How to Use Beautiful.AI as Students (The Ultimate Guide)

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Crafting an engaging introduction begins with understanding the user's needs and expectations. In this guide, we'll explore how Beautiful.AI revolutionizes student presentations, ensuring a captivating learning experience. From intuitive interfaces to time-saving features, Beautiful.AI is poised to become an indispensable tool for students worldwide.

Part 1 : Is Beautiful.AI good for students?

Beautiful.AI as Students

Beautiful.AI is a presentation software that utilizes artificial intelligence to help users create visually appealing and engaging presentations. For students, Beautiful.AI offers a number of advantages that can make it a valuable tool for their academic endeavors.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface: Beautiful.AI is designed to be easy to use, even for those with no prior experience in presentation design. The software's drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to add and arrange content, and the AI-powered design assistant provides helpful suggestions for layouts, fonts, and colors.

  • High-quality templates and designs: Beautiful.AI offers a wide range of professionally designed templates that can be used as a starting point for presentations. These templates are all created by experienced designers, and they can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of a presentation.

  • Collaboration features: Beautiful.AI makes it easy for students to collaborate on presentations. Multiple users can work on the same presentation at the same time, and changes are automatically saved and synced. This can be a valuable feature for group projects or for students who are working with classmates or mentors.


  • Limited customization options: While Beautiful.AI offers a wide range of templates and design elements, the software's customization options are somewhat limited. This can be a drawback for students who want to create truly unique presentations.

  • Learning curve: While Beautiful.AI is generally easy to use, there is still a learning curve associated with the software. Students may need to spend some time experimenting with the software before they are able to create presentations that meet their needs.

  • Cost: Beautiful.AI offers a free plan with limited features. However, the full-featured plan is a paid subscription. This can be a barrier for students who are on a budget.

Overall, Beautiful.AI is a valuable tool for students who are looking for a presentation software that is easy to use and produces high-quality results. The software's intuitive interface, high-quality templates, and collaboration features make it a good choice for students who are working on individual or group projects.

Part 2: Can Students Use for Free?

Yes, students can indeed use Beautiful.AI for free, thanks to its special offering for educational purposes. Below is a step-by-step guide on how students can access and make the most of Beautiful.AI without incurring any costs.

Step 1: Visit the Educational Page

Go to the Beautiful.AI Education page by following this link: Beautiful.AI Education.

Step 2: Sign Up with Your Educational Email

Click on the "Get Started for Free" button. You'll be prompted to sign up. Ensure you use your official educational email address to verify your student status.

Sign Up with Educational Email

Step 3: Confirm Your Student Status

Once you've signed up, you may need to confirm your student status. Follow the instructions provided by Beautiful.AI to complete this process.

Confirm Student Status

Step 4: Access Free Templates and Features

After your student status is confirmed, you'll gain access to a wide range of free templates and features tailored to educational use. Browse through the available templates and select the one that best suits your presentation needs.

Step 5: Create and Customize Your Presentation

Utilize Beautiful.AI's intuitive interface to create and customize your presentation. You can add text, images, charts, and more to make your presentation visually appealing and informative.

Create and Customize

Step 6: Save and Share Your Presentation

Once you've completed your presentation, save it on Beautiful.AI's platform. You can then share it with your peers, instructors, or anyone else you'd like to present it to.

Save and Share

By following these steps, students can effectively use Beautiful.AI for their academic presentations without incurring any costs.

Part 3: Get More Beautiful PowerPoint Templates in WPS Office

WPS Office logo

WPS Office is a comprehensive productivity suite that offers a viable alternative to Microsoft Office. With its intuitive interface and wide range of features, WPS Office is a powerful tool for creating and managing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

WPS Office is a versatile and free productivity suite that offers a number of advantages over Microsoft Office, including:

  • Compatibility: WPS Office is fully compatible with Microsoft Office files, so you can easily open, edit, and save documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats. This makes it a great option for students and professionals who need to collaborate with others who use Microsoft Office.

  • Affordability: WPS Office is completely free to use, while Microsoft Office requires a paid subscription. This makes WPS Office a great option for students and budget-conscious users.

  • Features: WPS Office offers a wide range of features that are comparable to those found in Microsoft Office. These features include spell check, grammar check, mail merge, and templates.

  • Cross-platform support: WPS Office is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This means that you can use it on any device, regardless of your operating system.

  • Built-in templates store: WPS Office offers a built-in templates store with a wide variety of free templates for PowerPoint presentations. These templates are designed by professional designers and can be used to create high-quality presentations.

How to use WPS AI for PowerPoint Presentations

Using WPS AI in WPS Office is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your presentation creation. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use WPS AI:

Step 1: Open WPS Office: Launch WPS Office on your computer.

WPS office

Step 2: Create a New Presentation: Select "New" to start a new presentation.

Create a New Presentation

Step 3: Access WPS AI: Look for the "AI" icon within the software. It's usually located in the toolbar.

Access WPS AI

Step 4: Choose a Topic or Provide Content: You have the option to either select a topic from the provided suggestions or input your own content.

Choose a Topic or Provide Content

Step 5: Generate Slide Design: WPS AI will automatically generate a slide design based on the topic or content you provided. This design will include placeholders for text and potentially graphics.

Step 6: Customize the Generated Slides: Edit the generated slides as per your preference. You can modify text, add or change images, insert charts, and incorporate other elements to tailor the presentation to your specific needs.

Step 7: Review and Make Adjustments: Take a moment to review the generated design and make any additional adjustments or refinements.

Review and Make Adjustments

Step 8: Save Your Presentation: Once you're satisfied with the presentation, save it to your preferred location on your computer.

Save Your Presentation

Step 9: Share Your Presentation: With your presentation complete, you can now share it with your intended audience. You have the option to email it, upload it to a cloud service, or present it directly from WPS Office.

Share Your Presentation

Using WPS AI can significantly streamline the process of creating visually appealing and impactful presentations. Its intelligent design suggestions and user-friendly interface make it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced presenters.

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1.Is Beautiful ai safe to use?

Yes, is safe to use. It is a trusted presentation software used by many individuals and businesses.

2.Which is the best AI for students?

The best AI for students depends on their specific needs. Some popular options include Grammarly for writing assistance, Google Workspace for productivity, Wolfram Alpha for math, Duolingo for language learning, Khan Academy for various subjects, and ScribeSense for digital note-taking.


This comprehensive guide illuminates the transformative power of Beautiful.AI for student presentations. Coupled with the expansive features of WPS Office, students can elevate their presentations to new heights. Embrace these tools and witness a paradigm shift in your academic presentations. Elevate your presentations with Beautiful.AI and WPS Office, and set a new standard for impactful communication in your academic journey.

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