User Guide about How to Remove Image from PDF

July 31, 2023 1.5K views

It makes us uncomfortable when we have to edit our PDF files in our daily life routine. Because editing a pdf file is not a piece of cake for many of us. In the editing process of a pdf document when it comes to the turn to remove a picture from a PDF file then AHHH we really feel fed up with this process and a thought arises in our mind that how we can find the possible easiest solution of how to remove image from pdf.

If you come here with the same question in your mind of how to remove image from pdf, then you are in the right place. We have a WPS Office 2022 tool for you.

How to Remove Image from PDF

Now worrying about how to use it? We are here to provide you with a complete guideline of this WPS Office 2022 tool.

Let,s get started.

1st Step:

The first and foremost step is to visit the website

2nd Step:

The second step is to download and run this WPS Office 2022 on your computer.


3rd step:

Open the Wps office, it will look like


Click on the pdf edit button.

4th step:

Now the most important step is to search and upload that document for which you start reading our article on how to remove image from pdf.

For example, the following is the document from which you want to remove the image. As the image is very small and you can not remove it easily in any other software, still no worries as this WPS Office 2022 tool can do this for you.


5th step:

This is the final step for the solution of your problem hew to remove image from pdf. On the top of the page, you will see the edit button click it, it will enable you to make any change. Now click on the image and a small window will appear where you will find the option of “DELETE”.Now delete the image.


6th step:

The image is removed as you can see in the following image. save your final document.


A sigh of relief! You have done your task of how to remove image from pdf with the help of this amazing WPS Office 2022 tool.

Our Verdict Why WPS Office 2022 is mandatory :

This WPS Office 2022 tool is the best platform whenever you have editing pdf-related tasks. In this article, we have guided you that how to remove image from pdf. But, this is not only one feature of this. It has a lot more solutions for your different documentation-related problems.

Visit our website and download it free.

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