamental working principle centers around the intelligent automation of design elements, allowing users to focus on how to communicate and present content and messaging rather than digging into design details.

Key functions of Beautiful.AI include:

Smart Templates:

Beautiful.AI offers a selection of professionally designed templates tailored for various presentation purposes, such as business pitches, reports, and educational slides.

Automated Design Suggestions:

The platform provides intelligent design recommendations for layout, color schemes, fonts, and other visual elements for slides. This ensures a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look for each slide.

Content Alignment and Formatting:

Beautiful.AI automatically adjusts the placement and formatting of text and images based on artificial intelligence to create a balanced and visually appealing composition of the whole presentation.

Charts and Graphs:

Users can easily create dynamic and customizable charts and graphs to visually represent data and statistics. This is especially for presenting business reports and statistics.

Collaborative Features:

Beautiful.AI supports real-time online collaboration, which allows multiple users to work on a presentation simultaneously. This facilitates seamless and efficient teamwork.

Customization Options:

While Beautiful.AI automates many design aspects, users still have the flexibility to customize presentation elements to suit their specific preferences and needs.

What are the Pros and Cons of Beautiful.AI:


  • Beautiful.AI provides intelligent design suggestions, making it easy for users to create appealing presentations without design expertise.

  • It saves time and effort by offering a range of professionally designed templates tailored for various presentation purposes.

  • Beautiful.AI features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • The platform automatically adjusts the placement and formatting of text and images, ensuring a balanced presentation.

From users’ perspective, using beautiful AI is like visiting the future. This means it offers many fantastic templates and prebuilt slides that provide very high-level information. This makes beautiful AI pricing cost-effective.


  • While Beautiful.AI offers design automation, users may find limited options in customizing certain design elements compared to more advanced design tools.

  • As a web-based platform, Beautiful.AI requires an internet connection to access and use, which may be a drawback for users with limited connectivity.

  • Beautiful AI pricing operates on a subscription-based model, which means users need to pay for a premium plan to access advanced features and functionality.

  • While templates are a positive point of this tool, users who prefer complete creative freedom may find the ready-made layouts somewhat restrictive.

According to some users, you can get stuck in customizing your presentation because the software is trying to do something different. Also, some users have reported that there is no undo button, and also, copying and pasting from other applications is pretty hard.

Part 2: Is the pricing of Beautiful.AI fair for you?

Beautiful.AI pricing:

Beautiful.AI offers both free and paid subscription plans for every type of user. Basically, there are 4 types of plans, out of which 3 are subscription-based, and one is a free plan. The free plan, as obvious by the name, is free for users who want to use basic features and functionalities.

You can find the details of all the plans below:


This plan offers functionalities and features, including:

  • Limited access to templates and features.

  • Watermarked presentations.

  • Basic design customization options.

You can continue using this plan for Beautiful AI pricing for the first 14 days, and after this, you will have to pay for a pro plan to use advanced features.


The subscription plan for Beautiful AI pricing is designed for students enrolled in registered educational institutions. This plan is defined keeping in mind that design and education should be accessible to everyone.

All you have to do is verify your .edu account, and you will receive an email with a coupon code to register and create your free account.

Remember that this plan is only free for the first year of registration. After this, you will have to subscribe to a monthly subscription plan. student plan

Pro: Pro plan

The pro plan for Beautiful AI pricing is designed for individuals who want additional functionality and features with Beautiful AI. This plan has the following features:

  • Monthly Subscription: $12 per month.

  • Annual Subscription: $144 per year (billed annually).

  • Full access to all templates and features.

  • No watermarks on presentations.

  • Access to unlimited slides.

  • Priority support.

  • AI content generation

  • Offline access to presentations.

  • Export to PDF and PowerPoint.

Keep in mind that you can try this pro plan for free for the first 14 days and cancel anytime if you want. You won’t be charged for these first 14 days.

Team: team plan

As obvious by the name, this plan is designed for teams who want to use Beautiful AI for organizational use. This plan for Beautiful AI pricing includes:

  • Monthly Subscription: $50 per user per month if billed monthly.

  • Annual Subscription: $40 per user per month (billed annually).

  • All features of the Pro plan, plus:

  • Collaborative features for teams

  • User management and admin controls

  • Custom company themes

  • Centralized template library

  • Shared asset library

Just like the Pro version, this plan is also free for the first 14 days for all the users registered with the team. You can use it for the first 14 days and then cancel the subscription if you don’t want to use it.

Enterprise: enterprise plan

This enterprise plan is designed for enterprises that have an indefinite user base and want to use Beautiful AI on an organizational or multi-organizational level. This plan for Beautiful AI pricing includes the following:

  • Custom pricing based on the features and number of users.

  • Tailored to the specific needs and size of large organizations.

  • Includes all features of the Team plan.

  • Customized solutions, dedicated support, and additional services.

  • User provisioning

  • Audit events

  • Team training

  • Priority support

Part 3: How to make presentations in Beautiful.AI in simple ways?

Steps to register for a free account with Beautiful.AI

Step 1: To start making presentations with, you will need to first access from your browser.

Go to the search bar of your browser and search for website

Step 2: Once you are on the website, search for the sign up button. You will see this button in the top right corner and also right in the center of the screen. Click this button, and you will be directed to a new window. sign up

Step 3: You will have to select the Beautiful ai pricing plan you want to buy. Choose the one that suits your needs and click the button. pricing plans

Step 4: On the sign-up screen, you have two options. Either you can sign-up by Google mail or provide any other email address to sign up to sign up form

Step 5: After registering and signing yourself up, you will need to provide the payment details to start your plan/s. This window will provide you with the annual plan for Provide the payment details and click Try it for Free to start your free trial for the first 14 days. free trial

Step 6: If you don’t want to pay an annual subscription fee, you will need to select Cancel and will have to select the monthly plan monthly subscription

Steps to use functions of Beautiful.AI

Step 1: To use Beautiful AI in your browser, go to the presentation screen and click New Presentation. start presentation

Step 2: Next in the window, you will need to select any of the templates from the available templates. templates

Step 3: There are also some other editing options you can edit your presentation from. You can find these options from the side panel. options

Step 4: Once you are done with the presentation, you can present and share your presentation from within the window. share option

Step 5: While sharing the presentation, you will need to place the email of the subject you want to send it to. You can also place two or more emails in the tab. email share

While using it, we have found that Beautiful.AI is popular among business professionals, including entrepreneurs, executives, and marketing teams. Teachers, professors, and students can use Beautiful.AI to create engaging educational presentations.

Part 4: Best Excellent Presentation Tools - WPS Presentation

WPS Presentation software

WPS Presentation is a versatile presentation software developed by WPS Office, a popular suite of office productivity tools. It offers a comprehensive set of features for creating, editing, and delivering presentations.

It provides a range of templates, slide transitions, animation effects, and collaborative tools, enabling users to craft visually appealing and engaging presentations for business, education, or personal purposes.

Pros of WPS Presentation:

  • The software is completely free to download and use on your PC and any other device. You can simply download and install it and start using it.

  • WPS Presentation has a rich template store that can provide you with multiple templates to choose from.

  • It is a lightweight software that doesn’t consume multiple PC resources.

  • It supports online documents from multiple online directories like DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

  • The software is completely safe and stable to use with regular updates and security patches.

Steps to free download WPS Presentation:

Step 1: Go to and find the WPS Presentation software.

WPS Presentation website

Step 2: While you are on the website, you will see two options on the page that will allow you to download the WPS Presentation on your PC.

WPS Presentation download

Step 3: After clicking the download button, you will see the WPS Presentation software being downloaded on your PC. You can see the progress in the download panel on your browser.

WPS Presentation downloaded

Improve your work efficiency - WPS AI

WPS AI software is one of the best presentation software in the market that can be used to create and edit presentations. You can download and install WPS AI on your PC and on any other device. You can easily improve your work efficiency by having the WPS AI  software on your device.

This software is lightweight and can also be integrated with other WPS applications. This will then help you create documents and presentations with the help of AI.

It can generate themes, page numbers, and automatically generate outlines. You can also generate a complete PPT by using WPS AI. It also supports the ability to generate a single page, expand and rewrite, create inspiration, and write more efficiently.

How to Download WPS AI:

Step 1: Go to the website and find the download button for WPS AI. Click on the Free Download and then select the device or operating system you want to use it for.

WPS AI download options

Step 2: After clicking on the device of your choice, you can check the download progress in the side panel of the browser.

WPS AI downloaded

Steps to edit Presentation with WPS AI:

Step 1: Open a presentation with the WPS AI, and in the upper menu, you will find multiple options to edit your presentation. You can choose any option and edit your presentation the way you want.

presentation in WPS AI

Step 2: You can change the design elements of your presentation by going to the Design tab and selecting Edit Slide Master. This will also give you options on editing your presentation.

WPS AI edit options

Step 3: Once you are done editing your presentation, you can save the presentation by going to the Menu option in the upper left corner and then saving the presentation as a WPS Presentation file.

WPS Save as option

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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Here are some frequently asked questions by users seeking to know the pricing of Beautiful AI.

  1. How does differ from other presentation software? stands out by offering AI-driven design suggestions, making it easy for users to create stunning presentations without design skills.

  1. Can I export my presentations to other formats?

A: Yes, allows users to export presentations in various formats, including PDF and PowerPoint, making it compatible with different platforms and devices.

  1. Does Beautiful AI pricing offer a free plan?

You can use for free by registering yourself for the Pro plan. It will then allow you to use for free for the first 14 days.

On the other hand, you can register for a student plan if you have an email address with a .edu domain. This way, you will be able to use free for the first year.

Beautiful AI Pricing Compared with WPS is a useful presentation creation platform that can be used to create AI-powered presentations. But the only problem is that you can use this platform after purchasing a Pro plan. This plan can be costly for some users.

That’s why we recommend using WPS Office Suite, which offers WPS Presentation software used to create, edit, and share presentations. You can create presentations in the WPS Office with the help of WPS AI. This will allow you to create presentations from multiple templates and pre-build formats to help you with the design as well as information part of the presentation.

The best part is that all of this is absolutely free.

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