Quick Overview of WPS File and How to Convert WPS to Word for Free

July 31, 2023 5.8K views

WPS is a file format, similar to text documents, created by Microsoft Works Word Processor. This file is homogeneous to the Doc files created by Microsoft Word, but with limited composition options, and didn’t allow macros to be inserted in the document. This type of format was terminated in 2006 by Microsoft, with (*.doc) being the new format having newfangled formatting options. In 2009 Microsoft announced the retirement of Microsoft Works, with Works 9 being the last version.

In the modern era, most text processors don’t support the editing of this document, so it’s better to convert WPS to word for easy processing and myriads of formatting possibilities. Here, we’ll walk through the easiest ways to convert WPS to word; for this reason, friends keep reading that piece of knowledge.

How to convert WPS to Word Using WPS Office Software - Recommended Method

The Usage of the WPS Office editor is one of the most convenient ways to convert WPS files to word for free without the internet. For this process, follow the below instructions:

1-The first thing you need to do is download and install WPS Office software for your desktop.

2-Once done, right-click on the file that needs the conversion, and a detailed menu will unfold in front of you; now select open with > WPS Office.


3-See the file’s been opened in the program interface; you can edit the file if needed and then hover the mouse over the menu option on the upper left corner in WPS Office. Click on the “Save as “ from the newly opened bar and select Microsoft word document (*.docx) as the output file.


4-Please choose the location where you want to save the file and rename it accordingly. Hurrah! The process’s been finished. You can check the new document is in word format now.

How to convert WPS to Word Using Online Tool

“Online Converter” is a handy tool to assist in the conversion of WPS to word. There is no need to install any other means; visit this online platform and perform all types of interconversion of files.

Steps to follow:

1-Open your favourite browser, and in the search bar, type “Convert WPS to Word online”; a tool list will show up. Scroll down and visit the official website naming program interface will appear.

2-Hit the “Choose File” option and navigate for the file that you want to convert; you can select the file from the computer, dropbox, or google drive or enter the URL of the file.


3-Click on the “Start” button to continue the conversion. It’ll undergo processing ranging from a few seconds to a minute. So , wait patiently.


4-When the process finishes, the output file will automatically be downloaded; otherwise, click on the “Download” button to download the file for further use.


About WPS Office Software: Final Remarks

WPS Office ,previously known as Kingsoft software,stands for Word ,Presentation and spreadsheet, is a lightweight and handy software suite to support all types of files i.e., text formats(WPS, docx ,doc, dot, docm),Presentations (ppt, ppts, DPS, dpss etc) ,spreadsheets (Xls, CSV, xlsb etc) ,HTML and PDF.It’s a convenient and affordable way to convert WPS to word, compose, convert, split, manage and compare PDF files. So, don’t waste your time on other expensive software and download WPS Office Software from the link:

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