The Ultimate Guide Mastering the Art of Erasing Pen Marks

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In today's digital world, Microsoft Word plays a crucial role in office and academic environments as the go-to document processing software. As users edit and annotate their documents, the Pen tool often comes into play, allowing for marking and annotations. However, knowing how to effectively erase pen marks in Word is equally important. This article aims to provide valuable insights on using various features and techniques to erase pen traces seamlessly. We will address common conflicts related to security and protection and answer important questions about utilizing the erase pen. Embark on this informative journey to enhance your Word editing skills.

Why Need to Erase Pen

Office software should include an erase feature for pen strokes or doodles in order to eliminate traces when drawing in Word. This feature allows for quick correction and changes while taking notes or annotating a document with a digital pen or stylus. It promotes clarity, readability, and organization by removing unnecessary marks, facilitating the revision process, and presenting a polished and professional appearance. In summary, the erase feature gives users flexibility and control over their digital ink notes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

How to Erase Pen Using  WPS

The process of using the Erase Pen in WPS is straightforward and user-friendly. By following a few simple steps, you can effortlessly modify and correct your documents. Whether you need to erase a specific section, correct a mistake, or annotate the content, the Erase Pen in WPS provides a convenient and efficient solution. With its intuitive interface and precise functionality, users can easily navigate through their documents and make necessary adjustments.

Step 1. Open the WPS document in which you want to use the Erase Pen.

Step 2. Locate the Erase Pen tool. It is usually found in the toolbar or the drawing options.

Step 3. Activate the Erase Pen by selecting it.

Step 4. With the Erase Pen active, you can start erasing or deleting content on your document. Simply click and drag the Erase Pen over the areas you wish to erase.

Step 5. If you accidentally erase something you didn't intend to, you can use the Undo feature in the toolbar to revert the changes.

Step 6. Once you have finished using the Erase Pen, you can switch back to the regular cursor or select another tool from the toolbar to continue working on your document.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the Erase Pen in WPS to modify and correct your documents as needed.



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How to Erase Pen Using Microsoft Word

To erase pen in Microsoft Word, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Word document.

Step 2: Go to the "Draw" tab in the toolbar.

Step 3: Select the eraser tool.

Step 4: Hover over the pen drawings you want to erase.

Step 5: Click and drag the eraser tool over the drawings to remove them.

Step 6: Adjust the eraser size if needed.

Step 7: Once done, exit the drawing mode.

Note that the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the version of Microsoft Word you are using.


1. When will the erase pen in WPS  be used?

The Erase Pen in WPS is used for various purposes, including making corrections, annotations, and modifications to documents. It is commonly employed when:

  • Fixing errors or making changes to the content of a document

  • Proofreading and correcting typos, formatting, or other errors

  • Reviewing and adding annotations to documents

  • Editing and adjusting images or materials within the document

  • Collaborating with others and making shared edits to the document

2. What are the keyboard shortcuts for pen erasure in WPS?

WPS provides the following keyboard shortcuts for using the Erase Pen:

  • Select the Eraser Tool: Press the "E" key to choose the Eraser Tool.

  • Switch brush size: Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the brush size of the Erase Pen. Press the up key to increase the brush size and the down key to decrease it.

  • Erase: Click and drag the Erase Pen using the left mouse button to erase the desired part of the document. You can hold down the Shift key to erase straight lines or the Ctrl key to erase free curves.

  • Save document: Use the Ctrl + S combination keys to save the modified document.

3. Is it possible to recover accidentally erased pen marks?

Yes, it is possible to recover accidentally erased pen marks in WPS. Here are a couple of options to consider:

  • Revocation action: WPS provides a "Revoke" feature that allows you to undo recent operations, including erasing with the Erase Pen. To undo the erasure, simply press the Ctrl + Z combination keys to revert the changes. This action will restore the previous state, helping you recover mistakenly erased pen marks.

  • Document repair: If you have a backup copy of the document, try opening the backup version to see if it contains the original erase pen marks. Sometimes, lost erasing traces can be found in the backup, allowing you to recover the accidentally erased content.


In this article, we explored the use of the Erase Pen in WPS for effectively removing pen marks in documents. We discussed its introduction, highlighting its purpose in providing convenient erasing and modification functions to enhance document editing and proofreading. The article covered instructions on how to use the Erase Pen, including opening the document, locating the tool, and utilizing its features. We also addressed common questions such as when the Erase Pen is typically used and provided keyboard shortcuts for easier access. Additionally, we discussed the possibility of recovering accidentally erased pen marks through the "Revoke" feature and utilizing backup copies of the document. By mastering the Erase Pen in WPS, users can improve their document editing skills and ensure the quality and integrity of their work.

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