The Best AI Proofreaders and Paraphrasing Tools

April 3, 2024 276 views

As someone who writes frequently, I understand that you may already utilize some AI writing tools, just like I do. Writers have it easier now, with various tools to help spark inspiration and achieve a masterpiece. However, these AI writing tools are not absolutely perfect.

Sometimes, you may find yourself battling with countless errors in AI-generated content. This may even lead to you spending much time re-editing and optimizing the content. In such a scenario, there is one more trump card you can use ─ AI proofreading tools.

Top AI Grammar Checkers and Paraphrasing Tools

Whether you are a student, a professional writer, or an office worker who needs writing to get through your everyday life at work, the right tool can elevate your piece. Who is better to hold your hands through the journey of flawless and error-free writing than us?

Regarding experience, we are a team of copywriters with over fifteen years of experience in the Office software industry. So, it is safe to say we have tried enough AI writing and proofreading tools to give a fair assessment. Below is the list of the top AI grammar checkers and paraphrasing tools you can use and when to use them:


Keep reading to explore more about our findings on these six tools. You should find a fit for yourself at the end of this article.

WPS Office: Al Proofread&Paraphrasing tool Integrated Office Suite


Selecting Grammar Checker & Paraphrasing Tool: What Matters Most?

Even the most stunning piece loses its shine if there are grammatical and spelling mistakes. No writer is above typos. Therefore, you should be armed with the ultimate weapon to rid your writing of errors ─ an AI proofreader.

However, finding a trustworthy AI proofreading tool can be challenging since many of such tools are out there. Below are some key factors to consider when selecting the perfect grammar checker and paraphrasing tool to work with:

  • Accuracy

Accuracy is a primary focus when choosing a proofreading tool. Choose a tool that swiftly identifies and rectifies spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors. Ensure your proofreading tool can also detect commonly confused words and prevent mistakes from slipping by.

  • Coverage

Many proofreaders offer basic spelling and grammar error corrections, but that is not what we need. Instead, go for tools that can do more, like subject-verb agreement, word choice, punctuation rules, and complex sentence structures.

  • Versatility

Having a tool that works well on a platform is great. However, what do you say about having one tool that works excellently across many platforms? This versatility eliminates the need for multiple proofreading tools. It can also make your work faster and more seamless. Choose a proofreading tool that can work across apps and browsers through extensions.

You should also consider a proofreading tool’s versatility based on language variants. Choose a tool that can work on different dialects like English Language AU, US, UK, and CA.

  • Feedback and Suggestions

A great proofreading tool doesn’t just detect your errors and remove them. They provide feedback and suggestions that improve your writing over time. Choose a tool that tells you what needs to be improved rather than swap out the writings.

  • Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism detection is a major feature a high-capability proofreading tool should have. Choose a tool that helps you ensure originality and avoid duplicate content by scouring a multitude of resources on the internet. This ensures you do not take anything from the internet without authorization, and eventually get into trouble.

  • Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing or rewording is an indispensable feature as you may want to write concisely and expand at some time. This feature can help the tool suggest similes and other ways and tones that can make your writing unique.

  • User-friendliness

You do not want to spend valuable time that you can use to get other things done, trying to get the hang of your AI proofreading tool instead. Therefore, it is essential that you choose an AI proofreading tool that is not only of great quality but also easy to use. Also, consider choosing a tool with a free version that can help you with your casual writing, with the premium version reserved for professional writing.

6 Best AI Proofreading&Paraphrasing Tools for 2024 

In today’s digital age, where written communication plays a crucial role in various aspects of life, having access to efficient proofreading and paraphrasing tools can significantly enhance the quality of your content.

As such, choosing six AI editing tools among the multitude available is not a walk in the park. But, worry no more! We’ve evaluated each tool discussed in this article with the abovementioned factors and ensured they all passed well.

Our top 6 best AI editing tools are:

1. Quillbot – The Best Rewriting Tool

Quillbot's user interface

Quillbot stands out as a versatile rewriting tool that empowers users to transform their writing effortlessly. With nine rewriting modes and adjustable intensity settings, Quillbot caters to various rewriting needs, from simple paraphrasing to comprehensive content reorganization.

One practical scenario where Quillbot shines is in content expansion, where complex ideas need to be communicated clearly and concisely. You can access Quillbot by visiting their website. Once you are there, you will see the available tools in the left sidebar. Click any of the tools to launch the user interface for each. Each tool will have a consistent layout with different features that you can use to start refining your content.

You don’t need to create an account; you can use the free version of Quillbot, but it comes with limitations. This tool offers an intuitive, clean, and user-friendly interface. However, you may find the initial learning curve challenging, especially when using advanced features. But, you can use Quillbot's data statistics feature to quantify the impact of your revisions, ensuring improved readability and coherence.

Top features:

  • Paraphrasing: Quillbot rephrases sentences and paragraphs, avoiding plagiarism, improving clarity, and finding alternative wording.

  • Summarizing: Quillbot efficiently condenses text into concise summaries for quick information extraction.

  • Content Generation: Quillbot aids in creating original, relevant content by providing prompts and starting lines.

  • Creative Writing: Quillbot aids creative writing by offering inspiration and overcoming writer's block.

  • Translation: Quillbot supports multiple languages translation, benefiting multilingual writers and content creators.

  • Learning and Research: Quillbot enhances learning and research by simplifying complex topics for efficient comprehension.

Subscribing to Quillbot is a great financial decision. It only costs $19.95 monthly, and you have a three-day money-back guarantee; talk of an organization that is confident in its product. You can also choose the $99 annual subscription, saving over 50%.

2.WPS AI Spell Check —The Best AI Proofreading Tool Integrated in Office

WPS AI Spell Check

Tired of copying text to an online AI editing tool and then pasting it back to Word? If you're accustomed to using desktop Office for writing, why not opt for an Office tool integrated with AI editing and proofreading capabilities! WPS AI Spell Check is an excellent proofreading and paraphrasing tool that is embedded in the WPS Office. Its seamless integration with office tools boosts efficiency, enabling users to work across the board without leaving the WPS office. You can use this tool for real-time spell check and corrections, leaving you with a polished document. 

Real-time Spell & Grammar Check

Not only spell check! WPS AI Spell Checker also provides a paraphrasing function with various tones, ranging from academic to business, and beyond. Simply set your desired goals, and you'll receive a well-rewritten paragraph.

AI Paraphrasing in different tones

WPS AI Spell Check is ideal for you in professional correspondence, where accuracy and clarity are paramount. This tool goes beyond basic spell checking; it provides comprehensive feedback on correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. Thus, enhancing your overall writing quality.

While it may lack extensive customization options and integration with other platforms, its affordability and accessibility make it a valuable addition to any writer's toolkit.

Top features:

  • Seamless Integration: Integrated into WPS Office, WPS AI Spell Check offers real-time spell check and corrections, enhancing document polish without leaving the office suite.

  • Comprehensive Feedback: It provides feedback on Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery, refining the overall quality of writing.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Its simple interface ensures even novices can utilize its features efficiently.

  • Paraphrasing in different tones: One-click polish for your text, whether it's academic or work-related.

  • Affordability: The free version and a paid monthly subscription of $2.99 make it accessible for various user needs.

Overall, WPS AI is a leading integrated AI office solution. It seamlessly integrates with your workflow, enabling you to have advanced proofreading and suggestions without leaving WPS office applications.

3. Ginger –The Best Multilingual AI Paraphrasing Tool

Ginger's user interface

Ginger is a versatile AI paraphrasing tool with broad language compatibility that offers services in over 40 languages. With its widespread language compatibility and browser plugin accessibility, this tool is for you if you are a writer like me who deals with diverse linguistic content.

From our review, we found out that Ginger shines in global content creation, where accuracy and fluency across multiple languages are crucial. Although the interface is visually lacking compared to other top tools, it makes up for that with how intuitive it is.

However, the rewriting styles are somewhat limited in the free version. Do not be discouraged yet! You can go for the premium version at $13.99 monthly or $79 annually for more enhanced customization options.

Top features:

  • Broad Language Compatibility: With support for over 40 languages, Ginger is indispensable for users working on diverse linguistic content.

  • Web Browser Compatibility: Its plugin works seamlessly across various web browsers, ensuring accessibility worldwide.

  • Customization Options: While the interface is not that great, the premium version offers more customization options for rewriting styles.

  • Personal Trainer: Ginger Software offers a personal trainer feature that helps multilingual writers improve their English language skills over time.

4. Hemingway Editor Plus –The Best Immersive Writing Assistant

Hemingway Editor's user interface

Hemingway Editor Plus feels similar to working within a professional writing suite due to its immersive writing canvas and intuitive editing features. This tool enables you to switch between writing and editing seamlessly. Everything you need to complete your writing is in this one tool. As such, there is less distraction, giving room for efficient writing and high-quality results.

This tool has a writing canvas that allows for seamless adjustment of text formatting and hyperlink integration, fostering creativity and clarity in writing. The newly introduced Plus version, going for $10 per month, features AI rewriting mode and a checklist for intuitive editing, enhancing the overall editing process.

Top features:

  • Immersive Writing Experience: Hemingway Editor Plus creates an immersive writing environment, allowing users to focus on content creation without distractions.

  • Performance Score: This tool has a readability grade level analysis; the lower the grade on a scale of 10, the better the content.

  • Advanced Text Analysis: This tool is a master at highlighting complex sentences for readability improvement and suggestions for simplification.

  • High Flexibility: Hemingway Editor Plus integrates with other writing platforms like WordPress and Medium. It also offers the ability to export and save documents in various formats.

Furthermore, Hemingway editor has an algorithm that makes color-coded suggestions. The sentences highlighted in yellow are identified as lengthy or structurally complex. The way out is to split or simplify such sentences. Those highlighted in red point that the sentence structure may confuse readers due to length or complex phrasing. The solution here is to rewrite such sentences until the red highlight disappears.

The sentences highlighted in purple are those with a more suitable, simpler alternative. The solution here is to hover over them to see Hemingway's suggestion. The blue highlight signals adverbs that may appear weak or hesitant language in the piece. Hemingway suggests that they should be removed from the content.

Lastly, sentences highlighted in green indicate a passive tone. Although this is apt in some contexts, an active tonality usually makes a more powerful statement.

5. Microsoft Editor –The Preferred Choice in the Microsoft Software Ecosystem

Microsoft Edito's user interface

Microsoft Editor is the preferred AI writing tool within the Microsoft software ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Software, offering a cohesive editing experience across various platforms. It feels familiar and intuitive to a regular user of Microsoft software, enhancing the overall efficiency.

Microsoft Editor has a free version that provides basic grammar and spell-check functionalities. You need to subscribe to the premium version for $6.99 to unlock the premium editing features like text prediction, similarity checker, inclusiveness, advanced grammar, etc.

Top features:

  • Style and Clarity Suggestions: Microsoft Editor offers style and clarity suggestions to enhance the readability and coherence of your writing. You can use it to identify issues such as wordiness, passive voice, and unclear phrasing.

  • Grammar and Spelling Checks: It provides real-time grammar and spelling suggestions as you type, helping to catch errors and improve overall accuracy.

  • Collaboration Tools: It offers collaboration tools that allow multiple users to edit and review documents simultaneously, facilitating collaborative writing projects.

  • Accessibility Features: Microsoft Editor includes accessibility features such as text-to-speech and readability options to assist users with different needs and preferences.

6. Trinka – The Best Professional Academic Writing

Trinka's user interface

Trinka is a specialized AI proofreading tool for academic writing. It is an invaluable resource for researchers, educationists, academicians, scholars, and students. Its plagiarism detection encompasses a wide range of resources, ensuring academic integrity and enabling excellence.

Although similar to other editing software, Trinka tailors its suggestions, tone, and feedback to meet academic needs. However, its focus limits its appeal to users outside the academic community seeking more general-purpose editing tools.

Top features:

  • Error-Free Academic Papers: Trinka provides real-time grammar and spelling checks, ensuring your academic papers are free from basic language errors.

  • Writing Analysis: Trinka provides detailed writing analysis, including readability scores and sentence structure evaluations. This analysis can help you identify areas for improvement and refine your writing style to meet academic standards.

  • Plagiarism Detection: Trinka includes a plagiarism detection feature that can scan academic papers for potential instances of copied or unoriginal content, ensuring academic integrity.

  • Citation and Reference Assistance: While specifics may vary, some writing assistants like Trinka may also provide support for citation styles. You can use this tool to format references according to academic standards such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.

Note that Trinka’s Premium monthly subscription is $6.67. The subscription comes with 10 free credits, which can be used to check for plagiarism, proofread files, and publication readiness checks.

Ultimate Comparison of AI Proofreading and Paraphrasing Tools 

If after reading the reviews of each tool above you still don't know which one to choose,

the table below provides an overview of these advanced AI tools for paraphrasing and editing, including their pricing:



WPS AI Spell Check


Hemingway Editor

Microsoft Editor


Spelling correction

Grammar correction


plagiarism check

Adjustable rewriting intensity.

Highly custom settings

Color-coded feedback

Integration with own Office Suites



Price from







With the help of AI-powered writing and editing features, I've significantly boosted my efficiency in reviewing various types of writing. While different software designs and interaction methods cater to most users' needs, it's essential to note that actual effectiveness depends on personal experience. After reading the article, use the summarized experiences and conclusions to choose the right AI writing and editing tool for your needs. If you frequently use Office for writing, using Office software integrated with AI Proofread would be your best choice. It eliminates the need to copy and paste into a browser website, significantly enhancing your writing efficiency. Click the button below to download WPS Office integrated with AI tools.

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  • Is AI Proofread really more accurate than Manual Proofread?

AI proofreading uses highly sophisticated algorithms to analyze texts and suggest corrections. As such, it is fast and can scan documents for typos, grammatical errors, and formatting inconsistencies quickly. However, this mode of proofreading may sometimes struggle to understand unusual phrases, making using it for creative or specialized texts difficult.

On the other hand, manual proofreading is time-consuming and can be inconsistent. However, you can easily grab contexts, styles, and intents. AI texts usually have more advantages than manual proofreading, especially for essays. It is advisable to combine both, first proofreading the texts with AI. Let AI do the heavy lifting, correcting basic mistakes, inconsistencies, typos, and grammar errors. Then, you can go in with your trained eyes and correct any arrears the AI falls short.

  • Is it safe to use AI writing plugins on websites or software?

It is generally safe to use AI plugins. They can also help you get over writer’s block easily, and some can help with search engine optimizations.

However, AI plugins usually generate contents that lack originality and can contain some errors. They can also lead to data leaks, as some websites can use your information without authorization. So, only choose plugins from reputable sources and be mindful of the data you submit to plugins.

  • Why doesn't my WPS have AI Spell Check?

This feature is currently still in the testing phase. In mid-April, all users will experience the latest version of WPS Office with AI Spell Check integrated.


There is a limit to the errors you can catch by yourself. Thankfully, you can harness AI proofreading and paraphrasing tools for quality and efficient writing.

This article has revealed the best 6 AI editing tools, measured based on their accuracy, versatility, coverage, user-friendliness, plagiarism detection, and ability to give feedback and suggestions.

So, whether you’re a student, professional, or content creator, integrating these tools into your writing workflow can significantly improve your writing skills and productivity.

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.