Top 10 AI Voice Translator Apps Updated in 2024

January 3, 2024 8.5K views

Voice translator apps have brought about a revolutionary change in the tech world, providing not only convenience for regular users who find texting cumbersome but also offering a valuable solution for individuals with limited capabilities. In this article, we will delve into the realm of AI-powered voice translator apps, exploring the top options available to effortlessly translate your spoken words into written text. These apps serve as powerful tools for overcoming language barriers and enhancing communication in an increasingly interconnected world.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT Homepage

ChatGPT is a remarkable natural language processing tool designed to fulfill a multitude of purposes and offer a wide range of features. Among its impressive capabilities are engaging in human-like conversations, providing assistance with various tasks, and an often underestimated feature: AI voice translation. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, ChatGPT effortlessly overcomes language barriers, facilitating seamless multilingual communication. Its intuitive interface and exceptional translation accuracy create a truly immersive and meaningful user experience, fostering meaningful connections across languages.

Main Features

  • Conversational AI: It enables natural, interactive user conversations.

  • Contextual Understanding: Understands and responds to various topics contextually.

  • Language Fluency: Its high language fluency enhances human-like conversation.

ChatGPT offers various functions beyond voice translations, including text generation, question answering, language translation, content summarization, proofreading and editing. Its strong language understanding and grammar proficiency enable efficient communication across cultures and languages.


  • Conversational Skills

  • Language Fluency

  • Broad Knowledge Base

  • Telling stories and creativity

How to use ChatGPT to translate speech to text

Step 1: Visit ChatGPT using your browser

Step 2: Install a speech-to-text Chrome extension such as Talk-to-ChatGPT.

ChatGPT speech-to-text extension

Step 3: Activate the Chrome extension by following the installation instructions.

Step 4: Once activated, a microphone icon will appear next to the ChatGPT prompt input box.

ChatGPT microphone extension

Step 5: Click on the microphone icon to enable the speech-to-text feature.

Step 6: Your computer's microphone will be activated, allowing you to speak voice commands.

Step 7: The extension will transcribe your voice commands into text and input them into the ChatGPT prompt box.

AI voice transcribe

Step 8: You can customize the language and other settings within the Chrome extension as per your preference.

Talk-to-ChatGPT settings

Step 9: If the extension supports it, you can also have ChatGPT's responses read back to you using AI voices

Talk-to-ChatGPT settings page


WPS AI homepage

WPS AI is a remarkable software integrated within WPS Office, offering users comprehensive assistance in content creation, proofreading, and content summarization, among other valuable features. However, its capabilities extend beyond these functionalities. WPS AI takes a significant stride forward by equipping users with speech translation abilities, effectively addressing the challenges posed by language barriers. With its remarkable prowess, it adeptly converts speeches into multiple languages, ensuring seamless communication across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Main Features

  • Document Processing

  • Presentation Creation

  • Spreadsheet Analysis

  • Data Visualization

WPS AI offers various functionalities beyond document processing, presentation creation, spreadsheet analysis, and data visualization. It includes language translation, text-to-speech, natural language understanding, intelligent formatting, smart templates, collaboration and version control, intelligent search and summarization, and voice commands and dictation for efficient and accessible content creation and editing.


  • Enhanced productivity and workflow efficiency

  • Translations that are accurate and dependable for effective communication

  • User-friendly interface for simple operation and navigation


You can use the same way as ChatGPT to translate speech to text in the WPS Office, by simply allowing WPS AI access to your microphone. Users can ask WPS AI to write essays, summarize or just proof read through voice commands

3. Google Bard

Google BardAI

Google AI, known as Bard, is a remarkable creation by Google that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence. This revolutionary product not only facilitates phone calls on your behalf but also serves as your navigational companion through maps. Additionally, it possesses the incredible ability to translate speeches in a staggering 125 languages. In essence, Google AI is redefining the very nature of our communication and interaction with technology.

Main Features

  • Image Recognition

  • Speech Recognition

  • Machine Learning

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Data Analysis

Google Bard offers advanced image recognition, speech recognition, machine learning, virtual assistants, and data analysis for efficient decision-making. It enables users to identify objects, scenes, and text in images, convert spoken language into written text, and analyze data for personalized experiences.


  • AI improves cybersecurity, streamlines processes, and provides personalized digital banking experiences.

  • AI improves data processing, analytics, and customer interactions by increasing accuracy and reliability.

  • AI processes data quickly, allowing for quicker decision-making and risk management.

4. AI Voice Translator Translate

AI Voice Translator Translate mobile interface

AI Voice Translator Translate is an exceptional voice translation app especially designed for iPad, providing seamless translation of your speeches into a remarkable array of approximately 125 languages. Powered by cutting-edge technology, this app stands as your ultimate language companion, catering to the needs of avid travelers, global business professionals, and those who relish immersing themselves in diverse cultures. Boasting an intuitive interface and unparalleled translation accuracy, this app enables effortless and effective communication. Bid farewell to the constraints of language barriers and unlock a boundless realm of possibilities with AI Voice Translator Translate on your iPad.

Alt text: AI Voice Translator Translate Interface

Main Features

  • For effective communication, translate speech into multiple languages.

  • Convert voice recordings into written text for easy reference with Voice Notes.

  • Participate in conversations and translations to learn about different cultures.

AI voice translators offer multilingual speech translation, voice note conversion, conversational engagement, learning capabilities, convenience, efficiency, language customization, and accessibility. They enable users to speak naturally, convert recordings into written text, engage in real-time dialogue, and enhance cross-cultural understanding. The translator can be customized to accommodate specific language preferences and dialects, providing accurate translations. Its accessibility and mobility make it suitable for various settings.


  • Accurate and fast translations

  • Support for a wide range of languages

  • User-friendly interface

  • Voice-to-text transcription capabilities

5. Parrot

Parrot AI Homepage

Parrot AI is an exceptional artificial intelligence platform that specializes in natural language processing and comprehension. With its remarkable ability to engage in human-like conversation, Parrot AI intelligently responds to user queries and even offers translation services for spoken language. By effortlessly breaking down language barriers, Parrot AI empowers users to communicate seamlessly across different languages, thereby promoting effective global communication. Its profound understanding and intelligent responses make it an invaluable tool for bridging language gaps and facilitating meaningful interactions.

Main Features

  • Speech translation in real time

  • Conversations in multiple languages

  • Language learning software

  • Assistance with business meetings

  • Accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Parrot AI offers real-time speech translation, seamless multilingual conversations, language learning software, assistance with business meetings, and accessibility features for deaf or hard of hearing individuals. It enables accurate translations, assists with note-taking, and enhances inclusivity by converting spoken language into text in real-time.


  • Interface that is simple to use

  • Multiple languages are supported.

  • Can be used on multiple devices


SEEDRS Homepage

SEEDRS stands as an extraordinary audio and video translator, equipped with the remarkable ability to effortlessly translate speeches and videos into an impressive array of 75 languages. With its cutting-edge technology and intuitive interface, SEEDRS empowers users to foster effective communication and bridge cultural divides, thereby establishing itself as an invaluable asset for seamless global interaction.

Main Features

  • Audio and video content are instantly translated for cross-language communication.

  • Meetings, conferences, and presentations in multiple languages can be facilitated.

  • Making it possible to communicate with international clients and customers in real time.

  • Real-time translation of spoken words improves language learning.

SEEDRS ( goes beyond instant translation to provide a comprehensive solution for cross-language communication, enabling multilingual meetings, global client interactions, language learning support, and cross-cultural understanding. Its customizable features, easy integration, and commitment to data privacy make it a valuable tool for individuals and organizations seeking effective and inclusive communication across languages.


  • Language support is extensive, with translation capabilities in 75 languages.

  • Translations that are accurate and dependable for effective communication.

  • Real-time translation allows for immediate comprehension and response.

  • A user-friendly interface allows for simple navigation and usage.

7. Podcastle

Podcastle Homepage

Podcastle is an AI-powered software that translates audio. This innovative software provides accurate translations for podcasts and other audio content by using the capabilities of artificial intelligence. With Podcastle's user-friendly interface and advanced language processing algorithms, language boundaries are readily overcome, allowing for worldwide access and successful communication.

Main Features

  • Expand your audience reach by translating podcast episodes into different languages.

  • Make it possible for podcast hosts and guests who speak different languages to communicate in real time.

  • Make your podcast episodes more accessible by including translated transcripts or subtitles.

  • Explore new markets and opportunities by accurately translating your podcast for international audiences.

Podcastle offers various features to expand audience reach, break language barriers, facilitate real-time communication, and make podcasts more accessible. It also offers translated transcripts and subtitles, enabling cross-cultural exchanges and market expansion. Podcastle also enables collaborations and partnerships with international entities, allowing podcasters to tap into diverse demographics and opportunities.


  • AI technology enables efficient and accurate translations.

  • When compared to hiring professional translators, this is a more cost-effective solution.

  • Quick turnaround time for audio content translation.

  • Translation options that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

8. Wellsaid

Wellsaid Homepage

Wellsaid is a modern artificial intelligence translator that is transforming language communication. Wellsaid breaks down language barriers with natural language processing capabilities. Wellsaid provides fast and reliable translations of spoken conversations and written text, facilitating successful communication across multiple languages.

Main Features

  • Wellsaid can help with language learning by providing instant translations and pronunciations.

  • Wellsaid simplifies language translation for personal use, whether it's translating emails, messages, or documents.

  • Easily hold business meetings and negotiations. offers instant translations, simplified language translation, and real-time translation for business meetings and negotiations. It also supports voice-activated controls, personalization, and cross-platform accessibility. The system continuously improves through AI and machine learning technologies, enhancing translation accuracy and performance across various platforms.


  • Wellsaid offers a more affordable and cost-effective alternative to traditional language translation services.

  • Wellsaid is constantly learning and improving as a result of user feedback and advancements in AI technology.

  • Wellsaid is accessible through a variety of devices, including smartphones and computers, allowing users to translate on the go or in any work environment.

9. Kudo

Kudo Homepage

Kudo is an advanced artificial intelligence translator that specializes in real-time speech translation. Kudo's advanced technology enables cross-language communication, breaking down barriers and fostering global connections. Kudo's powerful capabilities ensure accurate and fluent translations in business meetings, travel, and everyday conversations, enhancing communication with minimum language barrier.

Main Features

  • Kudo allows for the translation of spoken language in real time.

  • Kudo supports a wide range of languages, facilitating communication between people from different linguistic backgrounds.

  • Kudo's advanced AI technology ensures accurate translations while maintaining the natural flow of conversation.

  • Kudo has a wide range of applications, including business meetings, travel, language learning, and everyday conversations.

Kudo is a comprehensive language translation and communication tool that supports multilingual conversations, language learning, and multilingual chat. It offers text-to-speech functionality, offline translation, voice commands, customizable settings, cross-platform integration, and prioritizes user privacy and security. is accessible across various platforms and applications, ensuring seamless translation capabilities and user confidentiality.


  • Enhanced Communication: Kudo breaks down language barriers, allowing individuals who speak different languages to communicate seamlessly.

  • Convenience: Kudo provides real-time translation, eliminating the need for manual translation or the use of third-party translators.

  • Time Efficiency: Translations are provided instantly with Kudo, saving time and allowing for more efficient communication.

10. Cielo24

Cielo24 Homepage

Cielo24 is a cutting-edge AI translator that is transforming language communication. Its cutting-edge technology allows for seamless and accurate translation across multiple languages. With Cielo24, you can say goodbye to language barriers and enter a world of efficient and effective multilingual communication.

Main Features

  • Ensure clear and accurate communication by translating text and speech between multiple languages.

  • Convert written text into spoken language for easy comprehension and accessibility.

  • Detects the language of the input text or speech automatically, ensuring accurate translation and seamless communication.

Cielo24 offers powerful language translation, text-to-speech conversion, automatic language detection, accurate translation, customization, and integration capabilities. It enables seamless communication across multiple languages, enhancing accessibility and overcoming language barriers. Cielo24 can be tailored to support industry-specific terminology and be integrated into existing applications for seamless translation experiences.


  • Accurate and reliable translations

  • Real-time translation capabilities

  • Multilingual support

  • Customization options for specialized translations

  • Text-to-speech conversion for accessibility

Which AI Tool Should I Choose?

Choosing an AI tool completely depends on your requirements. Take into account elements including the tool's intended usage, necessary features (such as language support, content creation, and speech-to-text), user interface, and device compatibility.

While choosing an AI tool, it is important that your needs and its purpose align.Software like ChatGPT and Parrot AI cater to specific audience needs, such as improving communication, content development, and translation. WPS AI and Wellsaid offer AI-assisted document generation and translation features, while Google AI and AI Voice Translator Translate specialize in voice translation. SEEDRSI and Podcastle offer audio and video translation, while Cielo24 and Kudo provide real-time speech translation. Compatibility varies based on requirements, such as vacation assistance, business meeting translation, video content creation, and immediate information.

As an allrounder AI tool, WPS AI is a versatile tool that can assist content creators, students, and professionals in various tasks, including social media posts, video subtitles, presentations, essays, and email organization. For users looking to invest in an AI tool for all basic purposes and is also pocket friendly, WPS AI is definitely the choice to go with.

How to Download WPS AI

Step 1: Access the WPS AI using your preferred browser.

Step 2: Scroll down the page and sign up for the waitlist to gain early access to the software.

WPS AI registration

Step 3: Fill out the registration form completely. Once submitted and accepted, you will receive an official email from WPS AI containing instructions on how to download and install the software on your computer.

WPS AI Registration complete window

Step 4: After successfully installing WPS AI, you can launch the program on your system and utilize its various AI capabilities, including the summarization function and other features offered by WPS AI.

WPS AI interface


Q1: Is WPS AI free?

Yes, WPS AI is a smart and cost-free AI application that incorporates  AI elements into Office software. It can be used and downloaded without cost.

Q2: How many languages does WPS AI Voice Translator support?

WPS AI Voice translator supports over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more.

Revolutionize Communication: Top AI Voice Translator Apps of 2023

In this article, you have had the opportunity to delve into the exciting advancements in the AI world. While voice translators represent a promising new technology, they still have a fascinating journey ahead before surpassing the limits of our imagination. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top-ranking websites offering the finest AI voice translations, along with an elaborate guide on how to utilize them effectively. Notably, WPS AI, a newcomer in the market, has swiftly gained recognition and captured the attention of numerous enthusiasts. Explore the wonders of WPS AI- a pioneering ai voice translator today and uncover a world of possibilities.

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